Kids, Disney, Action! Extreme Trip (Report). Three-Peat and Done 7/11

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by GeorgiaAristocat, Sep 1, 2006.


    GADISNEYGIRL <font color=red>Maelstromer!<br><font color=purple

    Sep 8, 2003
    Amy, so sorry about your dear pet. :sad1:

    So happy that you are finally on your way! In your adorable matching t-shirts! With your beautiful babies and their oh-so-cute Crocs!
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  3. kpk89

    kpk89 <font color=green>I know that you know that I kn..

    Aug 29, 2004
    Amy, I'm here! And not as far behind as I thought.

    I am so terribly sorry to hear of the loss of GeorgiaAristodog. I know how much she'll be missed in your home. :grouphug:

    Looking forward to hearing about the pixie dust that MUST have come your way after that sadness. During that sadness, too. It's only fitting.
  4. blue_river

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    Apr 9, 2006
    It is NOT boring at all - all the small details make a world of difference - IMO.

    We didn't purchase the Crocs - are they really that comfortable? I thought sneakers would be better but now everyone has me wondering. Cute iron on btw!

    Looking forward to the pics Amy.
  5. swankybeth

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    Aug 1, 2000
    Great report so far. So sorry to hear about the loss of your dog. :guilty: The t-shirt design is adorable! Looking forward to more... :thumbsup2
  6. nicolemarie

    nicolemarie DIS Veteran

    Nov 9, 2005
    Girl, I love your report! I was getting caught up and thought I had another chapter left. Then realized I was at the end. Dang.

    I am so sorry about your sweet dog. I hope it didn't cloud your vacation too much.

    Looking forward to pics of your sweet family, and looking forward to your next installment!

    Not boring AT ALL!!!

    Take care -

    NM :sunny:
  7. HaleyB

    HaleyB I am not a robot

    Nov 16, 2003
    Borg NM. I thought I had one left to read and, alas, find I already did. It was also great the second time through.

    So I wonder which trippie I still need to get to? Drats. I hate to miss anything. Maybe it was Kimmie's. Off to check :)
  8. AshClan

    AshClan <font color=CC33CC>I forgot to say SNAP!<br><font

    Aug 26, 2001
    I don't think I could've been quite so patient if Jay had waited that long to pack. I may have had to pack for him myself. Not that I'd know where to begin. Good thing the guys don't take as long to pack as we women do. (I know, that was a generalization. Sorry to any women who are able to pack in 10 minutes like my husband.)

    I am really looking forward to seeing some pictures. Tell Boost to cough 'em up. He's met us. He knows we're not dangerous. Or does he?? Maybe meeting us wasn't the best idea..............
  9. javamom

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    Jan 11, 2006
    Amy, what adorable shirts! Love them!
  10. GeorgiaAristocat

    GeorgiaAristocat <font color=purple> Côôl DIS Veteran <img src=htt

    Feb 23, 2005
    As we headed to the interstate, we voraciously consumed our Bacon, Egg and Cheese croissanwiches and slurped our orange juice. The kids argued about whose turn it was to pick the movie. I told them BOTH that it was MY turn to pick, and popped in a LONG movie, not one of the Disney sing-a-longs that only last for 45 minutes. I think I put in Toy Story, but I don't really remember. Imagine your favorite Disney movie - that'll be fine!

    Here's how the kids looked that morning:


    On the drive south the kids watched the movie(s), Boost drove, and I read a book. I did not feel the need to review AGAIN our itinerary, my planning information, or my black 3-ring binder. I did feel the need to obsessively check and make sure we had our tickets and TWO copies of the backs of our tickets. Just in case. They disappeared from the LAST time I checked them.

    We scooted happily along. Boost asked what our plans were for the afternoon. We knew we needed to get checked in and settled and that I had a "special activity" planned for that evening which required our presence at the Yacht/Beach Club marina at 8 p.m.

    We made sure to fill up our gas tank before we left Georgia (gas is cheaper, significantly, in Georgia versus Florida). Which leads to the question: How many stations these days actually have a different price for cash vs. credit? None in my home town. That is as rare as finding a full-service station so that I don't have to get my hands dirty.

