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March 23rd Magic Cruise Meet!

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Meets' started by everythingdisneyfan1, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. everythingdisneyfan1

    everythingdisneyfan1 Over 50+ Visits to Disney Parks and Counting

    First post of the March 23, 2013 cruise meet on the Disney Magic! Who's going to be on this cruise? :)
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  3. IrishCowboy

    IrishCowboy DIS Veteran<br><a href="http://www.disboards.com/s

    I have added your thread to the cruise meet list :)

    Have a great cruise!
  4. DisneyDaisie6

    DisneyDaisie6 Earning My Ears

    So excited to be going on our first Disney Cruise! Can't wait to meet more people going on this cruise!:wizard:
  5. Citygirl912

    Citygirl912 Earning My Ears

    Hi! So happy a thread got started! My daughter (8) and I will also be cruising! This will be our first Disney cruise! Excited to be learning about fish extenders and door decorations, etc.
  6. mmouse37

    mmouse37 <font color=009933>Mickey for Me!<br><font color=9

    I will move this to the Meets board for you.

  7. holliberryca

    holliberryca Earning My Ears

    Hi, we are so excited to take our first cruise! My son is five and way more excited for this trip than when we went to Disneyland last year. Looking forward to learning about fish extenders, etc.
  8. Mickey3Boys

    Mickey3Boys Aarrgg mi mousies!!!

    :banana:We are excited to be joining the March 23rd Magic Cruise with my boys (7,7,10)!

  9. pritbuggs

    pritbuggs Earning My Ears

    We are excited to go on this cruise also. This will be our first Disney cruise. I have a 14 year old son and a 10 year old daughter. How do we find out about doing fish extenders?
  10. Citygirl912

    Citygirl912 Earning My Ears

    So exciting to see a lot of the posts! It looks like a lot of us are new here! How do we get a group organized for a fish extender exchange? I'm happy to take the lead and help organize but really don't know what to do since it is my first time. :)

    Any advice?
  11. fraysertruckie

    fraysertruckie Earning My Ears

    After many trips to WDW this will be our first cruise EVER! Wife an I are very excited, kids (boys 9 & 4) have no ideal.
  12. chop003

    chop003 Member

    New to this thread. This will be our 5th cruise but first out of Galveston. Has anyone looked at transportation from IAH? There doesn't seem to be a lot of options. I found only one car rental in Galveston. I'm contemplating renting a car for a full week and parking it at a hotel before the cruise.
  13. MBluvsthemagic

    MBluvsthemagic Earning My Ears

    My husband and I will be on this cruise. It is our 7th cruise. Fish extenders are an exchange that people take part in and place door hangers on their doors. As we have more posts we will need someone to gather the information of who wants to participate and their state room numbers. Then a week before we sail send out the final tally so people can do their final preparations for the gifts, souveneirs or items to exchange. We have received a variety of items from homemade gifts to unique souveneirs. It is great fun. Then during the cruise each person has their list and we sneak around and place our gifts into the door hangers. It is quite fun. I will be glad to compile the list and I will check in often. We will need to find out how many want to participate. Then later next month February we will choose a cut off date. So here it is. Who wants to participate in fish extenders let me know. I need to know how many adults male/female how many children male/female and ages. Also if you know your stateroom number that is helpful but you can give me that info as we get closer to sailing. Who is up for fish extenders?????:cool1::cheer2::wave2::beach:
  14. MBluvsthemagic

    MBluvsthemagic Earning My Ears

    We used Disney transportation. I know it seems pricey but cosidering it will get us to the port you might want to call them.
  15. MBluvsthemagic

    MBluvsthemagic Earning My Ears

    You are in for a real treat! You want to get your excursions booked as soon as your window opens which should be open by now. Also you want to treat yourself for a meal at Palo restaurant which you want to book reservations early also. Book now for brunch or dinner for you and your wife. You do not have to worry about the boys there is room service and they will be busy on their own decks of entertainment secure with electronic devices which you will know where they are at all times. I also would recommend getting sea sick patches from your MD in case of weather, It makes the trip much more enjoyable not worrying about anyone getting the tummy upsets on their first time at sea. Just some helpful tips that we didnt learn until our second and third cruise. Palo is superb and worth extra money.:yay:
  16. MBluvsthemagic

    MBluvsthemagic Earning My Ears

    See my previous post. I am organizing the list for fish extenders. Hopefully we can get more peopel to join us!!!1:dance3:
  17. MBluvsthemagic

    MBluvsthemagic Earning My Ears

    Hey all you Cruisers! I know there are a lot more of us out there!!! There are only 56 more days till we set sail so we need to get our game plan going for fish extenders. Here is the initial plan. Whoever wants to participate needs to reply to my posts with their information of how many adults male/female and how many children ages and male/female. Also if you have stateroom numbers I need that info also. I will begin compiling a list which I will post to each of you through the private message system here on the boards. You can also send me this via the same way. This is found up by your login name for those who are new to the boards. Click on private messages and you can send and view messages being sent. Now back to business. We need to get started so I can check in each week and update. The cutoff date will be March 15th. Now if you need any other information as far as what type of gifts to exchange send me a message or let's get posting cruisers. 56 days will fly by and we do not want miss the fun!:cool1:pixiedust::beach:
  18. Citygirl912

    Citygirl912 Earning My Ears

    Because I am new to the message boards I cannot send private messages yet. I think I need to have 10 posts first. Is there another way to submit info for the fish extenders?
  19. Citygirl912

    Citygirl912 Earning My Ears

    Do most people already have fish extenders? If so, can I ask where you ordered yours from or did you make it? I am thinking of ordering a personalized one from Thirty One which will double as a family organizer when we return home.
  20. holliberryca

    holliberryca Earning My Ears

    I am wondering if we have to plan for gifts for every night of the cruise with the fish extenders or just one night?
  21. DisneyDaisie6

    DisneyDaisie6 Earning My Ears

    Yea I would like more info on the details of how the fish extender deal works.

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