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Life Stinks! Season Three! Finalized 11/11

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Trip Reports' started by Mozart, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. Mozart

    Mozart There's one in every crowd...and it's usually me

    Life Stinks.

    Now that we have that out of the way...

    What's been up in your life? Mine has, for the most part, been uneventful since my last trip report. Changed my position at work, but didn't get a pay raise. Meanwhile, my wife hasn't changed a thing and gotten a huge pay raise. (funny how that works out, huh?) Our niece and nephew continue to grow up. Nephew is just about to start kindergarten and niece is now officially potty-trained. Dogs are still spoiled rotten, but they'll learn their place when we drop them off for 11 days at the dog spa in November.

    Yes, this is the dreaded beginning of Life Stinks Season Three. We've been with parents on our previous 2 Disney cruises. But this time, it's just DW and I. This time, we will both be 37 at the time of the cruise. This time, it's a 7 night Eastern cruise on November 8th. This time, there will be no parents, no dogs, and no problems. Just like last time, there will probably be too much alcohol. At least, that's the plan.

    Pictures, pictures, pictures. That's all I head about last time...post some pictures. Fine. I'll buy a new camera and post some. I happened to drop my camera at EPCOT last year and broke the screen. Couldn't see what I was taking pictures of anymore. Sorry, but it was just a matter of getting lucky enough for the shots to actually show up. This year, I might even post some food porn if you play nice between now and then.

    Speaking of EPCOT, on the way to our cruise we're stopping by there for the Food and Wine Festival. I'll write up the portion that can be remembered. We WILL be using Disney transportation that night. Either that, or we're going to hire Erica to be our Designated Driver. How do you think that'll go over?

    To start with though, it's just about time to pay off our cruise. We're getting the Romance Escape at Sea package, and I can book in 2 weeks, so I'm going to pay it off in 1. Which means we're making our final payment on my birthday. Happy birthday, moron. That'll be a few thousand dollars.

    So for now, hello. Welcome to my trip report. If I've made you interested so far, I've got a few old trip reports in my sig. Warning though: I'm a boring writer. I try to write like Stephen King but it comes across more like Stephen Hawking. But for Season Three, things will get ramped up soon, and I'll try to actually make it interesting.

    So, please, store all carry-ons beneath your seat, return your tray tables to their upright position, tighten those seat belts, keep your hands, arms, and legs inside the vehicle at all times.

    And enjoy the ride.
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  3. CruisinEars

    CruisinEars Engaged at WDW 8/23/95!

    Hi Mozart!

    Looking forward to this adventure. I have enjoyed your past tr's. We are going on the Eastern next summer so I can't wait to see what you do.

    CRUIZEN MAMMA Active Member

    Loved your last two reports can't wait for this one-

    As for Erica- I think she usually likes to be designated drinker not driver:lmao:

    CRUIZEN MAMMA Active Member


    Admit it Mozart you only started your pre trip because Joel hasn't even started his last trip report yet.
  6. Mozart

    Mozart There's one in every crowd...and it's usually me

    I've noticed that there's not as many Eastern TR's as there are for the Western. Not quite sure why that is. I'll do my best to fill in where I can, though.

    Notice that I'm expecting to use Disney transportation that night. I figure Erica would be too busy sampling to drive us back to Port Orleans afterwards.

    Has Joel even finished the one from last September yet? :confused3 He's the slowest TR writer I've ever seen. Even slower than Michelle.
  7. anc22

    anc22 Active Member

    Can't wait for more, I may just have to go and read your other reports while I wait ;)
  8. :cool1: :cool1: Sign me up for the ride!!
  9. miztigg

    miztigg this place for rent or lease please make checks to

    popcorn:: loved yr last 2 cant wait 4 this 1
  10. Mozart

    Mozart There's one in every crowd...and it's usually me

    Or you could always get over there and update yours as well. :)

    Edited to add: Go Brett Favre! Somewhere. Anywhere. Cuz Green Bay doesn't want you!

    You think you can't wait for it? I'm the one sitting here singing "Only 116 more days to go! 116 more days...Take one down, pass it around...115 more days to the cruise."
  11. Hi Mozart,

    Enjoying your reports looking forward to hearing more we will be going on the wonder in Sept. I will be posting my report when we get back. Any good Idea's for us to enjoy it will be our 3rd wedding anniversary. I will try to do my pretrip report soon. I have been really busy I just had knee surgery and Have not been to close to my computer but I am up and about now so I can do one. any helpful hint would be greatly appreciated.:confused3
  12. Mozart

    Mozart There's one in every crowd...and it's usually me

    Not sure if you're going on the 3 night or the 4 night. I would recommend making sure to do both Palo's dinner and brunch if available. They also have a wine tasting on the day at sea on the 4 night.

    If you're looking for romantic things, I would recommend the hot tub, a couples treatment at the spa (the cabana massage on Castaway Cay is wonderful!) or having drinks in the Cadillac Lounge where they have a pretty good piano player in the background.

    Something else to do is to fix yourself breakfast in bed each morning. One of you go up to the buffet first thing and fill two plates full of food. Then, take that food back down to your room and have breakfast in the stateroom.

