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Lord of Ultima (If you like(d) Evony....)

Discussion in 'Non-Disney Online Games' started by TigCollins--SOCD, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. TigCollins--SOCD

    TigCollins--SOCD DIS Veteran[Lemonhead]

    Aug 13, 2000
    You'll love this game. Lord of Ultima (LoU, www.lordofultima.com) is classified as a MassivelyMultiplayerOnlineRealTimeStrategy. I have played this game for nearly a year, and currently play on world 25 as leader of, DeathsViolentDeath, a top ten alliance, and it's subsidiaries. I also play on world 28 as a member of LethalEnforcers. If you would like to try out LoU and want to join either of these alliances, my username is Svalin. Just email me, in-game, and I will send you an invite. Love to see you there, the more the merrier! :thumbsup2

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