MINMATE'S Trip Report: Pre-trip Drama... I think I'm gonna be sick!

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by minmate, Apr 14, 2005.

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    Feb 27, 2004
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    ME (minmate)
    DH -- Joe
    DD6 – Cali
    DD5 – Meg
    DS4 – Buddy
    DD2 – Jay Jay
    4/5-4/12 – 7 nights at Pop Century

    MONDAY 4/4/05
    I was lying in bed, with an incredibly sore throat. It felt as if it was almost swollen shut. In my half-awake state, I realized I had a ton of work to do today. Due to feeling tired and sick, I ended up lying down with Meg early in the evening the night before. I had ended up falling asleep and never getting back up to clean the house and finish packing, like I promised Joe I would do. Should I get up early and get to it? How am I going to get through the day with this horrible sore throat?

    Beep, beep, beep… I guess there’s my answer. Joe’s alarm was going off at just before 6 a.m. I heard him fumble around before swatting it to shut it off. Like a heavy lead balloon, I heaved myself out of bed, asking Joe if he minded if I hopped in the shower before he got up. “Go ahead,” he mumbled. So off I hobbled, achy and feeling generally like hell on legs. As I passed by JayJay’s room, I saw her awake, fiddling with some electronic toy, I think a kid’s computer. I couldn’t make it out of course, as I am completely blind without my glasses. I could see her cute, pudgy hand waving at me as she softly said, “Hi mom.” I think I uttered something back, not sure.

    Lucky me, the shower ran out of hot water oh, about 2 minutes into it. Great… there goes any hope of a relaxing hot shower to kick this bug out of me. By the time I dried off and hit the stark cold of the hallway again, I noticed JayJay had fallen back asleep. I got dressed and came downstairs, took one look around the kitchen and just felt tense. I have way too much to do today! Hey, maybe fellow Dis’ers can help! I decided to check out the computer. Sure enough, I started getting responses to try all sorts of home remedies to knock this sore throat back into oblivion.

    By now, Joe was downstairs asking repeatedly why I got up so early. See, he knows me. I am NOT a morning person. I don’t just get up for anything. I settled on the short version, “My throat hurt and I couldn’t sleep.”

    ”But why’d you get up so early?” Uh, never mind hon, didn’t I just answer that? I don’t know who was more half-asleep! He assured me I would feel better in a day or two. His throat started hurting Friday and was getting better. Good to know, as I swallow, feeling like I have an elephant with razor sharp claws trying to climb down my throat.

    Time to get the kididdles up for school. I just hate waking them when they are sleeping so soundly. First I went in to Cali and Meg’s room, “Good morning sweeties. Time to get up, this is our last day ‘til Disney!” Well, they heard Disney and that did the trick. Even Cali, who is like her mother, NOT a morning person, was up, eyes thick with sleep, trying to comprehend the day. I have been doing a rewards chart with stickers for them if they follow directions, get up, go to bed, etc. Each sticker is worth a Disney Dollar for them to spend how they wish at WDW. Maybe that was their motivation too. Whatever, it worked.

    I know Cali does a great job picking out her own clothes but in the morning is just not equipped to handle such a daunting task, so I rummaged through her drawers and found her some clothes. You have to be a professionally trained soldier to maneuver their room. The floor was littered with My Little Ponies and pointy-toed Bratz boots and other accessories. Sure, I had asked to borrow the bin for their toys to use at Buddy’s party this weekend and I promised I would clean up the toys for them. So, I guess, THIS TIME, it wasn’t entirely their fault that the room was a complete disaster.

    Meg was out of bed and dressed in a jiffy. She joined me downstairs in the kitchen for breakfast. Egads, I have to make breakfast for them too? I just didn’t feel good. Cali, who usually has to be called 15 times actually came down on her own, which was a true blessing because the more I talked, the worse my throat began to feel. The girls amazed me with how well they cooperated and got on with the routine of getting ready for school. By this time, I had to wake up the little tykes. Well, if I think it’s hard for me to get out of bed and to roust Cali, that’s a day at the beach compared to waking up Buddy. He will yell and whine about how he hates getting up, hates school, hates his friends, generally hates anything to do with being awake. Wow! Not today, he got right up, obviously sleepy, but he was good! I couldn’t believe my luck! I just plucked JayJay from her bed and carried her downstairs. She was wearing her blue dressy Cinderella pj’s and looked like a princess – more like Sleeping Beauty though! I helped her get dressed and after all the perfunctory hair brushing, feeding, dressing, collecting of backpacks, snacks and such, I remembered that today was the day Cali had to bring in her project for the Educational Fair. She had to do an oral report (her first one!). So, we loaded up all the kids and her tri-fold thingy and the sea turtle ‘egg nest’ we made out of starch, sand and ping pong balls. Trust me, it looked pretty good but it was a heavy sucker! Cali got a kick out of being the first one at school as we were a bit early. After visiting with the teacher (who is also a friend) for a few minutes, the three kids and I headed to the car to take Meg to preschool. Once there, the teachers inundated me with excited questions about our trip. One of the teachers went to WDW last October. They’d stayed at Port Orleans (I don’t know which one) and her other teacher loves Disney too.