    Also, don't forget a bottle of champagne for sailaway. We like to enjoy that on the secret Deck 7 aft verandah.
  13. Thank you Mozart, we are going on the 3 day and we do have reservations in palo on the first night, the day we board is our wedding anniversary. I did jot down all the remarks and keeping them in my mental mind I just might surprise him:rolleyes1 .
  14. Mozart

    Mozart There's one in every crowd...and it's usually me

    Well, we're officially committed. I plunked down the Disney Visa and paid for the cruise. We have 6 months to pay it off so that we don't get hit with an extraordinary amount of interest. When we first booked this cruise, I was expecting to get a rather large pay raise this year. But did that happen? NOOOOOO! Maybe it has to do with the fact that I spent all last year on the DIS during the time that I was supposed to be working. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I work for a major corporation who believes in squeezing their employees for everything they can get out of them. Or maybe it has do with the fact that I seem to keep ticking off my boss. They don't like it when you point out the fact that they can be idiots at times. Hey, I'm just telling the truth. What's best for the company and all. (Speaking of the boss, she's on the Wonder right now. I hope they've got 20 foot waves.)

    But, I'm not bitter.

    I book Palo's excursions in 5 days. That's the first of the nerve-racking cruise related processes I have to deal with. (Well, at least the next.) After that, my wife will probably start buying clothes.

    I just got the chills....
  15. Mozart

    Mozart There's one in every crowd...and it's usually me

    Well, maybe we didn't pay off the cruise after all. A new dilemma has popped up its ugly head suddenly. My car broke down. I have an old beat up car, and it would cost more money to fix it than the car is worth.

    So, I came up with the idea of getting a new car to replace it. Specifically, the Honda Fit Sport. Very economical, sporty, and gets great gas mileage. Part of my argument is how much money we can save on our November cruise by driving the Fit down to Florida. Think of the money we could save on gas.

    Her response was that if we got the Fit, we would cancel the cruise. We've committed a large monthly sum to pay off the cruise within 6 months, and she refuses to consider a car payment on top of that. So, it's either a new car or a cruise.

    Give me arguments people. I don't know if I can cancel the cruise and survive because it's all I've been looking forward to ever since we booked it. But we need a new car. Convince me.
  16. PigletsPal2

    PigletsPal2 Queen of the Realm

    Does it have to be a NEW car? You could research for a "previously-owned" economical car (van? SUV?) w/Carmax or something like it. Then you could have your cake (cruise) and eat it too! Good luck!

  17. Renysmom

    Renysmom <font color=darkorchid>Just wondering what is goin

    Mozart - Explain to the DW that you have now committed to your legend of fans a new trip report and you can't possibly let us down.

    Think that will work?
  18. anewmac

    anewmac Ive got nothing planned whats an OCVP to do?

    OH I agree with the above poster... you could always look at getting this..[​IMG]

    or if its a short commute.. what about this... [​IMG] :laughing:

    now excuse me while I go fill up my gas guzling suv... :scared1:

    keep us posted on the outcome ill be keeping my fingers crossed for ya (insert smiley with fingers crossed they really need one of those cuz well the pixie dust is just so manly LOL )pixiedust:
  19. Mozart

    Mozart There's one in every crowd...and it's usually me

    We're actually looking at a Honda Fit. The amazing thing about them is that you can buy one brand new and fully loaded for 16,500, but can't get a used one for less than 19,000. I can't figure that one out. Guy at the dealership told me that it's because they have a 6 month backorder on the new ones, and everyone is just giving up, buying used, and paying a premium.

    Nope. She doesn't get the trip report thing. I actually have gotten addicted to making trip diaries for all of our trips. She didn't understand why I took so many notes on our trip to her grandmother's a few months ago. As if she didn't already know this...she thinks I'm a little off my rocker.

    I don't think that bike will work too well on my 25 mile trip each way to work every day. Can't take the moped because it's all interstate and I can't drive them there. As my wife likes to tell me so often: "Nice try, though."

    In good news, it looks like the cruise is safe. Either way we go with the car, we've got a financial commitment, so I talked her into keeping the cruise as a reward. It's gonna cost us $2,100 to repair a car worth $1,300 or we can buy a new car and wait for 6 months for it to get here.

    Got a feeling I'm keeping the clunker. Just after getting all the credit cards paid off, too. Looks like my wife isn't getting those plantation shutters quite yet, though.
  20. PigletsPal2

    PigletsPal2 Queen of the Realm

    As much as I'd love plantation shutters...gotta go w/the cruise! Maybe you could take some pix of plantation shutters on some random building on one of your shore excursions - yeah, that'll do it!

  21. Mozart

    Mozart There's one in every crowd...and it's usually me

    I don't think that would work too well unless we posted all the pictures up on our walls inside our house to try and convince her they are real. ;)

    Less than 24 hours until I can book Palo's, etc... I feel like a prizefighter who's been training for a big fight for 6 months, and knowing that it's all going to finally get here soon. Less than one day until I know whether or not all our preparations are going to be perfect, or will we have to start over again? Need a little Disney magic right now that it all works out: :tink:

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