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Make a Wish (and other organizations) - Wish Trippers UNITE! Volume SIX!

Discussion in 'disABILITIES!' started by maroo, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. mom2pixies

    mom2pixies New Member

    Never even heard of this! What a great tip!! Thanks for sharing....
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  3. lacheeze

    lacheeze New Member

    Hi everyone. I'm Karen, and my son has been granted a trip by Children's Wish to Disney World this Spring (2014). My kids have never been outside of Canada or traveled on a plane before - they are beyond excited.

    Our family is a "triple threat" - three people with significant health issues. Getting three people with active medical needs from Canada to DW and back is more complicated than I ever imagined. Plus my DH is their step-dad, so there are lots of legal gymnastics that sole-custody parents have to go through to travel internationally.

    I'm combing your site for suggestions on everything... and I'm very grateful to have found it.

    My DS is the "wish" child - here's his biography from the CW website:

    My DD and I have a completely different genetic disease (A1AD) - unfortunately, it is degenerative and "life limiting" (we're trying to get this trip completed before I have to go on oxygen support 24/7). I was diagnosed 2 years ago, and my daughter was diagnosed as having a milder version of A1AD just a few weeks ago - she'll be undergoing tests and will probably qualify for a wish trip as well. :worried:

    My DH is perfectly healthy. So is our cat ;)

    We don't know what the future looks for my kids (there are no cures) but we're making the most of what time we DO have. I am very grateful to have found this treasure trove of information... thank you so much!

    We can't WAIT to see Disney World!! :woohoo:
  4. lacheeze

    lacheeze New Member

    Thank you SO MUCH for this! My daughter will be beyond thrilled - we were planning on having tea at the GF too... so we could just make it a girly day.
  5. jkread

    jkread New Member

    Hi Karen! We're from BC :) we're heading to GKTW in 3 weeks! What are your dates?
  6. jkread

    jkread New Member

    Hi Karen! We're from BC :) what are your dates? We head there in 3 weeks!
  7. lacheeze

    lacheeze New Member

    Hi jkread,

    We are waiting on our final dates - our dates will be either mid-late April or mid May.

    Are you staying at GKTW or at one of the Disney hotels?
  8. starearedkid

    starearedkid New Member

    I just filled out the paperwork for make a wish. My daughter was recently diagnosed with leukemia. She will be 3 in May. Even though she doesn't get the concept of a "wish"--she is all about Disney. She absolutely LOVES Jessie; and has to wear her cowboy boots around the house. On the days that she isn't wearing her cowboy boots/Jessie's hat; she wears her tutus/crown and sparkly shoes and declares she is a princess. Or a princess/dinosaur. Which she will tell you that she is wearing a fancy tutu like a princess but roars like a dinosaur. She says she is Cinderella or Belle.

    She has seen commercials on TV about Disney and has been wanting to visit where Mickey lives. I don't know if she will get accepted, but if she does---I know she would love a trip there. (We were actually starting to plan one when she was 4 before this happened)

    She has had a tough time in the beginning. Her ANC numbers have been consistently low--which means except for doctor's appointments we have been housebound. She had a port put in--but never worked well and it got infected (another hospital visit) and had to be removed. While she was on the steroids, she seemed to get every side affect and didn't want to move or even walk/get up. Since being off the steroids, she is doing a lot better. She just deserves something fun to look forward to.
  9. griffwad83

    griffwad83 New Member

    Hi All

    We leave for our wish trip on Friday (28th Feb) . My 5 yr old son has Leukaemia (ALL) and medically he has been given clearence to travel. Only a Temp\Fever can stop him going. He has never been on a plane before and he is really excited about that too. 9hr flight from Manchester , UK for us ,flying with Virgin Atlantic , who I'm told , are fantastic.

    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone on this board for there posts and comments for tips and advice while over at GKTW and Disney on another thread I created.

    Its a trip of a lifetime for him and were hoping praying a fever stays away for the next 10 days.

    Thanks all

    Richard 😁👍
  10. paigestauffer

    paigestauffer New Member


    I was hoping some of you might be able to give me some guidance :) I was wondering when everything gets confirmed. MAW asked what dates we wanted to go and we told them that we would like to stay longer. I also asked if Kimbell's specific wish would be granted and they said they wouldn't know until they submitted the dates. OK. So sent back the form where it says we want to stay longer, etc. and I haven't heard anything since... I assume we are going the dates we requested? I honestly have no idea! Any guidance would be greatly appreciated :)

    Thank you!!!
  11. rachellesparks

    rachellesparks New Member

    I'm SO happy to discover this DISboard forum! :cool1: I had never even heard of the Give Kids The World Village until I met a spunky little girl named Tatum, who had gone there on her Make-A-Wish trip. She went there after battling liver failure and, after her transplant, finally felt well enough to make the trip. She and her family had the most magical time of their lives at GKTW. It was a time of reconnecting as a "normal" family after so many years of worry and hospital stays :grouphug: During her trip to GKTW, Tatum found a lump in her armpit, and deep down, she knew what it was - post-transplant cancer. Her parents knew as well, but their stay at GKTW allowed them to escape their reality for a few more days. They returned home where doctors confirmed their fears. Tatum went into a deep depression and would not talk to anyone, including her doctors and nurses at the hospital, until one nurse asked the right question. "Done anything exciting lately?" Tatum stared at the princess tiara she had hung on her hospital room wall, then grinned and started telling the nurse every detail about her trip to GKTW Village. She then made it a requirement that every doctor, nurse, and outside visitor had to sit in a chair and listen to her stories about GKTW before any poke, prod, or procedure. Reliving her trip through the stories she told brought her out of the depression and gave her the strength she needed to beat the cancer. Now, many years later, she is still cancer-free :rotfl:. This is the gist of her story, but if you'd like to know more - and believe me, there's so much more to know - please read her complete story in my book, "Once Upon A Wish: True Inspirational Stories of Make-A-Wish Children." Tatum, as well as seven other children featured in the book, are some of the bravest, most inspiring people I have ever met. Thanks for this platform to share the wonderful stories of Wish children, just like Tatum's :) I hope you'll check out my book. The stories in it will change your lives, just the way they did mine - just Google my site by typing in Once Upon A Wish Book :)
    Rachelle Sparks
  12. starearedkid

