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Made our first offer...

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by RobynPrincess, May 14, 2013.

  1. RobynPrincess

    RobynPrincess Looking around

    We made our first offer on a resale yesterday :D I am dealing with Shawn at fidelity, I called to ask a few questions and then emailed 10 mins later and got a reply as I hadn't included something and I replied right away and haven't heard anything since. Is that normal? I would have thought she might email back saying thanks I'm sending the offer now or something? Sorry as I said this is still new to me so any advice would be great thank you :) don't want to email again and get annoying especially as its only been 1 day, do I just assume she sent the owners our offer?

    Thanks for your help :)
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  3. jlreimer

    jlreimer New Member

    I just completed a purchase using Fidelity. While they get some of the best deals, they tend to not reply very quickly. Best thing to do is just call them. They are always very friendly on the phone. E-mail was a challenge; calling them was not...
  4. RobynPrincess

    RobynPrincess Looking around

    Thank you for replying, it's just such a pain calling from the UK. I will give it until tomorrow and see if I get any emails and if not ill give them a call :)
  5. Sheri in CT

    Sheri in CT New Member DVC Gold

    Good luck! We just made our first offer, too!
  6. NoleFan

    NoleFan New Member

    what resort did you decide on? Good luck!
  7. moran66

    moran66 New Member

    I am currently dealing with Shawn waiting for a contract to go through ROFR. What you are going though is completely normal unfortunately. She is slow because they have alot of contracts to deal with but she is effective so stay on her lol .. good luck
  8. Sheri in CT

    Sheri in CT New Member DVC Gold

    We made an offer on OKW, but I am still hoping to find 100 at Wilderness Lodge.
  9. NoleFan

    NoleFan New Member

    Congrats- so exciting. Whispering Canyon @ WL is my DH favorite place for breakfast.
  10. RobynPrincess

    RobynPrincess Looking around

    Thanks very much for the reply, she seems really nice! Good luck with your ROFR :)

    I did have another question, we have made an offer and not heard back yet but have seen a new contract today listed with fidelity also. Would it be okay to make an offer on another contract while still having an offer for the first contract waiting? Or is that considered bad form?
  11. lovin'fl

    lovin'fl New Member

    You can do that. Some folks make many offers at once and go with the best one...not to say that I think that is or isn't the right thing to do...but you haven't heard back on the other offer nor signed any contract.
  12. moran66

    moran66 New Member

    Yes absolutely you can make another offer if you see something better. Especially with Fidelity. What I did was I made two offers and the one I was less interested in (OKW first offer) got back to me with a counter and I said before I counter that one I would like to see what the other offer (at AKL) said sure enough they took my initial offer on AKL at 58$ per point 160 points. If I remember correctly it took about a week and a half to get the offer accepted. Here is a tip she checks her email often and if she wants to get back to you she will pretty quickly. She is very nice and effective like I said before but I just think they have a lot of people to deal with since what I have heard is Disney refers people interested in selling their contracts to them thats why they have a lot more than other sites and of course that brings more buyers in also.
  13. ELMC

    ELMC New Member

    Many on here would consider that bad form as it is not negotiating in good faith. If you only intend to purchase one contract and both sellers accept your offer, you are in a bad spot. A good way to avoid this is to put an expiration date on your offer, usually 24 hours or end of business that day.
  14. moran66

    moran66 New Member

    I am guessing this is a sellers point of view which is understandable but I still dont see a problem with it nor consider it bad form.. By this logic the seller should only accept one offer and deal with one person and not play the bidding war game either. If you want a good price make what offers you see fit.
  15. dbs1228

    dbs1228 New Member

    I disagree with this statement! Say you make an offer on 2 contracts and the sellers of those contracts agree to accept your offer (no negotiating) now you have to choose and come back and say "no we changed our mind" then you are in a sense breaking a verbal contract! As a seller we are legally obligated to accept a full price offer if we change our minds we are legally obligated to pay the commission. Its just bad business. btw I have sold and bought resale.
  16. RobynPrincess

    RobynPrincess Looking around

    It's ok we decided to just go with the 1 offer and see how that goes first. Thanks for your input :) xxxx

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