"magical moments" on the ships! Did you get one? Here is ours...

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by mddisneyfamily, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. TheLanes

    TheLanes DIS Veteran

    Dec 21, 2009
    I think folks that have Concierge service don't qualify for Magical Moment stories. You bought those!
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  3. bengals01

    bengals01 DIS Veteran

    Feb 12, 2001
    Several of my old servers gave me a disney cruise line shirt and they all signed it and brought me a special cake for my birthday. Then they all came and sang happy birthday to me.
  4. cblack

    cblack Mousketeer

    Jun 26, 2010
    My DD (2 at the time) fell in love with Belle while we were on our cruise in January 2011, but didn't understand why she couldn't see her everytime she wanted to :goodvibes

    At the farewell party, one of the CMs discovered that DD loved Belle and told her to stand right next to him while we waited. As soon as Belle came down, he took DD to get her picture taken with Belle and made sure she was able to talk to Belle for at least 5 minutes before letting others up to take photos. As if that wasn't enough, 5 minutes before the characters were leaving, he came and found us and said he needed to make sure DD was the very last one to say goodbye to Belle too. This time he took family pictures and allowed another few minutes for DD to hug Belle goodbye. I have a lovely picture of DH holding DD while she is hugging Belle and if you look really closely, you can see a tiny tear in the corner of DH's eye :thumbsup2
  5. socababy

    socababy DIS Veteran

    Jun 15, 2010
    Oh I disagree! If that was the case then I would have a whole list of things I believed I "bought" being concierge. I'm sure if I boarded with that attitude that the concierge team wouldn't want to do anything for me! LOL
  6. momo2080

    momo2080 Earning My Ears

    Oct 26, 2010
    Love the stories! Seriously this is what makes DCL for us.

    My story would be, I was standing in the ridiculously long line for the Princess meet with my 3 kids, dd 8 dd 6 & ds 4. My ds had had it after standing pretty patiently for 20 mins and started to have a mini meltdown and I did understand, he doenst care for the princesses and my hubby was taking a much needed nap. A CM walking past took 1 look at his red face and gently pulled him over to the big round windows and started a mock sword fight. She was amazing! and then kept him entertained with a few other little boys that drifted over until our turn with the princesses. I couldnt thank her enough. So I went to the front desk and made sure to write a comment card with her name on it.

  7. Cdaub

    Cdaub Mouseketeer

    Sep 30, 2009
    Ours on the Magic in 2010. My then 8 year old loved playing basketball. There was a 3 on 3 tournament that he wanted to play in. He was by far the youngest and smallest out there. His older teammates were so good to him and made sure he got the ball often and got to shoot. Other adults were all watching cheering on the little guy. When it was over the CM in charge asked for our room number. The next day we came back to our room with a bag full of goodies and a Magical Moment certificate. Both the CM and the older boys made his trip. We made sure to mention the CM in our comment card
  8. extechie rbd/wdt

    extechie rbd/wdt DIS Veteran

    Mar 25, 2011

    Thank you for being so candid and sharing the such intimate experiences you had.

    I too welled up. Walt would too if he only knew what that experience your daughter had, and how it changed the relationship between you and your daughter, because of that mouse.

    Hearing she has actually leaped in her education and abilities now..... Well that is stunning, and show's how everyone with a disability can achieve and go further to excel!

    Best wishes to you and your daughter, and thank you again for sharing :yay:

    Ex Techie :)
  9. Suz D

    Suz D DIS Veteran

    Feb 21, 2005
    We've had several magical moments aboard DCL, but our favorite was in Dec 2008 and August 2010. We had been at WDW before our December 2008 cruise on the Magic and we called to check on the movies. We were told that Prince Caspian would be playing onboard.

    When we boarded the ship and looked at the movie listing, it wasn't playing after all. Our daughter was really disappointed (she had just turned 13). We were in the gift shop that evening and she said she was going to ask someone if it was playing (I told her not to bother because I knew it wasn't). But she went and talked to a very nice man and came back with the confirmation that it wasn't playing but that he wanted to talk to me.

