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More About Festival Of The Lion King

Discussion in 'Disney Rumors and News' started by TheRustyScupper, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. ElCapitanAmerica

    ElCapitanAmerica New Member

    We were at AK for the last day of this show (not *the* last show of the day, but near it).

    It was pretty emotional, the "fire dancer guy" was really into it and at the end of the show was tearing up. I wasn't sure if they were coming back or not, now I know for sure, it was the end of that version of the show and the whole cast ...
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  3. rteetz

    rteetz New Member

    well the cast members can reaudition if they're and so some may and still be part of the show. The show it self should be basically the same just some minor changes and of course a new location.
  4. Frank_Segers

    Frank_Segers New Member

    Any news on an expected opening date?
  5. TheSweetestThing

    TheSweetestThing New Member

    One of my friends is planing her vacation for June and inquired about it. She was told it has now been pushed back to August.
  6. Scottishbrit

    Scottishbrit New Member

    I didn't read through all the coments so it might have been answered but Is the show closed now? Were going in 25 days and Im sure my kids would have loved it.
  7. TheSweetestThing

    TheSweetestThing New Member

    It closed back in January and is slated to reopen in its new theater in Africa this Summer.
  8. rteetz

    rteetz New Member

    they said six months for the closing so I would expect an opening some time end of June to mid July some time.
  9. mickeyfan0805

    mickeyfan0805 New Member

    Unfortunately, yes, it is closed. It is being moved to another location in order to make room for the Avatarland development. It closed in early January and isn't slated to re-open until summer (I've seen July 1, but I don't know how accurate that is).
  10. lafemmega

    lafemmega New Member

    I'm new to Disney and planning our first trip in September. Is this included with park admission or a separate cost/ticket?
  11. twebber55

    twebber55 New Member

    Included...it s just being moved from the now retired Camp Minny Mickey area to Africa
  12. Figmentforever24

    Figmentforever24 New Member

    Nope the show is part of theme park admission.
  13. lafemmega

    lafemmega New Member

    Thanks! This sounds like a "do not miss" for me! Does it keep the attention of a fidgety 4 year old boy. I think my DD6 would love it.
  14. Figmentforever24

    Figmentforever24 New Member

    Your kids will not be bored for a moment during this show. It truly is one of the best stage shows Disney has even come up with.
  15. oldtink

    oldtink New Member

    My adult kids and DH will go to the show before the rides!!!
  16. burnetta696

    burnetta696 New Member

    I'm super bummed about this. I am going to WDW at the beginning of June. Lion king is my favorite movie and FotLK is my fav show they do. I've seen it both in Florida and hong kong and love both, was really hoping my grandmother would get to check it out because the last time she was at WDW was 20 yrs ago, before AK even opened.

    What do think the chances are that they will have soft openings by June 4th?
  17. Scar1492

    Scar1492 New Member

    Lion king is my favorite too. I will also be in Disney the very beginning of June and am crossing my fingers that we can see FOTLK. I'm going to be so bummed if its closed :(!

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