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March 9th 2013 - Join us for the Magic! Galveston spring break cruise!

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Meets' started by UmmGooD, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. Disney Fans

    Disney Fans Disney Fans


    I am not sure why some can't find it also. I had no issues find it when others have had issues finding it and he had not changed anything at that point from what he told me and then he changed it to open several months back and that did not seem to make a difference either. The only other thing I know for sure is to send a FB friend request to either him or me ( which I have told a couple of people feel free to send one to me and then I can then send an invite to add you to the FB Cruise group) FB has been making several changes the past few months and that may have effected it also, is what I my guess?
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  3. bellabaloo

    bellabaloo Earning My Ears

    Would it be possible to post a direct link? Will Dis allow the posting of a link?
  4. bellabaloo

    bellabaloo Earning My Ears

    I got your PM and this will be the 10th post so hopefully I can respond to you :)

    Hopefully we can get this FB group going! :)
  5. bellabaloo

    bellabaloo Earning My Ears

  6. Disney Fans

    Disney Fans Disney Fans

    Thanks and happy to do it. You are so smart to copy the link over, I still can't believe I did not think of that. LOL
  7. Disney Fans

    Disney Fans Disney Fans

    Nice that folks are now finding the FB page. Much more talking now. I hope everyone can find it now.:thumbsup2
  8. chahs

    chahs Earning My Ears

    OK, finally found the links to FB and sent a request to join! Been searching cruise stuff ALL day long. Getting super excited for the March Cruise and need to do a 60 day count down!!
  9. Biggsfamily

    Biggsfamily Earning My Ears

    Fellow Passengers,

    I have shifted through posts and personal messages on DIS Boards. I have repeatedly checked emails and messages on Facebook. So far, here are the totals:

    Theme: Creating Some "Magic" Spring Break 2013
    15 Staterooms
    27 kids
    29 adults

    There are at least 5 staterooms that I have not added to the totals because they have not provided me with any information. They just posted or emailed a "I want to join" message. I have sent all of them responses requesting more information. I plan to continue to add folks till 1 month from departure.

    I will be sending out a spreadsheet with everyone's info for verification very soon. So check your email, FB Messages or DIS account.

    Happy New Year,
  10. jamiehicks

    jamiehicks Hicks Invade Disney

    We tried booking our port activities, but not being a Gold or Platinum member, we have come across most things being sold out. Our party is too large for what we wanted to do in Cozumel and Grand Cayman has nothing left for our small children. Does anyone know where I can go to book activities in the Grand Cayman and Cozumel? All we are looking for is a beach and place for the kids to play, drinks and food included is always nice, but not necessary. We have 6 adults, 5 kids between 4-8, and a 1 year old, and a 2 year old. I have heard there will be lots of people at the ports that will take you places, but that makes me nervous, especially with a group our size. Does anyone know of a company or outside vendor that I could call and secure something?
  11. ArleneAM

    ArleneAM Earning My Ears

    My name is Arlene.
    My family and I will be going on our first cruise!
    We are soooo excited

    We will be driving in from Dallas March 9th
    Any suggestions would be GREAT!


  12. ArleneAM

    ArleneAM Earning My Ears

    I found the FB page and joined.

  13. prezcatz

    prezcatz Earning My Ears

    I just sent a request to join the FB page - Rebecca Hamilton Jones. My husband Paul will also send a request. Looking forward to connecting with all of you!
  14. cyntex1

    cyntex1 Earning My Ears

    Hi there I am new to DISboard and wanting to find out about the FE for the March 9, 2013 cruise. This will be our 3rd cruise and would like to know how to participate. Looking forward to sailing on the Magic.
  15. cyntex1

    cyntex1 Earning My Ears

    Hi there i also sent a request to join the group. C rodriguez
  16. Mdarenfrow

    Mdarenfrow Earning My Ears

    Got any room for a single mom and her 8 year old son whose birthday is the Tuesday we are on the cruise? He got upset when he realized we weren't going to have a party on his birthday and the FE sounds awesome!!!

    Thanks for considering us
  17. Mdarenfrow

    Mdarenfrow Earning My Ears

    I can help. I book mine through a cruise agent and they are cheaper and usually have all the times I am looking for and have guarantees just like the cruise lines.
  18. cyntex1

    cyntex1 Earning My Ears


    Welcome aboard, did u click on the FB link above that is the page for our cruise group fe.
  19. dkfogt

    dkfogt Member

    We are on this cruise as well! I will search the Facebook page, too.

    My DH and I have three girls 4, 11, and 14

    Cannot wait - booked two years ago for Dec 15, 2012 and had to change it when the kids school calendar came out and they weren't out of school yet! We have been waiting a long long time!!!' First cruise for my kids. Second for DH and I (RC) - first Disney cruise for ALL!!!!

    We live in Houston and were beyond excited to see the Magic come to Galveston.
  20. KatHuss

    KatHuss Mouseketeer

    Looks like we will be joining you for spring break out of Galveston! Hurray!!! This will be Disney Cruise number 5 for us. The last was the 2006 10 day Christmas Cruise!! Been way too long!!!!

    Myself, husband and our now 16 year old daughter who is over the moon about going on another Disney Cruise.

    Not sure about the night before. We will be driving down from Sherman (about 6 hours) and will be getting in late since I have to work until 5 on Friday :(

    I would love to join the FE group. We did that the last time and it was a blast.

    More later.....

  21. KatHuss

    KatHuss Mouseketeer

    guess I duplicate posted, agh

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