    I went over and introduced myself to him. He was Douglas, the head of merchandising. He said our DD was so disappointed but was very sweet about it so he wanted to give her something. His arm was behind his back and then whipped out the DVD of Prince Caspian and gave it to her. We stopped every night just to say hi to him. Absolutely love him!

    Fast forward to our 5 night cruise on the Wonder in August 2010. Our DD and I were both saying how glad we were to cruise on the Wonder (it had been our first DCL cruise ship) but that our only regret was that Douglas wouldn't be onboard. That night we went to the gift shop and as we were shopping around, in walked Douglas! We were over the top excited to see him and he remembered us from our previous cruise.

    He sent a magical moments certificate to our stateroom with a darling pin attached to it. I'm sad that he's on the Dream now as I don't forsee sailing on that ship anytime soon.

    It was more than the DVD and the certificate...it was the friendship that was formed with a wonderful, caring CM!
  10. OceanLvr

    OceanLvr Mouseketeer

    Sep 30, 2006
    We have had some many great moment onboard it would be hard to list them all. (And would bore you to tears).:rotfl2::rotfl2::rotfl2:

    But one of my all time favorites was our surprise wedding on Castaway Cay for 15 of our friends and family...It was awesome.

  11. Sarasein

    Sarasein Mouseketeer

    Feb 5, 2007
    I have tears in my eyes. My youngest was diagnosed with mild CP at 2. (She did not walk till 20 months and is slightly delayed in speech. Physical, she is about a year behind.) I often worry about her and what she can do when she gets older. Your story is an inspiration to me. And gives me hope for what my daughter can do.
  12. simbasmom2

    simbasmom2 Just waitin around till boarding time!

    Nov 27, 2010
    Wow, I love this. You should share this with Disney. Big Congratulations to your daughter! :)
  13. Mokat76

    Mokat76 DisKat

    Jan 25, 2006
    The stories are so touching. Mellers, yours is the absolute best. I wish your daughter all the best. What a triumph!

    My first Dis cruise is next month. We're two adults traveling sans kids, so don't expect magic like these stories, but just knowing what can and does happen all around me will be magic enough for me.
  14. MagicFan75

    MagicFan75 Mouseketeer

    Oct 14, 2011
    In comparison to some of the other stories, I feel like mine is kind of lame. But it was really cool to us so I'll share. On our 14-night Sept 2010 Transatlantic cruise, there weren't a whole lot of children, so we all (little kids and big kids at heart) got A LOT of personal character interaction. All the characters were available, walking around the ship, hanging out on deck, and of course also at their posted times in the atrium. One day, our son who had turned one on the ship just a couple of days earlier, had an opportunity to hang out with Mickey on the top deck near the pool for a good 3-4 minutes, as there was no one else around (picture below). A couple of nights later, my DH was walking around the atrium while the rest of us had already gone to bed and Mickey asked him using sign language where the baby was (cradling and swinging his arms). SO cool that Mickey remembered us.

  15. MagicFan75

    MagicFan75 Mouseketeer

    Oct 14, 2011
  16. PE_TCR

    PE_TCR Disney Cruise Adict

    Apr 9, 2008
    Mine happened on our first cruise (our honeymoon). One the second night they had the country party and did a lot of line dances. After the party I went to one of the cast members and told her (Melanie from MA) that I teach Physical Education at a middle school and I teach a lot of line dances for my dance unit. I asked her if the dances were written down anywhere. She told me sorry but they do it all from memory. She said if she found anythign she woudl let me know and asked for my room number. Well the next morning there was an envelope on my door. it had 8 dances written out step by step and all hand written. I went to go give her a tip which she refused to take until I insisted. She then told me that she is glad I found her because she wanted to introduce me to the DJ. When She brought me to him she said, "This is the one who asked for the dances." He smiled and gave me a CD with the songe for each dance burned on it in the same order she wrote them for me. That made us DCL cruisers for life!
  17. Glitzytraveller

