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Meeting the Mouse before the snow comes again – Pre Trip Report *Complete*

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by Leitadala, May 14, 2009.

  1. Leitadala

    Leitadala Member

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    Meeting the Mouse before the snow comes again Pre Trip Report

    I chose this PTR name because its exactly my thinking. You see, my DH left me home alone for my first ever Canadian winter (ok, it wasnt his fault, the Military sent him away for training, but still!) and while I shoveled the snow and let out our doggies and tried to get warm with hot chocolate my dear friend and I (blue-skies) decided to start vacation planning, and before we knew it we were heading for the Mouse! DH knew we were talking and thinking about it, but the day I was officially paying our down payment it finally hit him (while we were on the phone) and he cried really? Were really going to Disney?!!! We decided on October for a few reasons, but since it fell in October I let DH know that its our 3-yr Anniversary trip (ie no gifts needed, unless they are Disney related!). This works well for us, as we eloped and plan to (hopefully) renew our vows for our 5th year anniversary either at WDW or DCL. So now I get to enjoy this city for the summer and before I have to deal with all that cold stuff falling from the sky again well be heading to Florida!

    The main cast of my PTR are me and DH:

    Me (25):
    I was lucky enough in my life to have wonderful Grandparents who loved Disney and took me (and my cousin and brothers) there many times in our life. This will actually be the first time I will ever go there without my Grandfather, as he passed away in April. We were planning this trip before he passed, so it was hard for me to think about going there without him, but over time Ive realized that it is a place so full of the happy memories we made with him. Im also going there with my DH and BFF who were able to get to know him (and visit the World with him) and so they can share memories with me while we are there. Oh, and by the way, Im from Texas. I met DH online (hes Canadian), and its been a long ordeal with immigration and his Military career, but I finally got to move up here to Winnipeg last April (right after the winter left& and the short visits I took while it was winter here did not prepare me for what I had to deal with this year! -40 degrees is a nightmare!). Other important info about me: My favorite character / movie is Sleeping Beauty and I am a huge Star Wars Fan (esp Yoda!)! I'm also on Weight Watchers and so I'm trying to prepare for our Deluxe Dining!

    DH (23):
    Never knew what he was missing, but found out last year on his 1st Visit to the World! I cant say it was his first visit to meet the Mouse, as we technically only caught glimpses of him (this year he is gonna really meet him!) He keeps (jokingly) telling me hes going to wear his 1st Visit pin again this year for a few reasons. 1) He didnt get it last year until a few days into the trip, so he thinks somehow that he has a right to wear it in the Magic Kingdom, probably because he spent his day at the Magic Kingdom wondering where all the 1st Visit Pins came from and wishing he had one! And 2) He doesnt yet feel like a true Disney Veteran I guess& I think he will start to though when he starts showing around BSBF (hes already excited to show him around WS, especially the Canada Pavillion!). Ive told him though that they changed the design and that everyone will know he was there last year if he tries to wear it!!! :rotfl2: DH is also a huge Star Wars fan and his favorite characters are Sorcerer Mickey, Wall-E, and Stitch! He loves to look at dining reports and dream about all the food hes gonna get to eat on DxDP!

    (this is the closest he got to Mickey, and it was his favorite Mickey! But the line was too long and my brother said no way would we be waiting!)

    Supporting cast (potential stars of their own PTR):

    Blue-Skies (whom I will not be refering to as BS, LOL):
    Blue-Skies, Chef Mickey, and Me on my 21st Birthday in 05

    My BFF! We met in college and she went with me on her first (and only) visit to Disney World on my 21st birthday trip! It technically feels like her first visit though since its her first time going there on her own (without parents/grandparents) and its her first big getaway with her DBF (I have a hard time calling him her boyfriend& they have around 8 or so years together!) Blue-Skies says: "My favorite movies/characters are Belle (from Beauty and the Beast), Jack Skellington, Stitch, and Eve (from Wall-E)".

    Blue-Skies Boyfriend (BSBF):
    BSBF and the beautiful Blue-Skies
    He is the only one of us who can truly wear the First Visit Pin! Blue-Skies says: "My DBF is also a Star Wars fan (which I have enjoyed as well). His favorite characters are Stitch and Wall-E. I know that once we experience Disney we will probably have a few more favs!!"