    Okay with everyone safely in their respective schools, we headed over to Wal-mart to pick up pictures from Buddy’s 4th birthday party this weekend. Maybe I’m self-serving here, but I was thinking, “Only I would try to pull off a big shin-dig” on a Saturday and try to have the house cleaned up afterward, help Cali get her project done, and get packed and ready for a vacation in the space of three days. Oh, and be sick too, what fun!

    Wal-mart was a blast, as usual, with two kids, whom I had to repeatedly tell to sit down in the cart. Although, they are little monkeys and I was more likely to be the one to fall down this morning, not them. We got our pictures, made copies of a group one to use as thank-you notes and picked up snacks and a bunch of “sore throat” remedies. Buddy also suckered me into buying Star Wars I for him. He had gotten two light sabers for his birthday and now, I guess we are onto a “Star Wars” kick. This kid, when he likes something, becomes totally and completely absorbed by it… not just obsessed, but absorbed. He’s already asking for a “black mask” that makes “breathy noises” – betcha can’t guess what he means by that?

    Then it was back home for about an hour to start watching Star Wars and clean up after breakfast. Joe had been sorting the socks in the living room last night and by now the kids had trampled all over them and it looked like the sock drawer threw up in the living room. Ugh! No way am I going to bend over a hundred times to pick them up! Maybe they’ll magically disappear on their own?

    My kids have great manners. They never walk through the house with their shoes on. However, they can’t seem to simply put them in the closet where they are specifically designated to go. It’s really quite simple, but apparently much too complicated and takes up too much time in the busy lives of 2 and 4 year olds. So, when it was time to pick up Meg from preschool, we hunted down those shoes and hopped back in the car. The three of us picked up Meg before returning home where I simply couldn’t take it anymore. I crashed on the couch. Or tried to at least. JayJay was on the end of the couch rocking back and forth looking at something, singing, “I’m Happy, I’m Happy” – great at least one of us is! She is so sweet though.

    I was starting to think I’d missed Cali’s bus because it is usually on time, to the minute. So, I started pacing back and forth in the kitchen looking out the window. The adrenaline from this was enough to get me to start some lunch for the kids. Finally, the bus came and I dished up the kids’ lunch and crashed on the couch for about an hour, lulled to sleep by the sounds of light sabers and Star Wars on the tv. I slept, in that half-asleep state that mothers can do when you are still responsible for your kids but just can’t manage one more minute awake. It reminded me of when they were little.

    Amazingly, I was roused by JayJay sweetly singing, “Rock a bye baby” to me. That kid is really sweet! She started kissing me and I jumped up. I love little baby kisses, but no way am I going to let her get sick for this trip! Wait a minute, I can swallow! The elephant is gone, replaced by a small twinge of pain, about the size of a caterpillar… okay, I can handle that!

    Now, I’ve got two hours to do something productive before Joe gets home!

    When Joe gets home he is happy. I can see he’s switching into vacation mode. We get stuff done and the house, while not White Glove Approved, is respectable enough for a tired family to come home to. Good enough. We watch Monday night television shows. What they are, well, I don’t know. That’s what I have Joe for. He’s in charge of t.v. viewing. If it weren’t for him, I’d never turn it on. However, I find I enjoy watching t.v. with him and allowing it to chew on the corners of my mind, leaving it vacant in some parts, and filled with gooey-drama-filled plot twists and glammed up lawyer and medical scenes.

    Anyway, I go to bed, wrought with the fear of what could possibly go wrong. Joe had convinced me it was not necessary to print out our boarding passes although we’d stayed up past midnight anyway. Well, the printer was only printing out blank pages, so there was my answer. I guess we'll wait and with pre-boarding privileges it can't be that bad.

    "Hey hon, it's a vacation!" Joe says as he drifts off to his own personal Neverland. Yeah... I think, it's vacation, how bad can it be?

    Link to MINMATE'S Trip Report: (Day 1) I Need A Vacation! http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?p=8284821#post8284821
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  3. Marla Hellwig

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    Mar 25, 2000
    The last day before vacation is always rough for me - let alone not feeling good - hope you felt better by morning
  4. minmate

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    Feb 27, 2004
    Oh, thankfully I did! Thank you!
  5. minmate

    minmate I can show you the world... Don't you dare close y

    Feb 27, 2004
    I just added the links to all the episodes of this trip to my OP. Just click on the links (if ye dare) to read the rest of the report! Thanks!
  6. luvmy2sams

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    Aug 7, 2000
    :rotfl: I'm right there with you on this one. :rotfl:

    Now I'm irritated that I have to stop reading and take DD6 to dance class. Guess I know what I'll be doing later tonight. :teeth:

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