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Magic in the Mediterranean June 1 and our wedding

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Trip Reports' started by bsusanmb, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. bsusanmb

    bsusanmb Active Member

    About us: Susan, age 63, just retired RN, active, cheerful and fun, met Bob, age 62, plant manager, sweet, quiet, everyone loves him. We were childhood sweethearts, starting in 2nd grade in 1957. Bob always loved me. We have a picture of our class in 2nd grade and he is standing right in front of me. He said he always liked the way I smelled. My family moved to the next town when we were in 8th grade and I hadn't seen Bob for 50 years. His father ended up being a patient of mine, and I gave him a note to give to Bob asking him to contact me for the upcoming class reunion class of 1968. His 89 year old father remembered to give him the note, and he called, in 2 weeks I moved in with him.
    We had this cruise planned since January. On May 1 he proposed, and said let's see if we can get married on this ship. I thought there is no way this will be available, but I called, and yes it was. $3000. Ok'd with Bob and it was set for June 2. So I had to get things done quickly. It was enough getting ready for a flight from Pennsylvania to Barcelona and pick all of the port adventures we wanted to take, and find a hotel, but now I had to find a wedding dress appropriate for a woman my age. Fortunately I found a dress on clearance at David's.com and $59! It was beautiful and fit me. WOW..all the stars were aligning.
    So, not planning for the flight to Barcelona...we had to get there a day early and stay in Barcelona in order to adjust to the time change, 6 hours ahead of us here in PA. Got USAirways direct flight from Phila to Barcelona for $1350 round trip pp. So, now to find a hotel. I found out that the two hotels that Disney used Hilton Diagonal and Barcelona Renaissance. So I looked on line to see if there was availability and booked Renaissance for May 31 and Diagonal for June 8. Then called the cruise line for transfers and to see if they had a package with room included. They did have May 31 available with pickup at the airport to hotel and the next day transfer to ship. They did not have any rooms left at the Diagonal, but because we were staying at their sponsored hotel, they did have transportation from ship to hotel on debarkation, but we needed to take a cab the next day to the airport. This was my first vacation outside of the USA, and Bob's only experience was Scotland. I was overwhelmed with the difference in languages and felt intimidated by the whole upcoming experience, but did a lot of searching on the boards and reading. So, off we go...
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  3. bsusanmb