    We are checking into the PoP Century on October 3rd (for free dining, upgraded to deluxe dining!) and checking out on October 10th. We have MNSSHP tickets for October 9! We have a tentative itenerary and schedule for ADRs, but it will all get finalized when the hours are released in July! Ive been keeping a blog of my Disney pre-planning, but I decided I have so much fun reading other PTRs and TRs that maybe I should make one on here to share. Blue-Skies also reminds me that in addition to the anniversary DH and I are celebrating, we are also celebrating seeing each other again (since I've moved)!

    One last photo (me and DH at WS last year - July 08)

    You are Here - PTR Intro
    PTR (so far) Summary
    ADR Wish List
    ADRs! Finally!
    LGMH Success!
    A little anxiety
    Trip Report
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  3. blue-skies

    blue-skies Earning My Ears

    Awesomely done BFF!! :cool1:

    My favorite movies/characters are Belle (from Beauty and the Beast), Jack Skellington, Stitch, and Eve (from Wall-E).

    My DBF is also a Star Wars fan (which I have enjoyed as well). His favorite characters are Stitch and Wall-E.
    I know that once we experience Disney we will probably have a few more favs!!

    I've also been wishing a lot more lately. We've been through a lot together and apart and I'm hoping that we take the next step in our relationship. So I'm making a huge Wish and I know the best place for wishing is at the World. :wizard:

    I'm also excited because I haven't seen my BFF in a while and while we are in Texas, her and her DH are miles away from us. It will be so awesome to see each other again and celebrate, especially on our first vacation!
  4. disneyaddicted

    disneyaddicted Mouseketeer

    This is exciting and I am looking forward to watching it play out. It's tough moving away from your BFF but I am so glad you get to meet up at Disney that is so awesome.

    I hate the cold too, although I don't suffer the way you do up in Canada, either way cold weather rots my socks. I am going to Disney this January, and will be meeting my BFF who ironically we became friends in El Paso Tx, we lost touch when my Dad (army) got stationed in Germany. I just found her this past summer, we haven't seen eachother in 24 years. Any way, didn't mean to hijack your PTR just wanted to share in your excitement. By the way PANTERA ROCKS!
  5. Leitadala

    Leitadala Member

    I meant to put your favorites up, but then DH distracted me with all his ranting about how he's going to beat up BSBF for his "1st Visit" Pin! :rotfl:

    Here's wishing for a magical vacation in many ways!

    Thanks and welcome! Texas just must be a good place for home-grown BFFs, lol. Hopefully me and Blue-Skies don't go 24 years without seeing each other! (More reason to get a DVC and ensure our kids grow up knowing each other!!!) January is probably a good time to go to Florida, then you get to get away from some of the snow and cold!
  6. Leitadala

    Leitadala Member

    As I stated before I have been keeping a blog with my pre-trip info. I will catch up this PTR with that info here:

    The first thing I mentioned was my purchase of Polaroid My Memories Suite for digital scrapbooking. I decided against the Disney Photo Book and went with this program, but I cannot post my review of the product yet as I haven't even loaded it into my computer! I do intend to play with it (once DH and I stop moving furnature around and I start my new job) and I will use my free book pass to get a book from my 2008 trip (as I have pics at my mom's house still to scan from even my 2005 trip!).

    Next I have a pic of my printed out snack list that I edited from DisBoards and compiled and edited the menus from our chosen restaurants from the information on allears and then I made cute little cover pages by editing photos with Word 2007 and using Waltograph font!!!


    (Since DH has been home from his course he has gone through and highlited - in blue - all the stuff he wants to make sure he eats!)

    I have a mention of how excited I am for MNSSHP (which we have pics for on Oct 9th) and how I want to make sure I get pics with Snow White (etc) and Cinderella's Coach, and also how I want to attend Stitch's dance party at my favorite counter service restaurant - Cosmic Ray's!

