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MUST-DOs for mid 20s couple

Discussion in 'Disney for Adults and Solo Travelers' started by cushdisney, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. cushdisney

    cushdisney Earning My Ears

    Dec 5, 2012
    What are some MUST-DO/CAN'T MISSES for a couple in their mid-20s going down in January. We are staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, have reservations at Cali Grill for sunset, a character breakfast at O'Hana, reservations at Rose and Crown for Illuminations, and breakfast reservations at Boma... any hidden gems (romantic, fun, food, drinks, etc) we NEED to do??? We are planning on trying to hit up all the parks so all suggestions are welcome
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  3. travelin' tigger

    travelin' tigger DIS Veteran

    Oct 31, 2001
    This falls in the fun/drink category - a night at Jellyrolls. It's a dueling piano bar on the Boardwalk - doors open at 7pm, entertainment starts at 8pm. Always a must for me every trip and the piano players are very talented. It's all-request and although there's a $12 cover charge, it's well worth it!!!

    Enjoy!! :thumbsup2
  4. Pumbaa7287

    Pumbaa7287 I am the great Stone Dragon!

    Apr 15, 2004
    I agree with the PP about Jellyrolls. If you like dancing there is also Atlantic Dance Hall which I believe has no cover, and if you're sports fans the ESPN Zone is a lot of fun!

    Maybe a behind the scenes tour? We especially love the segway tours at EPCOT and Keys to the Kingdom at MK.

    Take some time to really explore the countries at World Showcase. There are a lot of nice gardens to walk through and explore (Japan, US, UK, Canada) that can make for some great time together and photos.
  5. pixie08

    pixie08 DIS Veteran

    Mar 1, 2005
    Jellyrolls!!!we love it we always go with friends and just us too.

    Also maybe the new bowling alley in DTD. It has pool tables, live music, bars, food etc. I think some nights they will have over 21 upstairs.
  6. akaler2010

    akaler2010 Mouseketeer

    Nov 23, 2009
    For my DH and I, the best thing we did was to have sit down dinners at nice restaurants every night. It made it romantic and a chance to get away from the chaos of the parks.
  7. Skip3key

    Skip3key Earning My Ears

    Oct 9, 2012
    I HIGHLY recommend the California Grill- best food we ever ate for both our last trips, and we did the EPCOT segway tour 2 weeks ago and it was fantastic! One thing we also did was go out the International gateway at EPCOT and walk around the Boardwalk, stopping in the different resorts to see the Christmas decorations, and rode around the monorail and did the same...was neat to just see all the resorts for future planning. We attempted to "Drink around the World" at EPCOT, but actually split all the drinks and did it over 2 days...was still fun to do. Also, the Hoop-De-Doo Review at the Fort Wilderness Campgrounds is usually the highlight of our trip and is just a good time.
  8. nblake05

    nblake05 Mouseketeer

    Jun 12, 2011
    We did the Wild Africa Trek and it was great because on our tour, at least, it was all adults! I know that's not guaranteed but it is sill nice to do a bit of AK without lines or crowds. Also, we like to catch the Hoopdeedoo and afterwards take a romantic carriage ride.
  9. ruckelc

    ruckelc Earning My Ears

    Jul 20, 2012
    You're staying at AKL so I would definitely say that you should have dinner at Jiko! My dgf and I loved everything about the restaurant; the waitstaff was incredibly friendly, the atmosphere was very nice, and the food was by far the best that we ate while on property. Another thing I would suggest is that both of yall grab an adult beverage or some coffee and just wander around World Showcase after Illuminations. We did this both of our nights at Epcot and it made for some very enjoyable evenings.
  10. jdtopgun71

    jdtopgun71 Mouseketeer

    Oct 18, 2005
    I would rent one of the water sprites and explore seven seas lagoon. We did it on our last trip and had a blast.
  11. Lifted07Duramax

    Lifted07Duramax Earning My Ears

    Dec 14, 2012
    Good thread keep the comments coming Ill be going there in less than 70 days
  12. magicLAL12

    magicLAL12 Mouseketeer

    Mar 4, 2012
    Awesome choice w/ the Cali Grill for sunset dinner, that would have been my first suggestion.

    I'd second the post above that mentions taking your time exploring World Showcase.. my DBf and I had a blast last June trying to order either a drink and/or food item from each country, and finishing them before moving on to the next.. that way you really get to enjoy every part of each country-- and you're having fun along the way :)

    We (a couple, young twenties) stayed at AKL Kidani, and we loved the atmosphere- it is pretty romantic in itself just walking around the dimly lit resort and savannahs at night time- so I would make sure that you save plenty of time for that. We also loved our Wine/Meal at Jiko- we found it to be quite romantic and different than anything else we have ever experienced before.

