"magical moments" on the ships! Did you get one? Here is ours...

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by mddisneyfamily, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. Daniellenbella

    Daniellenbella Mouseketeer

    Mar 23, 2011
    These are great stories! They definately reinforce the DCL love :)

    Mellers, yours is so touching, thank you for sharing.

    We took our first cruise this past Nov. On formal night we were a few min late going down to dinner and as we exited the elevator, Goofy was walking down the hall. Goofy is my DD's absolute favorite and she was beyone excited, jumping up and down. Goofy played it up and was also jumping up and down in excitement, arms wide open for a hug. The CM with him asked if we wanted a pic, of course we did! Two days later I took DD through a character pic line and Goofy was the last one. When it was DD's turn, it was as if he remembered her, jumping up & down and dancing in circles with her. Then a day or so later one evening, we saw Goofy up on the top deck above the pool, we were on the deck below. No one was around and DD yelled up "Goofy!" and waved, low & behold, he did the "it's you!" wave & happy dance for her again as if he remembered her.

    I don't even know if its always the same person that wears the costume, but whoever it was did an excellent job of making DD feel special and like his BFF.


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  3. Daniellenbella

    Daniellenbella Mouseketeer

    Mar 23, 2011
    It took me so long to get the pics posted, I forgot to mention the pearl I found in my oyster during our brunch at Palo. Talk about Pixie Dust!
  4. pluto1979

    pluto1979 DIS Veteran

    Nov 23, 2008
    Just to add my 2 cents to this. This is why we Cast Members do our jobs! We love creating the Magic, spreading pixie dust and giving our guests experiences they will never forget!

    Thanks for allowing us to create the magic and letting us be a "part" of your families!
  5. extechie rbd/wdt

    extechie rbd/wdt DIS Veteran

    Mar 25, 2011

    And why I did it!

    Ex Techie :)
  6. i12go2wdw

    i12go2wdw DIS Veteran

    Jul 3, 2001
    This happened to us when my youngest daughter was about 3 ...

    We were at Palo with our friends when I received a message on our pager from the kid's club that went something like ... "please come to the club with a new dress for Nicole, hers fell in the toilet". Well (after laughing uproariously) we figured that we had better go see what happened. It turned out that the tie at the back of her dress was the only thing that had dropped into the toilet so it wasn't so bad.

    But this is where the magical moment comes in ... our daughter's favorite character was Snow White at that time. When we arrived at the club here was Nicole sitting at a table, with her dress tied up in a plastic bag in the back, and coloring a picture with Snow White. She was not upset in the least!! In fact, she didn't want to leave the club.

    From that point on during the cruise, whenever we would see Snow White she would talk to Nicole by name as if they were best buds. It was so special for her.

    We will never forget the cruise when Nicole's dress fell in the toilet. :)
  7. kcashner

    kcashner DIS Veteran

    Dec 4, 2003
    There have been so many special touches over the years....

    The server who learned that DD's favorite (change that, ONLY vege she would eat) was broccoli. Each night she was served a bowl of steamed broccoli, even when it wasn't on the menu. The night she asked for a hamburger when it wasn't on the menu--I later learned that they'd sent someone to Pluto's to get one for her. The time she wore a headband with antlers that lit up to the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony and a CM handed her a little stuffed Mickey and thanked her for "getting all dressed up for our party." The time we reported a problem in our stateroom and the next day received a gift pack of toiletries with a note THANKING US for allowing them to correct the problem. The CM who saw us boarding and screamed my daughter's name from the deck 4 balcony...we hadn't been on the ship for a year and she remembered the name! David and the tutu (nuff said for anyone who has seen it :rotfl:)The list just goes on and on!
  8. Pooh_Friend#1

    Pooh_Friend#1 <font color=blue>Check out my year round tan!</fon

    Dec 15, 2003
    Loved reading all these stories. We have also had many magic moments on all of our cruises but there are a few that always come to mind. The first one was when we met great friends from the DIS and to this day still keep in contact. They were staying in the Walt Suite and we linked reservations so we could dine together. One morning they had us over in their room and our Server surprised us up at their room with goodies and he even played songs on the piano for us.