    Well, we found one. We needed to stop for gas and use the facilities. Boost went in to take care of the second while I was taking care of the first - we let the kids get out and stretch, and I noticed that the price on the PUMP was not the same as the price on the BIG SIGN. This peeves me the teensiest bit. I think it is unfair. Bait and Switch. Dishonest.

    Or would have been if the big sign didn't have in little letters "cash price."

    Thankfully, I had only pumped $1.13 worth of gas. And, apparently, the facilities were disgusting. So we ditched that place and drove across the street to a station that had the SAME price on their big sign AND on their pumps and no "cash price" disclaimer. Then we went to McDonald's for the facilities. And to buy a Sprite. So that I didn't feel guilty about using the facilities.

    We decided, however, that since it was not even noon yet, and since the thought of eating McDonald's made us uncomfortable, that lunch could wait a little while. We waited at least another 45 minutes. And then, as we were getting ready to turn to the Arby's, what do I see? A Bob Evans restaurant.

    I just started laughing and couldn't stop. Boost thought that something had possessed me. I pointed to the sign and he whipped across three lanes of traffic to get there.

    We decided that we could sacrifice the time for a sit-down meal to satisfy his life-long dream of eating at a Bob Evans.

    (I did not remind him that we were on our way to DISNEY and that we had the DINING PLAN. Who am I to mess with his life-long dream? Do you think he will be as considerate when I break it to him that MY life-long dream is to own DVC????)

    So, there we were, eating at Bob Evans. He got the sausage sandwich, since he seemed to think that sausage was required at Bob Evans. I even ordered meals for NoFear and the Shrimpster. Which they ended up sharing and trading. Whatever, at least they ate!

    And then, it happened. . . .

    We were munching along, in our matching Disney shirts, and NoFear said something about Goldie waiting for us at home.

    Now, I had hoped that we wouldn't have to address this until we got home. Maybe I'm a coward. Maybe I just felt out of my depth on discussing death with an (almost) four year old. In any case, I wasn't going to tell them. BUT, I also, even at their tender age, do not want to lie to my children (except about the reality of Santa Claus and Mickey Mouse and such). So, I, at that point, at the Bob Evans, told my sweet baby girl that our dog had died.

    Now, she is familiar with the concept of death. Just ask her. She'll tell you that the bad guys will come and get you and you will be "did" until the prince comes and kisses you awake.

    Yeah, okay, so she is familiar in a really skewed and unrealistic way . . .

    So, she responded with the start of tears and "Goldies's did?" I explained that God wanted Goldie to live with him, that it was okay to be sad, but that Goldie was just not going to live with us anymore. She cheered right up. And finished her pancakes.

    Ah, to be (almost) four . .

    (But, it broke my heart that tonight, as I wrote this, we were watching some past videos from last year, that included our beautiful dog, and NoFear turned to me with tears in her eyes and said "I miss Goldie. And I'm never going to see her again!" She might have a different view of being "did" now than the slightly skewed one she had a month ago.)

    Southbound with the Hamma Down!(Page 8, Post 120)
  11. SmithFamily2003

    SmithFamily2003 Mouseketeer

    Jun 11, 2006
    Sorry about your dog. Your pre-trip report is great! I can't wait for the trip part!

    :) Another Smith Family
  12. jamal

    jamal <font color=blue>Nutwing #4<br><font color=deeppin

    Oct 12, 2003

    You know I love your writing. My heart just skipped a bit of a beat as you relayed how you told NoFear about Goldie. I am so sorry...

    Now, I must say I snickered at the images of y'all on the interstate, getting gas, then watching Boost dive into the Bob Evans experience!!!

    I'm loving this family's tale. Keep it comin..
  13. Backstage_Gal

    Backstage_Gal <font color=darkorchid>Let me rephrase the dog ste

    Apr 8, 2005
  14. HaleyB

    HaleyB I am not a robot

    Nov 16, 2003
    Oh Amy, it is so hard to see our children come to grips with the concept of death, but they handle it so well. As if they understand something we have forgotten.

