Mickey's "Really Swell" Coffee range

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    Jul 7, 2010
    Hi there,

    I'm trying to track down the original range of 'Mickey's "Really Swell" Coffee' mugs (also called the 'Theme Perks' range) featuring classic 1940s-style character designs. They were available in the theme parks around 2003/04, but the range has changed in the intervening years and the latest editions don't match the originals.

    I already have two of the jumbo mugs: Mickey (blue) and Donald (yellow) and I'm hoping a kindly Disneyana affincionado might be able to help me with the rest. (They also used to do plates and espresso cups to match the larger mugs. Gorgeous!)

    Does anyone else collect this range of kitchenware? I'm keeping an eye on e-Bay and such places, but if anyone sees one of these mugs for sale, please post here and let me know! I'd be very grateful!

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