    Our second was being presented a magical moments certificate from our favorite bartender Arul. Along with the certificate was a DCL soft cooler with a beer mug, light up glasses, the light up clips of tinker bell and captain hook, etc. He gave it to us on Pirate night and my girls were psyched. After that they were hooked on virgin strawberry daquiries!

    The third continues to be a magical moment for us. A few years ago on our honeymoon we were fortunate to meet one of the pool drink servers, Ernan and get to know him. He spoils us rotten and always makes sure we are taken care of. Maybe not necessarily a magical moment in some peoples eyes but Ernan is an extremely hard worker and tries to make everyone feel special. He always made sure that we would get clean souvenier glasses after we finished a drink, when I was too lazy to leave the pool for lunch he would always bring me a plate of fresh fruit and french fries, and he has just always made our cruises so memorable. I am always sad when we cruise and Ernan is not on the ship we are sailing. He is on the Dream right now which we won't be going on anytime soon, but I am sure he will be going to the Fantasy and lwe ook forward to seeing him next here. He is a big reason why I sail DCL.
  9. ohana7

    ohana7 Mouseketeer

    Apr 4, 2008
    In August on the dream we were family of the cruise. On the second night we received a scroll on the bed informing us. I was super excited . Each day we would return to the room to find a treat - something you could have from room service for example all hands on deck, big island cookies, dessert of the day. On the last evening we received a gift parcel which was great, but we had already packed and the cases were gone!!! The gift was 2 plushes, Disney crockery, sodas, water, chips, key rings, candy. We spoke to room service who choose us and thanked them. They get to choose two families per cruise. Apparently they chose us because they liked my British accent and they fact that I ordered tea the moment we entered our cabin at 1pm. I still feel special when I think of being chosen.
  10. SallySkelington

    SallySkelington <In mourning of my lost tag>

    Jan 15, 2011
    Oh this brought tears to my eyes! Congratulations to your daughter, she deserves it, and to you too, for being such a strong mom!

    I don't have any magical moments with DCL just yet, well other than just being able to go I mean. Cruising with the mouse is going to be mousetastic! :goodvibes
  11. weswife

    weswife DIS Veteran

    Feb 15, 2009
    Wonderful stories!!!! :banana:

    We are planning our 1st cruise for Oct. this year! :wizard:
  12. PaigerPoo

    PaigerPoo AKA PixieDustPaige

    Mar 26, 2008
    [/QUOTE] But when they say, "It all started with a mouse," it means something entirely different to my family.[/QUOTE]

    :thumbsup2:sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad: That is True Pixie Dust!
  13. kreedham

    kreedham Mouseketeer

    Jan 24, 2005
    Wanted to bump this back up with hopes of more wonderful stories!

    For those that commented on Douglas in the shops. Isn't he great? Last year on the MV of the Dream they offered special D & B bags. My wife wanted 2 of the 4 offered. They went on sale right during our dinner and the line was huge. Each person was allowed to purchase 2 of each type (8 in all) and most in line brought their husband or somebody else. Turns out after dinner they were all gone! Seems most in line maxed out on their purchases and to no surprise many were on ebay quickly. We asked Douglas if there was any more that would be brought out later. There were none...however we asked politely and the next day, for those that asked, they let us know we could order what we wanted. My wife got the 2 she wanted and they shipped them to us (no charge on the shipping) fairly quickly. Thanks Douglas!

