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Looking for a 7 bedroom house - any recommendations?

Discussion in 'Orlando Hotels and Attractions' started by two*little*birds, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. two*little*birds

    two*little*birds <font color=green>LOL I am the ultimate ride wimp!

    Yes, we're looking for a large home! :surfweb:

    Would prefer a house that offers 2 master bedrooms.

    Any recommendations?
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  3. Sugardimples

    Sugardimples New Member

    Check out All star Vacation Homes.
  4. sympatico

    sympatico Active Member

  5. KayR

    KayR New Member

  6. ClanHarrison

    ClanHarrison New Member

    Those link to some very nice homes...for the price. My tastes are a little more...ummm...what's the word.......high maintenance :lmao: . I like to spoil myself on vacation since we don't get a chance to go as often. But if you're looking for an AMAZING home and want a real treat, check the link in my sig for Star Lake Manor in Formosa Gardens. It's a 7 b/r, 6 ba home with 1 grand master suite, 3 master suites & 3 kids rooms. The cinema is equipped with well over 350 blockbuster movies (that number came from the Facebook page back in 2011 I think so that is an understatement http://www.facebook.com/StarLakeManor ) and the gameroom is NOT in the garage but has a room of its own with access to the expansive resort-style pool (...I'm beginning to sound like an advertisement lol). I just LOVE this home & the owners are the best. This place is wired with all the latest technologies i.e iPod docs EVERYWHERE, speakers everywhere, including the bathrooms, wall panels in all rooms to control everything, CCTV, (I think the owner is an IT guy :rolleyes: so that explains that lol), even the blinds are electronic lol.

    We're staying there, for the 2nd time, next year. Some in the group that I took in 2010, took another part of the family & stayed this past July. We feel like it is home to us.
  7. two*little*birds

    two*little*birds <font color=green>LOL I am the ultimate ride wimp!

    LOL we're the same. I know it may come across as "snobby" but to each their own right?

    The house you posted is very nice and I've added it to our list. I have one other we're considering right now too.

    Emerald Island does seem to have the biggest selection of larger homes though.
  8. sympatico

    sympatico Active Member

    Try looking at the homes in Reunion Resort if price doesn't matter.
  9. mickeynut1

    mickeynut1 New Member

    This is my suggestion as well. All of the homes have a lot of pictures, which are true representations of the homes. We've rented twice with them and they are absolutely great to work with. They are a little more expensive than other management/rental companies or going through a private owner, but it was worth it to us as the All Star Vacation Home staff was very professional and available any time for questions or anything else that was needed. We wouldn't hesitate to rent through them again. Good luck.
  10. ClanHarrison

    ClanHarrison New Member

    It CAN come across as snobby, but believe me...I'm not, and I don't perceive you to be either. I think we just like what we like :confused3. And I tried like heck for it not to come out like that lol. I believe I've posted with you before and kinda knew your taste/comfort level so wanted to share, probably, our BEST villa experience with you. And again, there's NOTHING wrong with those lovely homes. Trust what I tell ya...those links are definitely in my *notes* as I would certainly consider them for a time when we are able to travel to Orlando more frequently (3+ times a year) and would need to save on accommodations.

    Our first trip was with All Star and I would recommend them as we had a good experience with them too. I've just been able to find the same level of homes for a cheaper price so haven't had to go back to them. But I would. I used them for our first trip as I was soooo nervous about the villa route. I wanted to be sure I had someone concrete to go to if something didn't work out well. Now that I know "the game" a little better, the choices are now ENDLESS.

    We haven't stayed at E.I. yet but when we stayed at Formosa, we drove around the development and saw quite a few of the larger homes. I enjoy Formosa Garden's location as well (just across the street from Acadia Estates, the first home we stayed in with All Star)...but they're ALL pretty much in the same proximity.

    I know you'll find the perfect place for you guys. How can you NOT as the choices are ENDLESS. And I LOVE that!
  11. GrumpySue

    GrumpySue New Member

    All Star Vacation Homes - Home # 7903 (Formosa Gardens Estates)
    Stayed there twice - 7 bedrooms - 4 of which are masters.
    Nice location on a lake.
  12. msr709

    msr709 New Member

  13. ClanHarrison

    ClanHarrison New Member

    Ahhhh....The Getaway. I thought I'd seen this gorgeous villa before, and it's on my list! Bea-utiful home! I love how all the masters have a sitting area! It runs about the same price as SLM too. I'd love to stay here for one our vacay's, I just haven't been able to tear myself away from SLM...yet...and that serene lake view :cloud9: .

    I'm bumping this home up on my future stay list.

    TLB, let us know if you need more suggestions. Now that I've re-reviewed my list, I've got quite a few links to the larger homes :thumbsup2.
  14. Mysteria

    Mysteria <b>MINDFREAK!<br><font color=darkorchid>I'll relea

    SLM and The Getaway are both on my list as possibilities for a 2014 trip with a larger group than normal. Love the look and the great reviews of both!!

    I thought I had a few other links on this computer but they must be on my laptop. Will post them when I can.

    Happy Planning!
  15. two*little*birds

    two*little*birds <font color=green>LOL I am the ultimate ride wimp!

  16. msr709

    msr709 New Member

    If you do get to stay please post some pics, would love to see if it really looks like that! :thumbsup2

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