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May 18, 2013 MAGIC EBTA - Who is with us?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Meets' started by valbob89, Jan 25, 2012.

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  1. valbob89

    valbob89 Mouseketeer

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  3. sssteele

    sssteele Mouseketeer

    DH and I had our TA book this for us. She called several hours ago with our cabin #. We went for cheap:rotfl:, but not inside.

    We had been waiting to book the WBTA, but no word on that as of yet. May still be in the cards for us when/if it becomes available.

    This will be our 1st TA. Hope you will share your wisdom with us if you have done one before.
  4. valbob89

    valbob89 Mouseketeer

    Welcome!!! We are Bob & Valerie, from San Francisco.

    We have done the WBTA but not the EBTA, we too were hoping to do the WBTA, with a B2B on the med before. When they didn't post a WB and we read the ship most likely would be in dry dock before coming home, we decided to book the EBTA.

    We loved Gilbralter and Madeira.

    Hope to get to know you before this wonderful adventure.

    Val & Bob
  5. skoi

    skoi Mouseketeer

    We're with you and started another thread. :headache:

    At this point it will be six of us me, dh, dd (then almost 19- but she has a Navy ROTC cruise for summer training so we might have to cancel her), ds (then almost 15), dd (she turns 9 on the cruise), and ds (8).

    It'll be the second TA for oldest dd and I.

    Trying to plan what to do for a few days after, and we're open to suggestions.
  6. CitaPita

    CitaPita Member


    We'll be officially joining this party tomorrow! Count us as another wanting the WBTA, but doing the EBTA instead due to some scheduling on our end. That's okay, though, I think we'll have an amazingly magical trip!

    Our family is:

    DD1 (Will be almost 4 when we sail)
    DD2 (Will be almost 5 when we sail)

    We have our eyes on either a 7A or 5C, depending on the cost. We'll see what tomorrow brings!!
  7. valbob89

    valbob89 Mouseketeer

    Welcome!! When I booked this morning, about 9:30 PST, the CM said there was a lot of room available but the suites were all gone. Good Luck. Looking forward to planning a great trip with everyone. Val & Bob
  8. valbob89

    valbob89 Mouseketeer

    I was really surprised how fast and easy it was to get through to DCL this morning. In the past, when I have called on the first day new cruises were offerred I have had to wait for hours. I had no trouble getting through to DCL this morning. Did the rest of you find there was a long wait time?
  9. PrincessMer

    PrincessMer Member


    I am going to be joining you! On the cruise it will be me (Meredith) and my husband (Clark). We have been talking about doing the TA for awhile, but the timing seems to actually work for us to do it next May. I am soooooooo excited I can't even put it into words. I think we are going to stay in Europe for a couple of days after the cruise. Is anyone else?

  10. Minnie328

    Minnie328 Mouseketeer<br><img src="http://www.wdwinfo.com/ph

    My dad and I are joining you all (or y'all...we are sailing from Texas, right?! haha)!! :cool1:
    We scored a sideways inside room...anyone have any experience with these?
  11. kcashner

    kcashner DIS Veteran

    We're booked...this will be my 4th TA on DCL. Best cruises ever!:cool1:
  12. valbob89

    valbob89 Mouseketeer

    Welcome! We are Bob & Val, from San Francisco. We did the WBTA in 2010, but have never done an EBTA. Looking forward to planning this trip with all of you. Val
  13. PrincessMer

    PrincessMer Member

    Have you done both the EBTA and WBTA? Do you have a preference?
  14. Carys

    Carys <font color=darkorchid>Mouse-Eared Kiwi<br><font c

    I've thrown a deposit down on one of the cheapest cabins (locking in that early pricing!) but no idea this far out whether I'll be able to get leave. We shall see! :cool1:
  15. sssteele

    sssteele Mouseketeer

    DH was in touch with our TA last night checking on ports, etc. for this cruise, and decided to not go with the booking. We will hold out for the WBTA. Fortunately, we have several other cruises coming up so I'm not totally bumbed out. Just packed the car to head to The World to celebrate DH's Birthday.

    I know you'll have a wonderful time, and plan follow you here on your Magical journey.:disrocks:

    By the way Val, your photo looked familiar, and I thought perhaps we have cruised with you and Bob before. :confused3 Perhaps I just noticed it on another thread.
  16. heatherb819

    heatherb819 Member

    We booked this am also! It will be myself DH and DD she'll be 10 at time of sailing. We did EBTA last year and it was the best vacation of our life. Let the countdown begin!!!!
  17. stlkeeler

    stlkeeler Mouseketeer

    I just transferred our 2012 Alaska cruise to this one. I've done an EBTA in 2010 with kcashner. We had a great time! This time I'll have my DD and DGD(11) with me. I hope there'll be more kids than last time so my DGD will have someone to hang out with. :thumbsup2
  18. heatherb819

    heatherb819 Member

    My DD will be 10 and sailing!! You are in St. Louis??? We are too???? We cruised together last year? Refresh my memory...Are you on the FB page we created?
  19. binkytell

    binkytell Mouseketeer

    :cool1: :banana::cool1::banana::cool1:

    We're all booked up for this cruise, we did the wbta last year and so can't wait
    To do it all over again!!

    It will be me Sarah,dh Brian, dd Beth 10 and dd Ellie 1, we're from Glasgow Scotland.

    Looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and making lots of new ones:love
  20. CitaPita

    CitaPita Member

    Just officially booked! I am ridiculously excited. This will be our second cruise ever. Our first was on the Magic in December.

    This will be the first time we have a balcony as well, which will be awesome since there are so many sea days.

    For those that have been on a TA cruise before, what kind of extra entertainment do they have? Any special shows not on the standard Magic cruises? Or do they mainly fill in with variety acts?
  21. valbob89

    valbob89 Mouseketeer

    Welcome and good luck on getting the leave

    Sorry you won't be joining us. I am sure there will be a lot of coming and going in our group before the actual cruise time arrives.

    What other cruises have you done? This would be our ninth DCL. We've done the WBTA in 2010, the PC in 2011, the MR in 2011, we are doing Hawaii in April. We've done a number of cruises out of Florida.

    Welcome, looking forward to getting to know all of you. Others who have done the TA more times then we have can give us more insight to what additional activities they have on TA cruises but we found that on long cruises the non-Disney entertainment is more and better.

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