    Another time, a small but cool magical moment, my oldest had on a Stitch hat or shirt. We bumped into Stitch as he came out to do an appearance, and Stitch noticed the shirt, pointed to it, and then himself as if he was saying "that's me". Got a couple of pictures! Fun!
  14. Inspired26

    Inspired26 Earning My Ears

    Mar 2, 2011
    I don't know if it's true pixie dust, but there were quite a few things that made our Nov 2010 cruise on the Wonder magical.
    We are a family of 3, and my DS (who was 5) loves bunkbed, and so our room steward pulled the bunk out of the ceiling every night, even though he could have slept on the pullout couch.
    Our servers were also "wonder"ful. Daniel picked up that chocolate milk was my DS' favourite drink, and it was at every meal ready to go when we sat down. We had also marked down that we were celebrating his birthday, and so in Animator's Palate, Vladimir and Daniel brought out a cake with a chocolate model of the Wonder on top, made him a little hat out of a napkin (he looked like Peter Pan), and then brought all the servers around to sing him Happy Birthday. We couldn't wipe that smile off his face for a week!
    The servers were so attentive, and even picked up on the fact my SIL wasn't really enjoying her meal (she had tried something new) and Vladimir took it away and brought her a piping hot different meal.
    We were so amazed by the attentiveness of all the CMs, and so we are so excited that we get to back on the Wonder in March!!
    Wishing pixie dust on all cruisers. pixiedust:pixiedust:
  15. lisalisa143

    lisalisa143 Earning My Ears

    Jul 31, 2006
    We just sailed Magic Dec 3-10. I have two magical moments in addition to the whole week.

    My DD is 2 1/2 years old & we taught her to say "hello captain" to any man in whites on Capt Night. Well, as we were in the gift shop on Deck 4 she saw a man in whites and said "hello captain". Just imagine, it was Capt Marco. He said hello princess, took her hand, walked her all the was down to Lobby Deck 3 and took pictures with her. It was Priceless..

    Second magical moment, she made a connection with the characters, CM & CD and she received a special invitation for Friday night for a one on one meeting with ALL the characters aboard the ship. Five children on the entire ship were picked to visit with the characters before the "Till we Meet Again" Show. The red carpet was rolled out and the characters/princesses were every where. It was a night to remember.

    Loved every minute of the week.
  16. MichellelovesMickey

    MichellelovesMickey Mouseketeer

    May 8, 2010
    Okay I have read almost all of theses stories.....and they all brought tears to my eyes at times and smiles to my heart...also made me think of my own special pixie dust memories.....but your story not only made me feel humbled but made me cry!!! Congrats to your daughter...and to you for raising such a wonderful young lady!!!
  17. moomy-san

    moomy-san I'd rather be in O'Gills.

    Jun 9, 2010
    Vladimir is my favorite CM on the Wonder. He was in Palo last January and I adored him. We cruise again in 3 weeks and I have requested him for both of our Palo meals. I really hope he is still on the Wonder!!
  18. Glitzytraveller

    Glitzytraveller Mouseketeer

    Dec 20, 2011
    Bumping to hear more great stories. Keep them coming...
  19. mddisneyfamily

    mddisneyfamily Mouseketeer

    Mar 17, 2008
    One night on the Dream all 4 of my kids decided to order steak for dinner. My server must have known I'd have my hands full because after the meals were delivered he grabbed the head server and assistant server and they all started cutting steaks. Doesn't sound like much, but since I thought I was going to have to spend my whole meal time cutting it felt like a magical moment to me!
  20. com_op_2000

    com_op_2000 DVC Member since '93

    Jul 13, 2010
    Our's was our server Typhoon from Turkey who remembered us:
    Went on a family cruise and Typhoon was our waiter. 18 months later, DW and I went on a last minute weekend get away cruise, went to PC for embarktation lunch, Typhoon saw us walking up the hall and came out of line to welcome us back. He servered our lunch at one of his assigned tables, telling us he had been home twice and gotten married the last time. We went to the dining change location, requested Typoon for our server, and it was granted. What a way to be remembered, 18 months later and getting married.
  21. FrogLady23

    FrogLady23 Mouseketeer

    Jan 23, 2011
    I love how they think AND do the littlest things that make such a difference. They do everything possible to make your vacation awesome. Yes, it was a little thing, but you will probably never forget it. As a mom, I hate that I almost never get a hot meal, sometimes not even warm. (Well, my kiddos are getting older so it is getting better, but when they were little, something always needed cutting, wiping, seconds, etc.....). Disney recognizes that and lets you be on vacation from dinner duties. :)

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