Mom and Maggie's 2nd Disney Trip! Pre-trip plans

Discussion in 'Pre-Trip Reports and Plans' started by Swmr359, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. Swmr359

    Swmr359 Princess in training

    Jan 19, 2009
    Ok...This is my first one of these
    In October '08 my mom took me to WDW as a college graduation present; she had been trying to get the family there since I was 5 (possibly younger). The trip was awsome and once we left we knew we had to go back.
    Then I found out about the Princess 1/2 marathon

    Mom and I are living in different states this year, which is really hard because we can't see each other often. So this training is great, we call after our workouts and chat about how we are doing.

    Right now our dates are March 5-8th; I plan on leaving early on the 5th and getting to the expo to pick up our bibs when it opens so we can play the rest of the day. I also plan on leaving late on the 8th so I can have some park fun on the last day also; this may change to early on the 9th.
    Right now mom is planing to take the train down, we did this for our trip last year and it was so much fun!

    For the race on Sunday I plan on wearing Ariel colors, purple top and a green running skirt (or shorts, not sure yet). I also plan on buying some princess crowns in the after halloween sales to put on visors for mom and me.

    Last night we were looking at prices for the hotel and park tickets, so hopefully we will book those soon. I should probably also buy plane tickets soon...

    Ok that is all for now, because it's time for a run!
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  3. Swmr359

    Swmr359 Princess in training

    Jan 19, 2009

    Me (Maggie): 25yrs old, first Disney trip was just over a year ago I currently work as a lifeguard, and am applying to the Disney store; I'm trying to save money so I can go back to school and get my teachers license

    Mom (Pat): My best friend, we do everything togeather. So much so that Dad said "Maggie really needs to move and make her own friends Pat" :laughing:


    This is my favorite picture of the two of us :) I'm the redhead, mom is on one wearing red

    more later!
  4. Swmr359

    Swmr359 Princess in training

    Jan 19, 2009
    Dates: Arriving in Flordia on March 5th (a Friday)
    Leaving either in the evening of the 8th, or the morning of the 9th; we'll see

    Rooms: We are planning on staying in a Disney Resort, in order to get a bus to the race we have to stay in one of these resorts:
    Disney's All-Star Sports Resort - rates starting at $124.30
    Disney's All-Star Movies Resort - rates starting at $124.30
    Disney's All-Star Music Resort - rates starting at $124.30
    Disney's Port Orleans Riverside Resort - rates starting at $180.00
    Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort - rates starting at $351.00
    Disney's Old Key West Resort - rates starting at $351.00
    Disney's Polynesian Resort - rates starting at $463.50

    We will be staying in an All-Star, but we aren't sure which one right now

    The other night mom and I were pricing trips online and found the quick service dining plan. We enjoyed the sit down meals on our last trip, but they serve way too much food for us. We may decided on one sit-down that we didn't get to try last time...we didn't know about ADRs!

    Right now I'm eagerly awaiting the schedule for March to see if we will be able to take advantage of any EMHs
  5. Swmr359

    Swmr359 Princess in training

    Jan 19, 2009
    We're less than 2 months away!!!
    I now have plane tickets, hotel reservations and park tickets :)
    I will be leaving from Ohio on Friday morning (March 5) at 5:50am; I was lucky to discover a parking lot near the airport for less than $5/day (airport is $17/day) Mom will be leaving Virginia Friday morning around 7am (I think...)
    We will be staying at All-Star Sports
    Our plans for the weekend are:
    Friday-arrival, Princess expo to pick up race packets, EPCOT and taking full advantage of evening magic hours
    Saturday-Animal Kingdom, then WISH Princess meet and pasta dinner, bed early
    Sunday-up early for a 1/2 marathon!, Magic Kingdom, we will probably use evening magic hours but also will probably end up taking a nap around lunch
    Monday-sleep in :), if time maybe Downtown Disney, we both have evening flights I'll probably have to catch the bus around 3 and mom around 5

    I plan on dressing up for the race princess:
    so far I have this: [​IMG]
    I'll also be wearing a purple top and an Areil tiara attached to a visor
  6. Raecheal

    Raecheal DIS Veteran

    Jul 5, 2008

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