    Then I have pics of all my purchases and projects! See below:

    From Disney shopping online (which ships amazingly fast!) - Kermit and Mickey reusable shopping bags and underneath them are beach towels: Wall-E for DH and Ariel for me

    The two guides I got (DH wants me to order the rest of the Imagineering guides for the other parks!)

    And the pins I bought for trading. After checking pinpics there were 2 that were questionable, but the seller replaced them after I sent them back!

    Other non-pictured things I have purchased include "Canadian" (ie, covered in maple leaves) emergency ponchos and a sewing kit (and my 2 pima polo shirts and 2 skorts, beach bag, and flip flops for each of us).

    Then I have my itinerary book and pages (I got the ideas from DIS, and if it were you I adapted my work from please accept my appologies and claim credit as you deserve it!)

    $1.00 4x6 plastic photo album from Wal-Mart with temporary cover page

    Example of daily Itinerary sheets
    Daily Itinerary with small map

    And finally, pics of my new desktop theme! "It's a Magical World" (I was surprised DH let me buy it without calling me obsessed!)

    Start Menu

    IE Browser

    Cute photo icon!

    Uh-oh! Now my PTR is caught up! I better get to more planning! Well, I guess next up I can post our tenative itinerary and ADRs, and of course, we still need to buy plane tickets! Come on JULY!
  7. My2Qtz0205

    My2Qtz0205 Mouseketeer

    Hi! Popping over here from the October '09 thread! We are going Oct. 16-23rd to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary! We are attending MNSSHP on the 18th.
  8. Leitadala

    Leitadala Member

    Welcome! I love hearing that others are celebrating their anniversary at WDW - congrats on 10 years!
  9. disneyaddicted

    disneyaddicted Mouseketeer

    You are on the ball girl. I have ideas in my head for plans and that's about it. I feel so inadequate now. You inspire me though.

    I just love that Kermit bag, Goofy has always been my man but lately I have had eyes for Kermit.
  10. Leitadala

    Leitadala Member

    You have a bit longer though, right? I feel at a stand-still now 'cause I rushed ahead with everything! Now I'm just waiting to be able to make my ADRs!
  11. Leitadala

    Leitadala Member

    ADR Wish List

    Here is the list of our wanted ADRs. The order may change when the hours get released. Also, you may notice a large amount of character breakfasts, yet a lack of kids in our PTR cast... well, we’re kids at heart I guess you could say lol. We did get free dining, and upgraded to Deluxe. I’m sure glad my hubby eats lots (and lets me try things off his plate!)

    Chef Mickey’s
    1900 Park Faire
    (may end up doing Crystal Palace, or else just eating at the Pop food court)

    Garden Grill
    Cinderella’s Royal Table
    Sci Fi Drive-In
    Brown Derby (Fantasmic Dinner Package)
    Corral Reef

    Lunches will be counter services (or possibly just a snack credit, skipped altogether, or spent as a late-night snack at the Pop food court). We will drop by Cosmic Ray’s and Flame Tree BBQ for CS!

    We also have a running list of snacks we want to try (thanks to reading dining reports on these boards!). Those include: Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich from MK Bakery. Dole Whip or Dole Whip Float, Almond Pretzel from Norway (DH’s wish list, not mine!), and possibly school bread (again DH, I’m not a coconut fan). As for alcoholic beverages we have read that must-haves are Lapu Lapu from Ohana, Captain’s Mai Tai (Polynesian Pool Bar), and the Margaritas in Epcot (I have never gotten that far in the world when we start in Canada!). Comments / suggestions are welcome!
  12. Leitadala

    Leitadala Member

    3 Months exactly today!:cool1:
  13. mickeysmyboy

    mickeysmyboy <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/" targ

    Jumping in!!! Great report! You must be so excited!! It sounds like a great trip! MNSSHP is the BEST!!! We went in 07 and had the best time ever!!! Can't wait to read more!
  14. Leitadala

    Leitadala Member

    Thank you! And Welcome!
  15. Leitadala

    Leitadala Member

    Waking up at 4:30 AM was well worth it! So was spending so much time planning for the ADRs. The online system went so smoothly. I kept punching in what I wanted and then freaking out when it actually showed up! We had to settle for a later Ohanas dinner than we wanted (so now we won't get to watch the water pagent or fireworks on the beach... this day anyway) and an earlier Cinderella's Royal Table (we'll just eat a lighter lunch) but I was worried we might not get those at all since they are the first two days of the vacation.

