Late Dining with kids...WWYD?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by twinone, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Realfoodie

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    Dec 17, 2012
    So I purposefully booked late seating for our cruise in 3 weeks. We have a 4 yo and 7 yo. Suddenly I was panicking about my choice and came to research. Now I am feeling a little better. I am not set on having them eat dinner with us each night...if they are in the kids clubs a couple nights that is OK with me. If they peacefully sleep at the table, that is ok with me. BUT, I am worried about one thing after seeing the navigators people post...are we going to miss any part of the pirate night festivities???

    Thanks for reminding me my kids might nap when they don't normally. This weekend we went to family camp and the kids were up really late both nights. Unfortunately they also couldn't sleep in because breakfast was ridiculously early. So, on the cruise, I think I will mentally prepare myself that we can head back to the room and nap (or at least some of us) mid afternoon. My THOUGHT for choosing late was that we can have them miss dinner in the dining room and eat early/somewhere else if they get cranky, but if I want them to enjoy the show they have to be awake and pleasant!

    Can you help me with my questions about pirate night and late seating? Thanks all!

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  3. aprilchem

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    Jan 9, 2013
    I would think it would depend on the kid. My kids (ages 3,5, and 7) go to bed at 7 when we are at home, but during our recent Disney vacation we were able to easily transition everyone to a 10:00 pm bedtime for the duration of our trip. We were all staying in one hotel room and we thought it would be easier that way, plus the in-laws (who were with us) are resistant to eating supper before 8:30 pm and we thought it would help stop some arguments. It was rough the first day but they adjusted and started sleeping later to compensate (about 8 or 9 am rather than our normal 6 am wake up time).

    I think if you have a good bedtime routine set up then maybe one way to do it would be to start transitioning them to a later bedtime a few days before the trip, so they're used to it once you get on the boat? Just my opinion, though - we are also on late seating for our Aug.13 cruise and that's what we intend to do.

  4. jdb in AZ

    jdb in AZ <font color=green>It could end up curdled<br><font

    Feb 11, 2011
    The waiters know about pirate's night and should have you out of the dining room in plenty of time.
  5. twinone

    twinone Mouseketeer

    Dec 5, 2011
    Thanks again, still on the waitlist for early so we'll see if we have any luck with it clearing this week. I always hope my kids will nap and/or sleep in alittle in the morning but I swear they are up at 630 maybe 7am even with the 10pm bedtime on the cruise.....fingers crossed!!

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