    Glitzytraveller Mouseketeer

    Dec 20, 2011
    This isn't a DCL story, but I have a "Magical" WDW story from when I was a child many moons ago. My family and I travelled on the old "Disney" ship Premier Cruise Line Big Red Boat and four days at WDW. At WDW we stayed at the newly opened at the time WDW Dolphin. We had heard a rumor that Michael Jackson was staying in our hotel. So my sister and I set out determined to find where he was staying. On the last day of our trip, just before we were leaving to fly home, we found that the top floor of one of the towers had that floors button disabled on the elevator. BINGO! I think we found the "one gloved wonder". So we went to the floor just below it and walked the fire escape stairs to the locked floor. Very McGiver of us.:rotfl: Sure enough when we opened the door we were greeted by a very large security guard. We told him that we were big fans and it would be such a dream come true to meet Mr. Jackson. He said that he would be walking through the lobby for a brief photo op in just a few minutes. But, we said that we had to catch our plane and would probably miss the photo op.
    We gave up and headed back down since we really did have to leave for the airport. As we were pulling away from the hotel, we saw flash bulbs going off. We just missed seeing "The King of Pop" :sad1:
    A few weeks ago at about 5am, we lived in California, the phone rang. It was the wife of the big security guard (a WDW security employee). She said how her husband felt bad that we weren't able to meet Michael Jackson. So he wanted to send us something special. A few days later, we received a sheet of WDW Dolphin stationary autographed by Michael Jackson. It was even personalized to my sister and I. I don't know how the security guard did it because we never gave him our last names or room number. He just asked our first names in conversation.
    A very magical moment with a priceless souvenir!
  18. jetskigrl

    jetskigrl No mumbojumbo here

    Mar 7, 2007
    What an awesome story!!!

    We had many magical moments on our Dream B2B in April. They were all special but the one that sticks out the most was an incredible CM in the shops. On our first night, DS and I went to the shop looking for his one "have to have" item, a model of the ship. He purchased the Wonder version on a previous cruise and wanted the Dream version to go with it. It was the only thing he wanted to buy. When he asked the CM if they had them, she told us they had sold out and didn't know when they would get more.

    My son tried so hard to not cry but the lower lip started quivering really bad. She saw this and said she would look all over to see if there was one in the back. I told her we were doing B2B and asked if there was a possibility that they would get more in for the next cruise. She said she would check that also.

    We checked back in with her many times, but no good news (not even from the supplies in port). But she pulled me aside and said she was working on something and she would call me when she got it.

    We got the call on the last night of our first cruise and she asked us to come by the shop. When we got there, she had a white box for DS. Inside was a ornament, that was a model of ths ship (not the bigger model that DS wanted but a smaller version). She had found it in the back room. But even more special was that she waited until the captain did the signings and had him sign it for DS. DS was so excited. I offered to pay for it and she said that she can't sell it because it is no longer a stocked item and to please consider it a gift from DCL :)

    We stopped in to visit with her many times over the next cruise also and on our last night, I was telling her how DS lost a tooth. The next morning when he woke up, there was a magical moments certificate from her with a lost tooth pin waiting for us.

    She was just one of four CMs that I wrote a long compliment email to DCL about after our cruises (I have other equally long stories about the other three as well :thumbsup2).
  19. mytripsandraces

    mytripsandraces DIS Veteran

    Mar 29, 2010
    I just had another one, but it's related to Disney Destinations. I received a lovely personalized card signed by the Fab 5 and Tink in the mail today. Yay!
  20. Juney

    Juney Mouseketeer

    Nov 19, 2008
    We were on the Wonder in December. On Saturday afternoon an invitation was delivered to our stateroom. We were 1 of about 10 families who were invited to a private reception with the characters in Studio Sea Saturday night prior to the Til We Meet Again party. It was amazing. We took some incredible photos and loved the private time. We still can't believe we were so fortunate.
  21. Tinknalli

    Tinknalli DIS Veteran

    Apr 19, 2011
    Beautiful! We had a similar although not as drastic experience. DS was largely non-verbal at 3 and we considered it great when he put two words together. We went to WDW and he wanted to ride TOT, so we took him. He got off and in a rush of words said "There's that Tower of Terror! It goes up. It goes down. Wheww! I made it."

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