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Magic Pictures

Discussion in 'Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) Museum' started by OneDisney, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. OneDisney

    OneDisney There is only ONE Disney.

    UPDATE: Can't do this today. Will Update when I can.

    Can we get a picture of everybody doing their favorite magic? I'd like to have only one person doing one magic, so we can get as many magics as we can get. I'm going to use it in a letter I send. How about we do this at 5PM EST? I'll update my first post with where we can do it. Please sign up here so I can keep track of who's doing what magic. Also, please post your VMK name.

    I'll do Toad Car. :)

    G.G.Geef(OneDisney) - Toad Car
    CheerGirlie(angelcake170) - Inferno
    ShadowKittyKat - Levitation
    Pirate-Emery - Teleportation
    VMKFan(vmkfan13) - Spooky
    Amber_Kait - Confetti
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  3. SharkMeal

    SharkMeal Do I know you?

    I would do shark but I think I won't be here at 5 EST
  4. TinkPinkPoem

    TinkPinkPoem <font color=deeppink>If you are reading this tag,

    I can do lightning magic.

    But I have a problem with posting pictures on this board from my picture hosting account..anyone know which link I should use?:confused3
  5. OneDisney

    OneDisney There is only ONE Disney.

    Can you be here at 6?
  6. SharkMeal

    SharkMeal Do I know you?

    Don't think so XD Don't know for sure.

    How about if I'm not there then do the picture without me or have
    someone else do shark. I probably won't make it so I'm just posting just
    incase I am there.
  7. angelcake170

    angelcake170 Calm Down Sir Potato Shoes.

    Sorry! I posted on Jess's account because she forgot to sign out. I'm Cheer_Girlie and I'll do inferno :D
  8. OneDisney

    OneDisney There is only ONE Disney.

    Sorry everybody, something has come up and I can't do this today. Maybe tomorrow or another day. :(
  9. ShadowKittyKat

    ShadowKittyKat <font color=purple>Ailurophile</font><br><font col

    Wrong thread XD

    But I can do levitation :D
  10. SharkMeal

    SharkMeal Do I know you?

    That's fine ;)
  11. Pirate-Emery

    Pirate-Emery <font color=blue>Did the Tag Fairy see POTC2?</fon

    Pirate - Teleport

    Everyone who knows me knows that I use this one the most. :goodvibes
  12. vmkfan13

    vmkfan13 New Member

    VMKFan - Spooky
  13. Amber_Kait

    Amber_Kait New Member

    sign me up for confetti [;
    ill more than likely be on tomorrow [;
    (amber_kait on vmk also)

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