    bsusanmb Active Member

    May 30, we were fortunate that our daughter lives in Springfield PA, close to the Phila airport. Drove to her house, and she then dropped us off at the airport for a 6:30pm flight. Ok, I am very organized when I travel. I had lists and more lists and double checked everything. Had my FE gifts all together and sorted, each bag weighed 50 pounds, free on international flights for first bag. Then had carryon and uh oh, had to carry Bob's Mickey top hat on board in a bag and my Minnie bride ears, and our wedding attire. Nothing was said. We were on the plane and ordered a cocktail, Bob went to pay with his cc....and it was gone. He looked pale and then I remembered I had used it on line just before I ran out the door at home and left it on our bed!!! Oh my word...this was the one with the huge limit on it. I left all mine at home, but he did have one with a smaller limit. I was so upset, but dear Bob kept saying, it's ok, honey, it will be alright. Fortunately I had pre registered our cc for the cruise and paid everything up front. But it was a very uneasy feeling. Then when you think about euros vs dollars and it was really unnerving. Smooth flight, long but ok. Served us a hot meal on the way there and lots of fluids to keep us hydrated. We watched movies and tv shows to help pass the time. Finally arrived and it was 8:30am in Barcelona May 31. I didn't know what to expect. I think part of my discomfort comes from having been to WDW over 50 times and everything is as common as home to me. We followed the crowd to baggage claim, as that is what I remembered we were to do, and as we arrived, there were Disney Cruise people with the big white glove. The airport area was not crowded. The Disney personnel were very friendly, and they were quick to grab our luggage so that we didn't have to carry it. Our name was checked off and we were shown to a transport van. There was one other couple on it which surprised us...no bus. We tipped the man who handled our luggage and we were off. Nice ride to the Barcelona hotel. Tipped the driver and we went inside. It was clean, nothing special, and there was not a lot of English being spoken. We stood in line to check in. Check in once you got to the front took 10 minutes. I have no idea why it was the same for everyone. We had a room and I wanted to sleep for a few hours.
    Woke up in early afternoon and we decided to venture out. The streets in Barcelona are narrow and the traffic in fast and insane. There are tons of scooters/motorcycles that weave in and out of traffic. I don't know how they survive. Barcelona has the highest number of scooters than any other city in the world according to the tour guide we talked to. We asked someone at the hotel how to get to the Hop on Hop off bus. We finally found it, but it was difficult to understand. The streets all have unfamiliar names, and we were afraid we would not know where to get off to get to our hotel. After watching others board, we realized there was a blue route and a red route. Ok, we stood at the proper place and finally got on the double decker bus. I believe it was about $36 for an all day pass. They gave us ear phones to hear the pre recorded tour information as we rode down the street. It was a beautiful day, 70 degrees, sun and clouds...just perfect. Time just seems to get away so fast on these tours. We wanted to see Gaudi architecture, and of course it is everywhere. We decided to hop off at Gaudi park. Of course it was an up hill climb, almost looking like San Francisco or Seattle at places. We just followed the crowd again, but were hungry so we stopped at a restaurant that had outdoor seating and pre made sandwiches. The owner/cook did not speak English very well, but we managed to get a sandwich of meat and cheese on a nice hoagie type roll. I was surprised that there were no veggies or oil/vinegar...but when in Rome...so we shared it and had a beer. Off we go to the top of the hill to see Gaudi park. Huge place, lots and lots of stairs. I had double knee replacements, so I don't do stairs unless I have to. I never want to wear them out because it was a horrid rehab. So, I was climbing like I never climbed. By the time we decided to go back to the hop on bus, it was getting late. Where did the time go? I will post pictures tomorrow of Barcelona. We stayed on one stop because I saw a pastry store we passed, and I needed to see this place. It was beautiful, tiny little pastries, hundreds of them. I was so fascinated. The lady did not speak English, but we got a bunch of sweets, will post picture tomorrow. We wanted to go down this famous street, and we had someone who spoke a little bit of English take us out the door and point the way. We were hungry but could not find any where that took cc's and we didn't have euros yet. So we hopped back on the bus and went to the hotel...it was 8:30pm...so we ate at the hotel and it was nice. We sat at the bar and the staff was very nice. Off to bed so that we get on that ship to get married!!!
  4. lilpooh108

    lilpooh108 Active Member

    Hi there! I was on this cruise too! :). Great start on your report. Sounds like a great adventure. Can't wait to see your pictures!
  5. I am so excited to read your report! How wonderful that you reconnected after so long and how thrilling to get married on board the Magic :)
  6. kikids

    kikids Member

    Hi Susan, we watched the wedding from deck 9. I know you already had pics emailed to you - I think he was on deck 8 somehow - but if you want the ones I took from deck 9, PM me your email address! The wedding was so neat to watch! And I remember telling my husband what a perfect, pretty dress you wore. Can't believe that was a David's sale dress!

    Also we got soooo many FE gifts as we participated in all 3 groups, but I seem to remember thinking yours was very useful! You included the drink carriers, right?

  7. bsusanmb

    bsusanmb Active Member

    Hi, Cindy!
    Yes, we did the drink carriers. I had read that people with families found them useful. Thanks for the compliments on my dress. I was amazed to find something so inexpensive and appropriate! Thanks for watching our wedding. It really meant so much to us that fellow Dis friends came to watch, and we have awesome pictures of my dear husband acknowledging the group. I mean that from my heart. He had tears in his eyes just knowing that anyone cared to see us exchange our vows! I would love the pictures, any pictures that anyone took. I will pm you my email address. Thanks again!
  8. Goldeelox9

    Goldeelox9 Our Disney Cruise Line Wedding ~ November 4, 2008

    Loving this report!!!
  9. cforsythe

    cforsythe Member

    Love your report so far!!!

    Can't wait to see all of your pictures.

  10. debsters41

    debsters41 Active Member

    Congratulations! Thanks for sharing!

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