    Complete list:
    Oct 3 - (D) 5:30 Garden Grill
    Oct 4 - (D) 8:50 'Ohanas
    Oct 5 - (B) 7:40 CM, (D) 4:20 CRT
    Oct 6 - (B) 8:00 1900 Park Faire, (D) 5:10 Sci Fi
    Oct 7 - (B) 8:00 Akershus, (L) 1:00 Corral Reef, (D) 6:45 Biergarten
    Oct 8 - (B) 8:00 Tuskar, (D) 5:00 Hollywood and Vine
    Oct 9 - (B) 8:30 'Ohana, (D) 6:00 Tony's Town Square
    Oct 10-(D) 6:10 Whispering Canyon Cafe
  16. Leitadala

    Leitadala Member

    After several trips to Home Depot I was feeling a bit down, thinking that they would never restock LGMHs. Finally today we went and they had them! Being a big chicken though I could only bring myself to take TWO... and just now DH came over to my desk and unloaded a pocket full of them! :goodvibes He says now I can rest easy with a good stock of LGMH to do as I please (including sharing with my dear friend Blue-Skies!)

    75 Days to go!
  17. TyRy

    TyRy <font color=blue>Part of the problem is I wear my

    Your plans sound fantastic so far. I'm going to show this to DH as he makes fun of me for my daily itineraries, but I really like how yours look.

    You also seem to have the best taste in Princesses and movies...Sleeping Beauty and Star Wars are my favorite in each category. I'm even thinking about getting a Star Wars cake if possible on our next trip.

    And what a change...Texas to Canada. A somewhat different situation, but we got our doggie from Texas (we're in Chicago)...she had never even seen snow and we flew her up here in February. Loved the snow the instant she saw it and prefers it and the cold to rain and warmth. I keep telling DH that she wants to move to Canada where it will be even more cold and snowy! :rotfl:

    Can't wait for more.
  18. Leitadala

    Leitadala Member


    We have one dog that LOVED the snow (so much that on the first snowfall she got away from us and bounded all around the neighborhood, leading us on a puppy-print hunt in the wee hours of the morning until we finally caught up to her... back at the house!) and the other HATES it (but he's part Chihuahua, so I guess Mexico would have pleased him more than Canada).
  19. Leitadala

    Leitadala Member

    I’m starting to get mildly panicky when I start to think about the trip now. It’s a little over a month, but I actually only have 2 weeks at home until I have to pack for FOUR weeks away from home (one of those at Disney)! I can’t complain really, DH and I are going to Vegas for two weeks, and then I’m flying from Vegas to my Grandmother’s to stay with her before DH meets me in Disney on October 3. And really, any clothes and items should be good for Vegas and for Disney, and if I forget anything Grandma can take me to Wal-Mart lol. It’s just... how do I fit everything in suitcases now! And what if I want to change my itineraries but can’t find a printer to print out brag-book sized sheets! I’m sure it’s fine, and I’m actually going to have about four days off work before we fly out to properly prepare. I just have to keep all the fun in mind!

    One thing that's bothering me a lot is how we are going to eat in Vegas with no DDP!!! Our hotel doesn't even have coffee makers for hot water for breakfast! I'm trying to find a water heater (immersion heater?) and some other things that might make hotel living ok, any suggestions?
  20. My2Qtz0205

    My2Qtz0205 Mouseketeer

    Hi--popping in again from the October 2009 thread. We are at 39 days out! I should be doing this :banana::banana::banana: but instead I am doing this :eek::scared1::eek::scared1:
  21. carps09

    carps09 Norway's spirit always has been, and always will b

    Hi! I saw your post about Home Depot being out of LGMH...but then you finally found them! We just went over the weekend, and it looks like they are different now than they used to be. Our LGMHs are on a rectangular piece of stock, not simply a LGMH. What do yours look like? (My DF and I will be at Disney the same time as you, celebrating our honeymoon! Our vacations are getting close!!)

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