    Most importantly, I think I would stress taking your time. During our first trip down there, we spent half the time running around/sweating like idiots and missed out on a lot of the romantic moments/photo ops/drinks/food. By the end of our week, we had finally slowed down enough to enjoy the little things. Luckily, we're going back in 11 days now, so hopefully after the marathon we will be forced to move slower anyways haha

    I hope you have a wonderful trip!!
  13. Karabee

    Karabee DIS Veteran

    Jul 1, 2011
    If you're there on a Wed do the wine tasting at Jiko. If you're into wine like we are it's wonderful - I wrote a trip report about it but I'm on my iPad and its too hard to jump around to find the link. Also, a spa treatment might be nice if you want to just relax. I believe SSR spa is closed for refurb right now but GF just reopened. I also agree with CG although we only went there for drinks and arrived early before the crowds. We sat at the bar nod enjoyed the quiet before other people showed up. Also, in my opinion, the best restaurant for a romantic and adult meal is Citricos. So, so good.
  14. cushdisney

    cushdisney Earning My Ears

    Dec 5, 2012
    If anyone is interested here is my tentative itinerary for us. It's a lot packed into 3 days and I don't expect to follow it strictly... Just an idea of what we'll be doing. I made a couple reservations just incase but I don't see us using all of them (don't worry I will call and cancel if we won't make it). Suggestions welcome. I know it's a lot and I don't expect to do it all... Just a game plan

    Day 1:

    arrive in Orlando at early am and drive over to AKL
    Check in at AKL
    Go to Hollywood Studios
    12:55pm lunch reservations at SciFi Dine-In Theater (doubt we’ll use it)
    2pm head back to Animal Kingdom Lodge
    Hit up Magic Kingdom's Main Street for a little bit before dinner if we have time
    5:45pm sunset dinner at California Grill
    7:45 Celebrate the Magic
    8pm Wishes Fireworks
    Head over to Grand Floridian and get some drinks at the bar then head out to the lagoon to watch the Electric Water Parade on the lake from beach
    Head over to Downtown Disney to bar hop

    Day 2:

    8am Magic Kingdom opens for Extra Magic Hours – hit up the new Fantasyland
    10am Character breakfast at Polynesian Resort O’Hana
    After breakfast head back to Magic Kingdom for a few more hours then head over to Epcot around 1:30
    3pm lunch at the Biergarten in Germany (may not use)
    7:50pm dinner at the Rose & Crown Pub in England --- ask to try and get a table on the water for the 9pm Illuminations fireworks (may not use if park isn't busy and we can get a good spot on the water)
    Leave Epcot and head over to the Boardwalk for the Dueling Piano bar

    Day 3:
    8am Breakfast at Boma at Animal Kingdom Lodge
    Head over to Animal Kingdom
    12:30 lunch at Yak & Yeti (also probably won’t actually go and sit down to eat but made the reservation in case)
    Downtown Disney for any last minute shopping

    And then flight leaves that late that night
  15. tinkrebell

    tinkrebell Disney Daydreamer

    Jul 19, 2010
    So surprised no one has yet mentioned the Epcot Mexico Pavilion TEQUILA BAR!

    Seriously, it's in the pyramid and often has lines just to get to the bar during the busy season, although it's easy to get a seat if you go midday! It's a must-do that never seems to make that darn list of *must-do's* on the TV ... LOL :-)

    Also, what days of the week are you going? It doesn't look like your schedule will allow it this time, but if you guys come back, try and sign up for the Dining with an Imagineer lunch (at HS' Hollywood Brown Derby) or dinner (at the Boardwalk's Flying Fish Cafe). It's a little expensive, but has to be the most fun two hours I've ever spent learning about Disney - and as my Imagineer and I have actually kept in touch, it's continued to be a great experience ever since!
  16. ziggystardust

    ziggystardust DIS Veteran

    May 11, 2004
    agree completely! We went to the tequila bar on our last trip, I don't think it existed on my previous visits. I will definitely plan more time for it next time we go. We were lucky enough to get a table no problem and just enjoyed the environment. I went back recently with my parents though and the line was out the door. So its all about timing. Worth a visit though. (and great margaritas)

    Some of the things I've done in the past...
    California grill - RECOMMEND (even just for drinks)
    Victoria and Alberts - best filet mignon I've had, but wouldn't go back
    Carriage Ride around WL - ehh, probably wouldn't do it again.
    Rent water mice at one of the MK resorts- do this every time
    Drinks at Poly - my idea of a vacation is a blue hawaiian sitting on the beach of the Poly
    I'm sure there's a bunch more, but those are the ones that come to mind.

    Oh and I've also done a drink around the monorail type thing. Get off at every stop and look around the hotels. Get a drink. But I usually get stuck at the Poly, I like it so much :)

    have fun!

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