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Merida's New Look for Royal Coronation at WDW on May 11th

Discussion in 'Disney Rumors and News' started by Rumors Rocks, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. Rumors Rocks

    Rumors Rocks New Member

    Merida to become 11th Disney Princess with new look for royal coronation ceremony at Walt Disney World on May 11





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  3. monorailrabbit

    monorailrabbit Rabbits Rabbits Everywhere!

    Hooray for Merida! I loved Brave! Pocahontas' earrings kind of threw me in this pic, and Mulan really confused me with her sparkles! Will poor Merida be covered in glitter as well I wonder?
  4. Z28KatCar

    Z28KatCar "A wish is a dream your heart makes"

    Yea!!!! So excited I love Merida!!:banana::woohoo::yay:
  5. skier_pete

    skier_pete New Member

    But wouldn't Merida hate hanging with the other princesses? She'd be off with Flynn Ryder and Prince Phillip having adventures.

    Well, maybe she'd hang with Pocahantas or Mulan.
  6. Jubilee

    Jubilee New Member

    Why, of course she will. Didn't you know "more is more"?
  7. Jubilee

    Jubilee New Member

    I cannot get over the lack of clothing on her shoulders.

    Why do they want our little girls to "look up" to this more skanky look? I am totally boycotting all new princess merchandise. I said it when it debuted and I'll say it again. I also complain (in a joking way) to every person at the Disney Store and WDW that I possibly can, not that they can do anything....but it may eventually make it's way up the totem pole if we all speak (with our dollars, or lack thereof, of course.)
  8. makeitmagic39

    makeitmagic39 New Member

    I don't think anything could get 'more skanky' then Jasmine's original look :rotfl:
    Or even Ariel's shells only for that matter

    But I do agree, I think the new looks are stupid. There was nothing wrong with the old looks. Little girls were still falling in love with those princesses with those old looks every day. I just think it is silly.
  9. skier_pete

    skier_pete New Member

    As opposed to when Ariel and Mulan were completely naked in their own movies? I guess I don't get where showing your shoulder is "skanky". I guess technically Jasmine's original outfit would be considered that, while the one pictured has a much higher waist than she used to have.

    For the most part all the Princesses pictured are covered from their neckline to their feet.

    Truthfully, I have a 10-year old daughter, and they are dressed much more conservatively than many of the girls her age.
  10. dadofgoofy

    dadofgoofy New Member

    I would not call any of these princesses "skanky". They are princesses, not pilgrims.
  11. tianna26

    tianna26 New Member

    Imo it doesnt look that bad now tinkerbell looks skanky
  12. Pseudacris

    Pseudacris New Member

    I'm showing my shoulders right now! And despite being called a lot of things, I've never been called "skanky". ;)
  13. monorailrabbit

    monorailrabbit Rabbits Rabbits Everywhere!

    You and me both! :thumbsup2
  14. Experiment113

    Experiment113 New Member

    The new look just doesn't suit Merida. From the impression I got from the movie, it seemed like she didn't want to dress up in fancy clothes. The new pics show a more princessey Merida when she is a kinda more of a tomboy.
  15. dadddio

    dadddio New Member

    Pocahontas' earrings appear to be feathers. While I know practically nothing about the American Indian culture, I think that feathers are frequently used. As to Mulan's 'sparkles', it seems to me that her dress merely has the shimmer that a silk dress would typically have.

    While I admit that I haven't sat through that movie a thousand times with my daughter, so I am not an 'expert' on the character, isn't her dress basically the same as in the movie except for the scandalous shoulders? Also, it seems that the wild hair, bow, and quiver still send the 'tomboy' message.
  16. Jimsig

    Jimsig New Member

  17. RedHeadedFairy

    RedHeadedFairy New Member

    Why oh WHY did they "unmess" her?? ... I LOVED her wild & free look. I loved her unruly hair & tomboyish attitude.

    Did they really have to make her THINNER & accentuate her hips/make her curvy so much????

    Awesome Disney, thanks.

    This was a "Princess" that I previously considered worthy of my DD's time as a role model. Now I have to explain why Disney felt it necessary for her to be pretty, thin & glittery in order to qualify as an official princess.

    I'm SO disappointed. NOT a fan of this change. :sad:
  18. AquaDame

    AquaDame Are we there yet?

    Wait just a moment - I have an honest question. Why would putting on a prettier dress make her any less of a tomboy? If I put on a belt and show off my shoulders does that CHANGE WHO I AM? Aren't WE being hypocritical here? Judging by looks which we don't want anyone to do? She did not appreciate the dress her mother made her wear because it was too confining - even her hair was all pinned up and it went all the way up her neck and was tight and UGH! This dress looks much comfier! Her hair is still free and wild and maybe less frizzy but we are drawing by hand here so its likely a choice based on whether or not they can pull off frizz on every single silk screen they are about to mass produce. They didn't release a cartoon with her being a prissy little wedding dreamer, so I don't really have a problem with it. She has her bow and is ready to kick your *** if you insult her or her family still, it changes NOTHING.

    Sources: Me. I am a tomboy who regularly gets guff when I *gasp* wear a skirt to work. I wear what I want, when I want and it doesn't change me! :flower3:
  19. skier_pete

    skier_pete New Member

    You know - I think everyone is WAAAAYYYYY over-reacting to a cartoon character. One thing you have to remember is one of the renderings is the 3-D pixar rendering, while the other drawing is a 2-D cartoon drawing. It is quite possible the flyaway hair and the cut of the dress just didn't translate to looking good when converting from 3-D to 2-D.

    I also think that it's probably better that we teach our daughters about self-worth and self-esteem based on THEIR/OUR behaviors and actions and not about whether a cartoon character has messy hair or a bit more glitter on her dress.
  20. dadddio

    dadddio New Member

    I'm not seeing what the fuss is about.
  21. IheartRapunzel

    IheartRapunzel New Member

    what was wrong with the original Merida?

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