Look what came from a friend that got it off a Pillsbury site--Caesar chicken wraps

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    Caesar Chicken Wraps
    Yield: 4 Wraps


    1 (7.5 oz.) pkge. complete

    -caesar sal; ad mix

    1 c chopped cooked chicken

    4 (8 to 9 inch) garden

    -vegetable flou; r tortillas

    2 tb shredded fresh parmesan



    Crush croutons from salad mix; set aside. In large bowl, combine
    remaining Caesar salad mix ingredients and chicken; mix well.

    Spoon salad mixture evenly onto tortillas; spread to within 1 inch of
    edges. Sprinkle each with shredded cheese and crushed croutons.
    Roll up each tortilla. Yield: 4 wraps Typed in MMFormat by
    Source: Burgers, Wraps & Sandwiches Pillsbury

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