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MAGICal Cruise to....Nowhere! 10/25/13

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Meets' started by Silverfox97, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. gramfrog

    gramfrog New Member

    To help with the FE rooms update, we' ve set up a Meet-N-Greet for Friday at 3PM in the Promenade Lounge. Please come and put faces to the posts and raise a glass to our inaugural cruise on the Re-Imagined Magic!!!:yay::yay::yay:
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  3. gramfrog

    gramfrog New Member

    BTW, Promenade is STILL:lmao: on Deck 3 Aft
  4. Me76

    Me76 New Member

    Is there a Facebook group that I missed? I would like to join if there is one.
  5. gramfrog

    gramfrog New Member

    Just type into the Facebook search 10/25/2013~DCL~ and you should find it:rolleyes1
  6. seaulater


    Elaine and I finally got our stateroom, it is 6622 (we are rooming with Beverly). Not concerned about receiving FE gifts, but we will be giving to those on the list since I have FE gifts from the 10/20 that got cancelled.

    See you real soon!
  7. normajean826

    normajean826 New Member

    Just got our room number 6634
  8. Me76

    Me76 New Member

    We are in room #6139, I'm just glad I have something to write on the luggage tag before we get to port!
  9. thatguyiknow

    thatguyiknow Waiting for the first Disney/Star Wars Cruise

    I still don't see your stateroom # in the updated FE list
  10. Silverfox97

    Silverfox97 PLATINUM Castaway Club

    We've been on the Dream since Sunday & are in PC now. Once we get off the ship, we are driving to Miami before we board theMagic tomorrow. I doubt Scott will be able to update the list. I am using one printed out before we left and writing on it with pen & paper.

    I'm pretty sure we won't make to to the meet, so if there are room changes, just leave a note in our FE (5640).

    See ya all around the ship! We were on pins & needles about this cruise being cancelled the whole time.....

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  11. Monty1381

    Monty1381 New Member

    Got it 6622 - we are ready to cruise - come on vacation!
  12. Monty1381

    Monty1381 New Member

    We are here (7628 Montgomery's) in Miami! Rolling with the Disney Cruise line motor coach to port. Trevor looks overwhelmed! Safe travels everyone.
  13. Silverfox97

    Silverfox97 PLATINUM Castaway Club

    I'm ready to bust the barricades and get on that ship!!!

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  14. Monty1381

    Monty1381 New Member

  15. ksinglet

    ksinglet Oh Yeah - Platinum!!!!

  16. Jenlikes27

    Jenlikes27 Mickey's Biggest Fan

    Yes, thanks shipmates for the awesome FE gifts.
  17. FellowCollector

    FellowCollector Platinum Castaway, Silver Latitudes, 14 Cruises (6

    Thank you for all the great FE gifts, everyone! It was our first time doing it, and even though we’re 2 middle aged adults, we felt like kids and got all excited when something was left for us. We were giggly running into the stateroom to look. Y’all were very creative and generous! We would have never thought of the Mickey hands for the Sail Away party, and it made us feel so special having them! The plastic stitch Mickey magnets are staying in the suitcase to decorate our door next trip, too. We always like anything to write on or with, so the pen and writing papers were perfect. The shotglass is measuring the peach schnapps for white sangria with dinner tonight. There were too many great things to mention here specifically, so thanks again for everything!
  18. mytripsandraces

    mytripsandraces New Member

  19. Jenlikes27

    Jenlikes27 Mickey's Biggest Fan


    It was nice meeting you and having so much fun making tiles!!

    Glad to see you and Trevor made it home safe!

  20. p17blo

    p17blo New Member

  21. Silverfox97

    Silverfox97 PLATINUM Castaway Club

    OMG I read your room report. I wish I could've met up with you and taken a stateroom tour.....

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