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Ladies...Do you like the skinny leg slacks?

Discussion in 'Community Board' started by Tuffcookie, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Tuffcookie

    Tuffcookie <font color=teal>Enjoys an early hour of peace<br>

    I went shopping this afternoon for slacks (for work). I am 5-1, 125 lbs (working on losing 10-15 lbs. Being 59 my metabolism has slowed down. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! ;)) Anyway, every rack I looked at, had slacks that stated "slimming" on the tag. However they also had skinny legs. I don't care for those skinny leg pants and wondered if any other petite women have the same problem? If I wear a tunic top or longer length sweater with them (the leggings look), it makes me look even shorter and heavier. I imagine if you are tall and thin skinny leg slacks would work.

    TC :cool1:
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  3. mjantz

    mjantz Active Member

    I am tall but not skinny & I like skinny pants. Like you I wear them with a tunic. I only wear them with tall boots. The boots seem to balance out my top half so I don't look quite so much like an ice cream cone.
  4. Jennasis

    Jennasis <font color=red>It's a miracle! I stayed awake du

    I am tall and curvy and I can't pull off skinny jeans. Just don't look right on me.
  5. pigletgirl

    pigletgirl <font color=green>You do have a life. It is just i

    Yes, I do like them! I'm just now getting into maternity things, and finding that the traditional maternity jeans fit so bulky! I found some skinny ones at motherhood and I'm happy thus far.

    My own mother wears them too. :)
  6. si-am

    si-am Active Member

    Yes, I like them when I can find some that fit. I am tall and thin and they look great at first, but I haven't found a pair that don't start stretching out within a few hours, and I constantly feel like I'm pulling them up all day. For this reason, I prefer leggings, but they of course aren't appropriate for work...
  7. ZachnElli

    ZachnElli <font color=green>Is it Spring yet?<br><font color

    I'm only 5'3" and I love them. I didn't like the huge bell bottoms of a few years ago. I have small calves and was always tripping over all that material with the bell bottoms. And I have to say , being petite myself, that 125 is a good weight! Don't beat yourself up!:goodvibes
  8. bdcp

    bdcp Active Member

    I'm not tall nor am I skinny anymore. But, the fact is, even when I was 16 and weighed 98 lbs I couldn't have worn them. I have never had skinny legs. I had athletic muscular shapely legs that now in my 50's are still muscular and shapely, but still not thin. Not everyone can wear skinny jeans and I've just about had it in stores. Every pair of jeans is skinny or something similar. I'm curvy and proud of it. When I was 20 I could have easily worn a size 2 or 4, but never in skinny jeans. It's genetics.
  9. Pikester

    Pikester DIS Veteran

    I do not like them at all! And for some reason JCP has decided that these are the only jeans they are going to carry. Wait, I did find a pair of jeans that worked for me there but alas they had no front pockets. It looked like they did but when I tried to put my hands in them there was no opening. Oh and many of the jeans that I did kind of like had so many beads and jewels on the back pockets I looked like I'd been attacked by the Masked Bejeweler.

    Now I shop at Kohls.

    I remember seeing a story on the evening news about skinny jeans last week. Something about how they cause circulation problems.
  10. Tuffcookie

    Tuffcookie <font color=teal>Enjoys an early hour of peace<br>

    This is my problem area. For being so petite, my legs and calves are big. I have trouble finding a pair of boots too.

    TC :cool1:
  11. I'm 5'6" and plus size, but my legs are very thin. I love skinny leg pants. With even normal jeans or dress pants, my legs are lost in them. In fact, I have on a pair of jeggings from Maurices right now and they fit the way normal jeans should in the legs. Thankfully, the Maurices jeggings have pockets like regular jeans, button and zip, so they don't look cheap or ridiculous on me. LOL
  12. a1tinkfans

    a1tinkfans Spreading Some Pixie Dust Today!

    I really like the look of skinny leg pants..worn on the right body type and worn properly for ages...I dont like seeing any adult try and dress like a teenager...but I do think they can be worn by any age, but not for example an adult with thigh high boots KWIM...
    so, if you are comfortable wearing them and they fit you correctly go for it, otherwise find a wider pant leg which usually flatters most people by making the shoulder to hip proportion looks better....
    when I think of skinny leg pants I always think of audrey hepburn and how classy she always looked. Sadly, just because something is made in Every size, it does not mean every size should wear it.
  13. Tazicket

    Tazicket <font color=blue>I routinely walk into 1 certain w

    I'm average height and curvy and so cannot pull off the skinny jeans/pants look. I wind up looking ridiculous. I stick to straight legs because I find they balance out my curves much better.
  14. IDoDis

    IDoDis <font color=blue>Knows the password to get into th

    I'm 5'1", in my late 40s, and weigh 118 pounds on a good day. I like the skinny jeans, but not the jegging kind that are super skinny. My DD talked me into trying on a pair a couple of years ago at Old Navy and really liked them. They do have a nice slimming effect.

    I think they work for petite people moreso than for someone who is on the taller side. I wear them with flats (no socks) which works so much better than wearing flats with jeans that have a wider bottom. I also wear them with my Ugg boots when it is too cold outside to wear flats. I have some jeans that have a flared bottom that I wear with a medium-heeled boot. If I am going to wear sneakers, I prefer the normal non-skinny, non-flared jeans. I do think the skinny jeans take 10 pounds off. For us shorties, 5 pounds looks like 10 pounds on someone taller.
  15. cybrkitn

    cybrkitn <font color=blue>We called it Bonko<br><font color

    I love them! I can't stand the other types. I'm 5'4" and for me, the skinny legs are hard to find in dress pants. Especially in any size over a 12 or 14 petite.

    I have been losing weight since last October and have lost 14 pounds so far. Even my current skinny Rockstar jeans from Old navy in a size 16 are starting to look loose on me (as of today) :cool1:

    One thing I forgot to mention - I'm 41 and am of the generation that wore skinny jeans and dress pants (with a tapered leg) as a teenager. I never stopped liking them.
  16. cybrkitn

    cybrkitn <font color=blue>We called it Bonko<br><font color

    That's unusual. When I was there about a month or so ago, I found the skinny jeans very hard to find in the petite or misses departments. They are all over the place in the Jr. department though.
  17. *JoGo*

    *JoGo* Active Member

    I love them!! Especially in the winter when I wear some type of boot every day. I hated all the bulk of boot cut jeans, didn't know what to do with it when I wore boots. Or that they dragged when wearing flip flops, toms, etc.

    Boot cut are really not flattering on most body types. They are hourglass shaped, wide at thighs, narrow at knees, then out again. Accentuates the thighs.
  18. Pikester

    Pikester DIS Veteran

    We need to shop each others stores. :) The biggest thing is that I loved their St Johns Bay jeans and they got rid of that brand for the new JCP brand.
  19. BlovesC

    BlovesC <font color=blue>home is where the Yeti is!<br><fo

    If you're young and not curvy, I think they can look very cute and stylish. Otherwise, not so much.
  20. mom2val

    mom2val Can't wait to go back

  21. ShirikiUtundu

    ShirikiUtundu Member

    A skinny leg "trouser" will never look professional. I know they are all the rage but they don't have a place in the business world and never will.

    As to whether I like skinny pants? Well, I would let you know if I could ever find a pair where I could get my foot into the leghole. I guess they are made for people with really tiny feet, because I have yet to find a pair where I can even get them over my feet. I'm guessing I would not like them. I'm more of a long and lean lady.

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