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Loved BC so much - stay at YC next time?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by GoldieLocks5, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. GoldieLocks5

    GoldieLocks5 New Member

    We stayed at Beach Club this past May and truly loved it - everything about it- the location (ease of getting to Epcot/HS, boardwalk, etc)... the pools were awesome, slides, food choices, etc.

    I have always thought I'd want to do different hotels for our trips- but now I'm afraid to go anywhere else and wish I was back at BC!

    Would staying at YC give enough of a "different" experience in some ways - yet, still have all that I loved before? Anyone do this and feel this way? :)
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  3. natebenma

    natebenma New Member

    That's great that you really enjoyed your recent stay at the Beach Club.

    I have only stayed at the Beach Club (twice), but from what I know about Yacht Club, I think I would be perfectly happy there as well. I have a slight preference for the lighter d├ęcor at the Beach Club, but the Yacht Club has a really elegant look. An added advantage of the YC is that all of the rooms have full balconies- only about 50% of the rooms at the BC do.

    Have you been over to the Yacht & Beach Club FAQ? If not, I invite you over to check out the first page of the thread. Lots of pictures and info about both resorts.

    Click on the link in my signature to get there.
  4. mmmears

    mmmears New Member

    I've stayed at both and would be happy to return to either one. If you loved BC but want to try something a little different, why not give the YC a try? I prefer the room decor in the BC, but I like how the YC lobby is quieter and less crowded. The full balconies pull us towards the YC most times. But you'll get the same great dining choices, location and pools at either one. :)
  5. em36

    em36 New Member

    One thing that my family liked about the YC was that the bus stopped at YC before BC. We always had a seat when going TO a park. Coming back, The YC stop was before the BC stop, as well. We did not, however, always have a seat. Lol
  6. bleeps

    bleeps New Member

    We've stayed at both, and we do feel that they are different experiences even though many aspects of course are the same. So yes, I think that if you loved BC but had in mind that you wanted to try different resorts that you would indeed feel a difference by staying at YC.
  7. bwifan

    bwifan New Member

    I think yacht club is completely different and yet shares that pool. All rooms have the bigger balconies and I find the whole resort quieter and more peaceful than the beach.
  8. GoldieLocks5

    GoldieLocks5 New Member

    thanks everyone! glad that i'm not crazy with this choice :)

    I also thought about how YC would be nicer because it being the first bus stop - we almost always had no problem getting a seat except our last day there - trying to get to DTD - the bus came and was already packed - so we got a cab bc we didn't have time to wait since we were flying home later that day.

    I didn't realize that about the balconies- that is nice!
  9. Missoutandabout

    Missoutandabout New Member

    We had stayed at BC twice before trying the YC. Although our view was on the "meh" side compared to our previous BC stays, we really enjoyed it there. It's a bit more serene than the BC. I'd happily stay at either again -- we love them both. ::yes:: (Our next stay is "across the lake" though and I'm sooo looking forward to trying another new resort. :goodvibes )
  10. Marthasor

    Marthasor New Member

    I've stayed at both and I like both! They both have their pros - I liked that YC was closer to the boat dock, also liked that Capt. Grill offered a TS breakfast and lunch. Yacht Club is quieter. If you liked BC, I think you will like YC!
  11. mickey2minnie1

    mickey2minnie1 New Member

    I have not stayed at either, but if I had to choice being inside of both for a visit, the YC appeals to me with pure Disney elegance. I would go for it. :thumbsup2
  12. Sue M

    Sue M New Member

    We loved BC, and now are trying YC in August! Very excited.
  13. If you loved BC, I think you will love YC even more. We've stayed at both and definitely prefer YC over the BC.
  14. Dizzytime

    Dizzytime New Member

    We prefer BC because it's closest to IG, but it you're not walking back and forth, like we are at least once or twice a day usually ( hah!) , you can't go wrong with YC. Have fun!

  15. texasteacher35

    texasteacher35 New Member

    The YC decor is more my style, over BC...but they are basically the same. Stayed in both- but now we only stay DVC- so that is BC decor and I am totally better than fine with that!!! 😜

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