    I love reading your trip report, you have a wonderful way of telling a story.
  15. Yzma and Kronk

    Yzma and Kronk <font color=darkcoral>I survived the Pie-fest<br><

    Oct 19, 2002
    I'm loving your TR!

    So sorry you had to explain to the kids about Goldie so soon. :hug:

    I'm sorry, but this is funny!

    What, does he only hang at Waffle House???

    Tell him to try the Sausage of DH's favourites!

    I like Bob Evans because the the long bendy straws they give the kids :teeth:

    Looking forward to more!
  16. HaleyB

    HaleyB I am not a robot

    Nov 16, 2003
    Oh, and I forgot to say that your kids are beautiful, just like their Momma. They both have amazing eyes.
  17. UtahMama

    UtahMama Wakey, wakey, Eggs and Bakey<br><img src=http://ww

    Jul 4, 2006
    Amy!!! I just love you to pieces!!!
    I think you are so awesome and funny (very!) and you are
    THE best mama!

    The matching shirts (ok, the glimpse on your son) are adorable...I saw the graphics of it previously...cute as a bug!

    Sorry you're missing your furr-baby!!! :grouphug: It does get a little easier, but I STILL cry after 3 years!!!! I told my kids we'd see him again when we go to heaven, which I cling to as well. :blush:

    Your babes are yummy! The sound so really smart and funny too!
    Thanks for telling us you posted!!! (BTW, I did too!) *shameless*

    Thanks for being so "real" and so funny! I enjoy reading your posts!
  18. sheridac

    sheridac DIS Veteran

    Mar 26, 2005
    Amy!!!! I wish I had something profound to say here. About the circle of life. Which sucks. TFI. Which probably wasn't profound, was it???

    One of THE hardest things (in my not-so-humble opinion) to see, as a parent, is your child in pain. Especially when it's a pain you can't kiss and make better. And. Especially when you see that pain dim the light shining from their eyes a little. Which is also a part of life. Which sucks. Too.

    Oh, and this???
    Ha!!! I always put them in a SECRET, SAFE place. And then don't remember where sad SECRET, SAFE place is!!!!!
  19. Grammyof2

    Grammyof2 <font color=deeppink>Best Woo Hootier that ever wo

    Oct 27, 2005
    Amy - This was FANTASTIC :banana: :banana:

    So much to say -

    I bemember when we got our 1st van that had a VCR and TV!!!! DH declared NEVER again to own a car without modern tech. Like automatic windows :rolleyes:

    In NJ you don't pump your own gas :woohoo: It is AGAINST THE LAW. When we travel we are gas pumping nerds, cause we don't know how :confused3

    Bob Evans - Try the knife and fork sammies. Delicious :banana: :banana: And my life long dream, after meeting all of you, was to eat at Sonny's. Which we couldn't find on 95 :sad2:

    Telling the little one about the death of her dog :grouphug: Kids do have a skewed sense of reality, but they are much stronger then we think.

    Loved it!!!!!
  20. kpk89

    kpk89 <font color=green>I know that you know that I kn..

    Aug 29, 2004
    Amy, I know just how you feel. We had to tell our kids (twice!) that one of their kitties had been hit by a car. I wish I'd written down what they said, but something to the effect of "Well, now Grampa Verne can have a cat up in heaven." And after the second one, it was more like "Didn't Merryweather learn to stay away from the road after Merlin died?" Of course though we loved those cats, they were mere babes, not with us for long. Our dear "old lady" cat of 14 years is still around, and 'twill be a very sad day when we have to say goodbye to her.

    Happy to hear that Boost the photo-napper got to live out his life-long dream. My life-long dream is to see the photos from your trip! :rotfl:
  21. GeorgiaAristocat

    GeorgiaAristocat <font color=purple> Côôl DIS Veteran <img src=htt

    Feb 23, 2005
    After lunch, we were back on the road. After the bathroom square-dance.

