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Magical Celebrations Sweepstakes

Discussion in 'Disney Discount Codes and Rates' started by sandymandr, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. sandymandr

    sandymandr Active Member

    Just got this from Disney in email this morning. Thought I would post :thumbsup2

    What do you dream of celebrating - a special anniversary, a once-in-a-lifetime achievement, a first trip to the Disney Parks for your child? Whatever the occasion, this could be your year! The Magical Celebrations sweepstakes is your chance to win one of five magical Disney vacations specially designed to celebrate your family's milestone.

    The winner will work with a personal itinerary planner to help arrange vacation celebration activities, including:

    Limo transportation to and from the airport
    Special guided tour at either Walt Disney World® or Disneyland® Resort
    Disney's PhotoPass PhotoBook and PhotoCD
    $200 Disney Gift Card
    And more!
    Enter every day in February at Disney.com/Celebrate. In addition to being entered into the vacation sweepstakes, you'll instantly win a different new digital prize every day.

    And that's not all - you can enter daily by texting MAGIC to DISNEY (347639). Standard carrier fees apply. You can also get an additional entry by sharing a celebration story in the Disney Family.com Community. So don't wait - enter now for your chance to win the trip of a lifetime.

    Good luck!
    Your friends at Disney.com
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  3. ru23

    ru23 Earning My Ears

    does anyone have the first 3 digital prize links? could you post 'em here?
  4. stephgly

    stephgly Member

    I need some help with the downloads. When I download them, I can only print off a hard copy. How can I save them to my computer? :confused3 It's not an option.
  5. violentmesses

    violentmesses Member

    Ya! I missed out of the first 3, too. If anyone has them and would like to share...could you post them? Or PM me and I can send you mah email address?

    What were they anyway? Were they cute? lol
  6. MarissaMouse

    MarissaMouse Member

    If anyone finds the first two prizes, please let me know! I didn't get to enter for the first time till the third day...
  7. ChipNDale

    ChipNDale Active Member

    Ditto I missed the first 4 prizes... so any links or anyone that could share would be great!
  8. EggSalad

    EggSalad Member

    Add me too the list of people searching for the first 2 days prizes
  9. augustingrace

    augustingrace Wishing Upon a Star!

    I missed the first 6 days (I know - I was late in finding out about the contest!) Would love it if someone would post these or could email me.
  10. ChipNDale

    ChipNDale Active Member

    Also Looking for todays i got a page not found error when i went to claim my prize and not it says i have already entered today so if anyone has todays digi prize that would be great Thanks
  11. DevSnow

    DevSnow Member

    I got the same error message as Chip for today. I've gotten all of them except the first two. I've emailed Disney to find out if I can get them but no response yet.
  12. Evoulie

    Evoulie Living the Dream.

    Anyone have today's prize?

  13. Grandma of Ten

    Grandma of Ten Earning My Ears

    My first time posting, so bear with me if I do something incorrectly.

    I, also, was unable to get today's digital prize and got the page not found message, followed by one saying I had already entered today.

    I was able to get numbers 3, 4, 6 & 7. Would like to get 1, 2 & 5 if anyone is willing to share. Am trying to get 8. Will let you know if I am successful.
  14. augustingrace

    augustingrace Wishing Upon a Star!

    I got the same error message, both yesterday and today.
  15. Grandma of Ten

    Grandma of Ten Earning My Ears

    I got the same message again, just as you did. I had emailed Disney yesterday and got an email back, asking for a bunch of information which I forwarded to them. Today, I sent additional information, so will see what happens.
  16. Grandma of Ten

    Grandma of Ten Earning My Ears

    ChipNDale,...I"m unable to post attachments....not enough posts made so far as I'm new....Any suggestions?
  17. DevSnow

    DevSnow Member

    I also received the error for today which would have been #9. I had my wife enter last night and she received an error for #8 as well. Hopefully they'll get this fixed soon as I'd really hate not to have all of these since they are so much fun.
  18. su_A_ve

    su_A_ve Active Member

    well let's see if I get some pixie dust instead of 'spider web'. Entered once in the Universal heroes sweeps and won a 7day pass - then again, they gave away 100K of them...

    DW asked when was it good until and it's only until the end of this year - we were planning on going back in '10...
  19. ChipNDale

    ChipNDale Active Member

    Just Tried today and https://disney.go.com/dreams/prizes/09_bobble_pooh.html goes to page not found. Another day of no prizes and today it was a bobble pooh i would guess.
    Yesterdays was https://disney.go.com/dreams/prizes/08_clock_rat.html and had not luck today either.

    Here are the links for Days

    If anyone has links for Day 1 - 4 that would be great!

    Found these 2 posts that will help get days 2-9

    Edit I got it 02/09
    Or direct link https://disney.go.com/dreams/prizes/downloads/mickey_stationery.pdf
  20. xmansmom

    xmansmom Member

    I got the error msg yesterday instead of the prize but today it won't even bring up the page where you enter. I kept getting an error msg. It's kind of frustrating. I guess I'll just try again tomorrow.
  21. xmansmom

    xmansmom Member

    Tried again to enter and it worked this time. Let's hope they get all of this worked out soon.

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