    starearedkid New Member

    Hey :) I was wondering what is the process for Make a Wish? I went to the website and filled out the inquiry/referral form. I then got an e-mail with an attachment to fill out (about DD, our numbers, doctor information) I did that and mailed it in---now we are just waiting.

    Would a phone call be next? Or something in the mail?

    Also, what is the rough time estimate for the entire process, does it vary by state?

    Thank you so much.
  13. paigestauffer

    paigestauffer New Member

    So looks like our dates are final! Well I think. I am so confused! We think we are going May 16-22. Will anyone else be there?

  14. alexwick

    alexwick New Member

    We will be there for a few overlapping days 12 till 18 I think... :wave2:
  15. Bellerbunch

    Bellerbunch New Member

    We'll be staying at GKTW in 2 1/2 weeks! :yay: We are also extending our trip a few days. We asked if the discounted rate for Medieval Times would be available to us during our extension. They said that for the smaller attractions, their discounts can only be used during the actual stay at GKTW. For the large parks, your passes are good for 14 days so you can use them during your extension but won't have the GKTW button for fast access. You should probably be able to get the pass from the parks (I can't remember what it is called) that will make it so you don't have to wait in lines.

  16. Bellerbunch

    Bellerbunch New Member

    They have a big list of other attractions. We're getting a nice discount to Medieval Times. Make sure to read through the Village Guide on the GKTW families page to find out about the other attractions. We were told that the passes to the smaller attractions must be used on one of the days that you're a guest at GKTW. We decided to do the Medieval Times on the evening that we check out of GKTW.

  17. paigestauffer

    paigestauffer New Member

    I love the "I think" that's how I feel about our dates!! Hope to meet you guys. Do you know how it works on your check out day? I just realized we will "miss" Christmas b/c we check out that day. I saw that you can still hang out the day of checkout you just have to vacate your villa... We haven't even met our wish maker so I'm really dazed and confused!
  18. Bellerbunch

    Bellerbunch New Member

    Since we're going in a few weeks, I know that on your check out day, you have to check out by 11:00 but don't have to leave GKTW. We're extending our trip at our own expense for a few days so we wanted to know if we could still do anything at GKTW since we can't check into our condo till 4:00.

    Here's what the person at GKTW, told me: "Check-out from the villa needs to be by 11:00 a.m. but you can stay at the Village for as long as you want. You can also come back to the Village to visit during your extended stay. It’s really very simple. Just come to the Village and sign in at the House of Hearts as a Welcome Back Family. You can enjoy ice cream, use any of the facilities and participate in any activities that are going on while you are here. You can enjoy one meal on us each year and additional meals can be purchased for only $5.00 per person per meal."

    How do you have a wish in process but haven't met your wish granter? Our kids' wish granters came to our house to talk to the kids about what their wishes were.

  19. Bellerbunch

    Bellerbunch New Member

    We received letters in the mail saying the kids had been approved for wishes. Then, the wish granters came to the house to talk to the kids about their wishes. They had them come up with a wish for each category of "I wish to go...", "I wish to see...", "I wish to have..." and "I wish to be..." Then, they picked first and second choices from those. Then, they take the wishes back to determine if the wish is possible. They'll let you know when it is approved and check with you about dates, etc. With our daughter's wish, the process started in October and we'll be going to GKTW and doing all of the Orlando stuff in just a few weeks. With our son, his wish involves international travel and coordination with the Manchester United soccer team so it is taking a lot longer to get everything pulled together.

    :goodvibes Laura
  20. paigestauffer

    paigestauffer New Member

    Crazy huh?!? So she had wish granters last year and then had some really rough times so she didn't do all the paperwork and meet with the wish granters until months later. Well over the summer her primary wish granter moved but she said she was still her wish granter. Then we put in her true wish. Didn't hear boo for almost two months, email wish granter, nada, THEN we get a call from MAW saying they had a change in policy and could no longer keep her in an inactive state and we would have to reapply!! I picked up the phone and said what do you mean, blah blah blah, turns out wish maker never put in for the wish and since she moved I guess who knows I have no clue just that our daughter was really heart broken. So we had to fill out all the paperwork again. This time the lady that made the inactive call sent the paperwork which we emailed back and everything other then the wish video has been done via email. Even confirmed our dates via email. A few phone calls have taken place but that's it thus my confusion :( Don't get me wrong the MAW employee has been really nice about everything and has been trying but from what I've always heard your wish granters make a big difference. So sorry to go one for so long!!!

    Can't wait to hear about your trip!
  21. greenjellybean

    greenjellybean New Member

    Thank you for posting this. I feel like it provided me the opportunity to prepare Sophie a little more for her 'interview'. We discussed each category with lots of choices so hopefully she'll feel like she's really thought it through.

    FWIW, she has told me that she wishes to HAVE a laptop. She wishes to BE a 'youtuber' (what she calls the people that make and post videos on youtube). She wishes to GO to WDW and she wishes to SEE GKTW. She says going to WDW is still her top choice.

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