Limited time annual pass discount

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  1. Talldisfam

    Talldisfam Talldisfam

    Sep 16, 2012
    For DVC members you can get an annual PREMIUM pass for $399 ($300 off) and the clock does not start ticking until you use it the first time (as long as that is before December 2013). :cool1:
  2. Cheshire Figment

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    Jan 12, 2001
    1. Your information is not fully correct.

    2. And there is are several long threads about this in the Members Services Forum under the DVC on DisBoards.

    3. If you go to the locked sticky Everything About WDW Tickets in this Forum, especially Post #19-B, you can get a lot more information. An easy way to get to the sticky is by clicking on the link in my signature. The ticket sticky is your friend!

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