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Let's Play "The Next Poster"...Disneyland style!

Discussion in 'Disneyland Community Board' started by funatdisney, Aug 28, 2009.

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  1. Belle Ella

    Belle Ella New Member

    False. I am not a fan of Tigger Tails, period.

    TNP has never been to Disneyland for Christmas.
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  3. skiingfast

    skiingfast <font color=teal>Has had no bacon<br><font color=b


    T or F..........Has walked from a off property hotel?
  4. tdashgirl

    tdashgirl New Member


    TNP always stays offsite.
  5. JH87

    JH87 New Member

    True! (i enjoy spending less than $100 a night and getting extra exercise walking :thumbsup2:laughing:)

    TNP has hugged Duffy!
  6. tdashgirl

    tdashgirl New Member

    False, but maybe that will change with my next trip ;)

    TNP likes to go to DLR in the summer.
  7. Tink91

    Tink91 New Member

    False, its way too busy!

    TNP always does a character meal on their DL trip
  8. ChickenCarlos

    ChickenCarlos <font color=darkorchid>"Shift yer cargo dearie, sh

    False, i try but other things interest me more:confused3

    TNP wishes they made Nuttles more than once a week.
  9. funatdisney

    funatdisney <font color=deeppink>Disneyland, <font color=blue>

    False. I don't even know what Nuttles are :confused3

    TNP is happy that Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln is back.
  10. smile4stamps

    smile4stamps New Member

    Indifferent?? :confused: - I didn't know it was gone and missed going to it when I was there.

    TNP: Has been to DL on their birthday.
  11. funatdisney

    funatdisney <font color=deeppink>Disneyland, <font color=blue>

    It was removed for the 50th celebration. It was unsure if it would return. It just was reinstalled this year I think.

    TRUE. I have been to Disneyland several times on my birthday.

    TNP has dined at the Blue Bayou
  12. Belle Ella

    Belle Ella New Member

    True. I have to on every trip. It feels wrong if I don't.

    TNP has never had a dole whip.
  13. Funball

    Funball New Member

    FALSE, I have had one.

    TNP.. rode the disneyland train around full circle
  14. tdashgirl

    tdashgirl New Member

    True! We did that in October, at the end of the night. It was really beautiful to see the park that way, Halloween lights glowing :)

    TNP has waited in line for a DL candy cane.
  15. Funball

    Funball New Member


    tnp.. has rode space mountain ghost galaxy
  16. I'm mikey

    I'm mikey New Member

    True, we rode it in october and i loved it.

    TNP...love's churros
  17. Funball

    Funball New Member

    true :)

    tnp...has gone on a disney cruise
  18. Belle Ella

    Belle Ella New Member

    TRUE! Aw, churros are an addiction.

    TNP has never ridden on the Lilly Belle
  19. MinnieMama09

    MinnieMama09 New Member

    TRUE...very much so!:)

    TNP...loves getting autographs at DL!
  20. JH87

    JH87 New Member

    ummm kinda true!
    When I was younger I LOVED doing that! Not so much anymore, but I still like meeting characters and taking pictures! :)

    TNP has witnessed someone proposing at DLR!
  21. I'm mikey

    I'm mikey New Member

    False, we got to ride it in october.


    TNP...likes the corndogs from the red truck on main street.
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