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Marriott Beverly Hills Residence Inn-anyone know of it?

Discussion in 'Southern California' started by kaygela, Oct 1, 2006.

  1. kaygela

    kaygela <font color=coral>was having a blond moment at the

    Has anyone stayed at the Beverly Hills Residence Inn? We will be traveling with our DS11 and DS19 and DS19's girlfriend. We want to stay at a Marriott since we have points to use and would like a suite so that his girlfriend has her own room. I figured the two boys could sleep on the pull out sofa. I was wondering if anyone could tell me about this particular hotel.
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  3. woody73

    woody73 <font color=darkorange>Enjoyed the Pumpkinmen<br><

    It's a nice property, centrally located to B.H., Century City, and Westwood. Be prepared for lots of traffic in that area.

  4. WickedQueenie

    WickedQueenie Earning My Ears

    Most definately
  5. kaygela

    kaygela <font color=coral>was having a blond moment at the

    Is it in walking distance of some of the sights? I'm hoping we wouldn't have to use the car there.
  6. WickedQueenie

    WickedQueenie Earning My Ears

    You're more than likely going to need to rent a car for that area
  7. JenLoy

    JenLoy Member

    We stayed at the Hollywood Renaissance Hotel located on Hollywood and Highland. Right next to the Kodak and Chinese theatres. It was very convienent and has a metro stop for travel to Universal, etc.

    I'm not sure how many points you have to use but, the Renaissance is part of the Marriott family. We booked two rooms with connecting door. One room had a king size bed, sofa and chairs, huge bathroom, etc. The 2nd room had two queen size beds. Both rooms had a view of the hollywood sign. Something to consider if you're not fully sold on yours.
  8. tracys2cents

    tracys2cents Active Member

    Check to assure that they allow 5 in a room. Fire laws sometimes restrict occupancy and there is no leniency....meaning that you might need to "sneak" the fifth person in, which is unnerving sometimes.
  9. kaygela

    kaygela <font color=coral>was having a blond moment at the

    We reserved 2 studio rooms.
  10. tracys2cents

    tracys2cents Active Member

    Its a walk of a few blocks to get to Rodeo Drive and all-things-Beverly, but definitely walkable. Not much right on the immediate block, however, except for a decent Jewish deli.
    It's one of the more recently renovated Residence Inns which means really comfortable beds with lots of pillows and a nice comforter.

    They have a shuttle service in the local area, I'm not sure how far it goes.

    I wonder if you will meet the famous EMILY, a guest who apparently stays there a lot. Some reviews claim that the shuttle service caters to Emily's needs and everyone else has to work around her schedule, LOL. Let us know if you have a run in with Emily !!!

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