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Katie's wish trip AWCT/GKTW jan 2011

Discussion in 'Pre-Trip Reports and Plans' started by katieswish, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. katieswish

    katieswish Active Member

    Let me introduce my wish child! Kathryn (katie) a spunky 7 yr old (8 in 8 days) who at 30 lbs is a ball of energy. We were surprised that Katie was nominated to have a wish granted by her pt. Katie had a long and complicated first 6 mos of life, she was born 12 weeks premature weighing 1lb and 1 oz with several heart defects. She was given less than 10% chance of survival after 1st cath procedure and with each procedure her chances increased and she had her name placed in several medical journals. After 3 cath and 2 open heart surgeries,(all but the last before she weighed 2 lbs) she is a happy healthy little girl.

    Not that it has been a smooth ride, at 8 mos Katie choked on baby food and there after decided she would not allow anything that was not liquid to pass her lips. After 5 years of feeding clinics, swallow studies and 6 mos of daily feeding behavior therapy, Katie just recently decided salt and vinegar chips are the greatest food every created and she will swallow them. The food of the month currently is Kit Kats. She doesn't have a huge appetite but it is a huge improvement over the one bite we would beg for.

    Katie is very small for her age and yes we as her parents are aware of this...but every dr who meets her for the first time tells us like we should be shocked by this fact that she is the size of a 4 yr old.
    The poor kid has had more genetic testing and screening to find some reason for this than her parents are under 5 '2". The last time she had to have 8 vials filled the middle aged man next to her told the nurse she deserved a roll of stickers since she was better behaved than he was.

    Kate is awaiting an amputation of her right leg due to the fact that the cath that saved her life and heart destroyed her femoral artery and killed her growth plates. Due to the fact that her right leg is 4" shorter than her left she has a modified AFO with a foam foot she is determined to be like everyone else. She is involved with soccer and acrobats. As well as working toward her next belt in Karate.

    We were very surprised to get a letter from A wish Come True saying that Katie was being granted a wish. We are so excited for her and of course her younger sister, who is always patient will all of Katies appointments and extra help she requires, Rheana deserves to feel special too!!

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  3. katieswish

    katieswish Active Member

    After doing some research on flying, I just informed Katie she needs to ride in a car seat due to her size. Of course her next question.."does Rheana have too?...The answer to that is no since she weighs well over the 40 lbs being a 6 yr old. So after she has told me five times that it isn't fair she is older, she is a little happier since we have to go shop for one since the one in the car is a booster which of course is not aircraft approved.
  4. Emilyswish

    Emilyswish Active Member

    Congrats on getting a wish trip for Katie! The video was very touching, thank God for amazing doctors!

    Your daughter is beautiful and I'm sure she'll have the time of her life, despite the car seat on the plane! :rotfl:
  5. katieswish

    katieswish Active Member

    [​IMG]My miracle baby I can't believe next week it will be 8 yrs since you entered our lifes and continue to inspire us
  6. katieswish

    katieswish Active Member

    [​IMG]Our tutor and interpeter ...she is so patience and nurturing [​IMG]
  7. katieswish

    katieswish Active Member

    thank you...we are forever grateful to her amazing dr who gave us hope when no one else could. I am sure she will be so excited to fly she will forget all about it. Now I just need to get her to grow a half an inch so she will be 40" tall
  8. katieswish

    katieswish Active Member

    Katie said she wanted to go to eat at the castle in the middle, so we went online and looked at it. Well once she saw that the princesses were there it was a no go. Rick and I were kind of sad because we thought it would be a great way for us to celebrate our anniversary with the girls. We will be celebrating our 9th anniversary while on Katies wish trip.

    Instead we have settled on The Crystal Palace and chef Mickey's.

    Does anyone know if bbb does makeover that are not princesses? Katie likes to have hair and nails done but is not really princess girly. She would rather be the pirate [​IMG]
  9. maroo

    maroo DIS Veteran

    I found it!!!

    And I will put a link on the wish trippers thread! :)
  10. Emilyswish

    Emilyswish Active Member

    They do a girl's pirate makeover, with make up, at the Pirate's League in Magic Kingdom. I think you can find more info on that on wdwinfo.com.

    I've seen pics of boys and girls doing it and it's very cute!
  11. Mom2mitokids

    Mom2mitokids Active Member

    Hi and welcome!!! Katie is a cutie pie. So glad she is getting her wish. Do you have exact dates yet? Like everyone said...she can do the pirate thing. That sound like alot of fun. I may have to look into it for my son. Kylee is doing the BBB. My wish child is too old to do these things..at least that's what she said. I don't think so..lol
  12. katieswish

    katieswish Active Member

    thank you again you have been so helpful
  13. katieswish

    katieswish Active Member

    we will be there 1/29 until 2/6. I am going to look into the pirate for katie and the BBB for Rheana(the difference in price makes me feel a bit guilty since it is her trip) You are never to old to be a princess especially in the most magical place on earth
  14. katieswish

    katieswish Active Member

    your kids are adorable have a great trip with emily it is so close
  15. katieswish

    katieswish Active Member

    Our little miracle turned 8 yrs old today!!! I cannot believe it has been 8 yrs since our family started this life changing journey together.
    She has grown into such a brave and independent little lady. Her life is so much more wonderful than we envisioned when she was born and all those statistics and worst case scenarios. We are so lucky Katie was able to avoid some of the common complications of prematurity and heart abnormalities. No brain bleeds, no nipple aversion her suck swallow worked perfectly, no lung complications from the ventilor.

    We know we have been blessed with the most positive of outcomes. Thank you for sending Katie to us 8 years ago today
  16. Mom2mitokids

    Mom2mitokids Active Member

    Happy 8th Birthday Katie!!!!:bday: I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday!!
  17. katieswish

    katieswish Active Member

    Thank your for the birthday wishes. Katie had a great day. Unfortunately when we went to the physical therapist she has fluid under her knee, a boy pushed her at school and her modified AFO banged her and caused the fluid so apparently we need to come up with a new modification or see if it is time to do the amputation. PT likes some of the modifications made to accomodate her leg length discrepancy, but she does not like the piece in front because when it slides up it is banging her knee cap.
    On a positive note Katie passed her karate test and got her next belt.

    have a great tuesday
  18. katieswish

    katieswish Active Member

    My Poor Baby has been running a fever for the past few days and was complaining her heart hurt. Talk about something a parent never wants to hear from their child with repaired heart...Luckily Doc said she was probably feeling it beat faster due to the fever. She will be fine but has her 1st ear infection.
    The girls are so excited we received an early christmas gift...luggage so we can start to organize. I can't believe how fast it is coming
  19. katieswish

    katieswish Active Member

    Finally everyone is on the mend:thumbsup2 Tree is finally decorated...shopping almost done...and 1 more week of my retail chaos YEAH!
  20. katieswish

    katieswish Active Member

    Breakfast with Santa at A wish come true. Everyone is one the mend, and the girls really enjoyed the chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream and hot cocoa. The balloon guy was amazing:santa:
  21. hollie1974

    hollie1974 Active Member

    I'm in!
    Your kiddos are so cute!
    Glad she is feeling better and hope everyone continues to avoid the winter ickiness!
    Love the santa pic! That's awesome!

    Can't wait for your trip!


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