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Maure' & Jake's Vow Renewal PJ-DCL wedding on CC-2013-Wedding colors and other things

Discussion in 'Planning our Happily Ever After' started by Flurbee, Jul 25, 2008.

  1. Flurbee

    Flurbee Addicted to the Mouse!!!

    Well, after many months lurking on this site, I have finally decided to start my own PJ...YAY!!!:cool1: This is all new to me, and I have never done anything like this before, so hope it all goes well, and at least somebody out there is entertained.:lmao:


    Jake and I actually met through my mother and his sister. My mother and his sister both go roller skating at the same place on Wednesday nights, and somehow started talking about us and how we should meet. Well, since my mother doesn't have the best track record when it comes to setting me up with people, she told me about Jake, but I chose to ignore her. I had given my phone # to my mother to give to Jake's sister to give to Jake. (Sound like junior high??:rotfl: ) Well, he didn't call me, and I decided that if he couldn't even call me on the phone, how would we ever talk in person??! Finally I told my mother to just get me his # and I would initiate the calling if I so felt the urge..Which, by the way, I did not, at least until the jerk I was dating at the time stood me up, and in a fit of rage at all men, I decided to call this Jake person, and see if he would also blow me off and fit into my definition of what I thought all men were at that point. (JERKS!!!) So, I called. He did not answer so I left a voicemail, totally convinced that he would NEVER call me back. BUT, about 2 hours later, he did....and the rest, as they say, is history. We talked for about 2 hours on the phone, arranged to meet in person the next day, and have been together ever since. It was pretty automatic, like we just knew we were right for each other. That was on April 29, 2006. In July of 2007 we were engaged, and then we got married on September 24, 2007.

    Here is a picture of us

    I hope that works.....

    Originally we were going to wait and do the real wedding at Disney World. That has always been my dream, Disney is my favorite place!! Jake likes Disney, but is definitely not the fanatic that I am. Well, we were living together, and I knew my parents really weren't into it, so we decided to make it official and then go ahead and do a VR at Disney. I am going to post this and make sure that my pic came up.
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  3. Flurbee

    Flurbee Addicted to the Mouse!!!

    Ok, so that worked....YAY!!

    Here are some pics of my engagement ring:

    Here is the matching wedding band:
  4. Flurbee

    Flurbee Addicted to the Mouse!!!

    Ok, I don't know why those middle pics didn't post, but I guess you get the idea....Here is a picture of both my rings together...



    Ok, ok, enough with the rings....:) I guess an obvious question would be why are we doing a VR so soon? Well, when we got married in September, we just went to the JP, nobody else was there, and we didn't have a reception or anything. I really wanted to chance to have my dream wedding where I have a wedding dress, bridesmaids, my dad walk me down the aisle, and all of our friends and family there. I know some people don't get it, but I know all of you lovely disbrides will understand where I am coming from...:goodvibes I guess you can just call us the backwards couple...:lmao: We got married first, but now are doing all the things you do before you get married, like we just had "engagement pictures" taken, I am going to have a wedding shower, etc. Well, I am going to go try and post a link to this in my signature. Next time I will get into all of my wedding plans.....:)
  5. JoJo1980

    JoJo1980 New Member

    Hello there! Welcome to this part of the boards - you'll love it here :grouphug: Your rings are lovely, very pretty :goodvibes

    Theres nothing wrong with the way round you're doing things, at least you'll have the nerves out of the way and you can just concentrate on having an amazing time :banana: We originally were going to do something similar - just get married here in the UK at a register office with just the parents and then do all the pretty stuff in disney a week later in the form of a vow renewal. My planner told me that its more common than people think and that they deal with that situation all the time :thumbsup2 We've now switched things around so that our actual wedding is going to be in disney and we're doing something special when we get home - still got to figure out what though :surfweb: Sometimes I wonder whether we've made the right decision but I'm the most indesicive person in the world so its probably just me over stressing!! :laughing:

    I can't wait to hear more about your plans popcorn::
  6. Flurbee

    Flurbee Addicted to the Mouse!!!

    Thanks for being the very first to reply on my thread!!! :banana: I am glad that we are not the only ones going about things this way....:) I promise I will have more updates soon!!!
  7. DisneyBrideToni

    DisneyBrideToni <font color=deeppink>Proud BLT DVC Owner<br><font

    I just had a thought for you. What if your DF's Step-mother did a reading and then the mothers did the candles?
  8. padisneyfour

    padisneyfour New Member

    Welcome and looking forward to hearing more of your plans!:goodvibes
  9. Flurbee

    Flurbee Addicted to the Mouse!!!


    I like that idea too.....we will have to see, I am still going back and forth between the sand ceremony and the unity candle... I will have to ask my planner if they have any suggestions...:goodvibes
  10. DisneyBrideToni

    DisneyBrideToni <font color=deeppink>Proud BLT DVC Owner<br><font

    Yeah the planners have all the ideas!!! My planner is great!