    You know, change those partners, do-si-do! I go to the bathroom by myself. Then I take NoFear. Then I go back to the table. Then I decide that the Shrimpster should probably have dry pants. So I decide to go to the car (for the dry pants). But NoFear wants to go with me. So we go, then fetch Shrimpster, leaving Boost at the table. When done, we go to find Boost, who is no longer at the table. Hmmm, bathroom or outside? He was paying, so I made a run for the front door. Luckily for me the po-lice didn't stop me at the door and demand payment. He had either paid or was still inside or we were going to get away from the Bob Evans with a free lunch.

    I'm just kidding. I would never do that. Really.

    Really really.

    Having completed the marathon that was a trip to the bathroom in our family, we were finally on the way. South. Again.

    We figured out that we weren't going to have as much time before our outing at 8 p.m. as we had hoped. Would we make a grocery store run or go swimming?

    Some of you are thinking - why is that mutually exclusive? Why? Because I am unwilling to take the kids to the grocery store by myself and Boost is unwilling to take them to the swimming pool by himself. It was all of us or none of us in the pool. And hopefully NOT all of us at the grocery store. Because Boost tends to pick up some completely unnecessary things.

    But a grocery store run was virtually required as I was unwilling to face the tragedy that was bedtime for the Shrimpster without chocolate milk.

    I do not remember loving chocolate milk that much as a child.

    I know that he did not get chocolate milk until he was at least 18 months old.

    But from the moment that nectar crossed his lips. . . teeth . . . gums, there has been no other drink for him.

    I have not given him YooHoo. I believe, rightly or wrongly, that real chocolate milk has to be better for him than THAT.

    So, he drinks a lot of chocolate milk.

    And screams loudly and longly when we do not have any. AND. He likes the prepared chocolate milk in the ½ or full gallon containers from the grocery store. He can taste powdered or milk with syrup from a distance. He can look at the cup and tell. Even if the cup isn't transparent. It's kind of freaky.

    And we all know that I am an indulgent mother. That buys chocolate milk.

    The decision was actually a fairly easy one for me.

    Because I also needed some fresh limes to make Cosmopolitan's for Grammy and myself. And I didn't think they would have THOSE at the cute little general store at the resort, where I could have bought chocolate milk in a pinch.

    So. We decided prior to arrival, that upon arrival and the unloading of the silver bullet van, that a grocery run was in order.

    And then I started seeing the billboards for that Happiest Place on Earth. Great billboards. Showing Exedition Everest. Tower of Terror. Other happy and thrilling sights.

    I never got any pictures because the silver bullet van was moving as fast as a silver bullet. I think. I tried hard not to look.

    Because, you see, Boost was driving. I also try hard to not criticize since I am not being forced behind the wheel. BUT he drives a vehicle with lights and sirens for a living. He has commented that he didn't think that the Richard Petty Driving Experience would be that fun. It was just going fast around a closed track. What's fun about that? It's not like he hasn't driven that fast before or anything. (Okay, I hesitate to point out that he probably HASN'T driven that fast before. At least I hope not. But it's possible, you never know . . .)

    Anyway, back to me not criticizing . . .BUT . . .he drives the silver bullet van like IT has lights and sirens, too. And doesn't understand why EVERYONE doesn't get out of his way. When they see him on the road.

    (I think it might be because the silver bullet van DOES NOT have lights and sirens. But Boost assures me that it's really because everyone in Florida was in a conspiracy to keep him from his vacation. I told him to go talk to the DNC about his conspiracy theories, since they are well-versed in them.)

    FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY, just a little behind schedule, we saw the arches. No, not the Golden Arches.

    Better than that.

    Much much better!

    (I particularly like the bug splats on the windshield.)

    And we only took one or two wrong turns on the way to Old Key West, since, as it turns out, it is a DOWNTOWN DISNEY resort and NOT an Epcot resort. In case you didn't know. Ahem.

    Why we stayed where we did. And how I missed out on Free Dining (Page 9, Post 134)

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