    I am so glad you started your PJ! Your ring is gorgeous!!!! I can't wait to follow your PJ!
  11. Lynn5700

    Lynn5700 <font color=darkorchid>WOO HOO I will be there<br>

    Hi!! Welcome to the boards!!!! your rings are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!
  12. Flurbee

    Flurbee Addicted to the Mouse!!!

    Thank you everyone!! You girls are so sweet!! I had this irrational fear that I was going to do a PJ and nobody would read it....:lmao: I promise I will get to the planning very soon!! OH, and can someone tell me how to multiquote?? I think that might come in handy on here...:)
  13. AuroraBorealis

    AuroraBorealis New Member

    Beautiful rings! I love the leafy filigree (is that the right term?) on the band part.

    This might be a dumb question, but how do you pronounce your name? :blush: I've never seen it before.

    To multi-quote, click on the little icon with the quotation marks and plus sign to the right of the "Quote" button. Click on this for each post you want to quote and then hit "Reply."
  14. pixiemama3

    pixiemama3 New Member

    Congrats and best wishes on the planning also welcome and the rings are very pretty ...
  15. disneychickforever

    disneychickforever Queen of Disney Elephants

    Hi Maure'. I hope I didn't freak you out by IMing you after we haven't talked in such a long time.

    Love to see that you started your PJ! I can't wait to see all your plans for your magical day. :goodvibes:
  16. Flurbee

    Flurbee Addicted to the Mouse!!!

    Thank you so much!! :) My name is actually french, and the easiest way to tell people how to say it, is to say that it rhymes with hooray....
    Thanks for the info on multi quoting-as you can see, I am trying it out right now!!!
    Thank you!!

    No, you didn't freak me out at all!! We were actually eating dinner, and I left the computer on the whole time!! I promise I will get to the plans soon, hopefully maybe even tonight!! :)
  17. figmentfan814

    figmentfan814 New Member

    :dance3: I'm so excited that you started a PJ :cool1: :banana: :yay:

    I think it's great that you're getting your dream wedding. I have a friend who got married where her husband was from in a small ceremony and then did a big wedding in MI on their 1st anniversary.

    I love your ring set, is that in filigree style?
  18. Flurbee

    Flurbee Addicted to the Mouse!!!

    Well, I am back...sorry I haven't posted anything on here in so long!!! I promise I will get to the wedding planning soon....part of the problem is that my dad borrowed my camera this week while he and my mom are on vacation, so I can't really post any new pics just yet.

    I guess that I CAN tell you guys that we just recently got our date!!! June 22, 2009. This was very exciting to me, I felt like I waited so long just to get the date squared away, and now I have to wait until October to sign my contract!!! I am so dang excited, I just want to get things MOVING....you know?? Anyways, luckily we got the ceremony we wanted (10 AM) and the reception where we wanted (St. James room, BW). I didn't really care what ballroom it was in, just wanted the reception at the BW. It sounds like it will be nice, there is a patio off the ballroom and that is where the cocktail hour will be.

    Oh, I just remembered that I DO have some pictures in photobucket from our "engagement picture photo shoot".

    Here are a couple of my favorites:



    There are more, but I will post more later....

    Ok, on to some other news.....I guess I will just blurt it out, cause I really want to get some people's opinions on this....I just found out that I am pregnant!!! This is very exciting news to us, although it is rather unexpected and a little sooner then we had planned. I am about 6 weeks along, which makes my due date around March 23. Here is the thing: I really feel in my heart that I still want to go through with the Disney wedding. Even though I know it will be a little harder with a 3 month old, I still think it is possible. I just feel like if we say we are going to wait, that we will never do it. We won't have the money, we won't have the same people committed, and I just don't see it happening down the road. And I dont' want to regret that I never did it when I had the chance. Does that sound really stupid??

    Anyways, I just had to find out what some of you girls think about this situation....Let me know....Next time: wedding planning, I promise!!
  19. Flurbee

    Flurbee Addicted to the Mouse!!!

    Thanks....I guess it was about time I got around to starting this...:rotfl: Not to sound dumb, but really have no idea if my ring is in filigree style...:lmao: All I know is that when we saw it we loved it..I remember the title of the ring was called Antique....We actually changed the center stone, it was set with a round diamond, but I wanted princess cut, so we had them change the prongs and picked out a different diamond....I really love it!!! :yay:
  20. december14disney

    december14disney December Magic

    Just got caught up again and CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! Do what your heart says and have your wedding...I bet it will be even MORE special with the new baby because he/she will be a PART of it.
  21. MariaLovesJon<3

    MariaLovesJon<3 Earning My Ears

    Congratulations on the new prince or princess! Having them there for your DFTW will make it all the more special and magical for you! :goodvibes

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