Just boarding :) will try my 1st live trip report

Discussion in 'UK Trip Planning Forum' started by tinkerpea, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. laura_<3

    laura_<3 DIS Veteran

    Jul 4, 2007
    Glad you arrived safely and the surprise went well. Hope you all have a fantastic time and I look forward to reading your updates :) :)
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  3. tinkerpea

    tinkerpea DIS Veteran

    Aug 12, 2010
    Hi all

    Well the last few days have been mega busy and ive wanted to get on here and report back but internet at SSR is very up & down! we have had limited access on & off hence the lack of reporting :sad1:

    Day 1 Magic Kingdom

    well I woke up at 4.30 and could not get back to sleep so I un-packed andwatched tv..The Weather has been really lovely,we arrived at MK for our Crystal palace adr at 9 and everybody really enjoyed their breakfast boys didnt eat half the amount of what they do at home due to being so excited!

    we did quite a few rides but the parks are insane for this time of yr,Im not sure i have ever seen it like this for the start of October some ride lines are 45mins or more
    POC id down until friday (not sure exactly why but was told a tech problem)
    we had lunch at Cosmic rays that we didnt really need :rotfl2: but boys was happy to have a hot dog :)

    We went back and washed and changed for Chef Mickeys and on the way back got stuck on the bus for 15mins due to the lift getting stuck! Ian got up and fixed it in the end with somebodys keyring!!

    Chef Mickeys!
    This was another 1st for us....
    Mum was too tired to come with us and really so was the boys but they insisted after a 30min swim that they wanted to go,Food was actually really good The interaction from the characters was some of the best we have had.

    Day 2 Typhoon lagoon.

    Today we decided to do a water park and although it was really nice and sunny there was a wind that made it feel a little cooler.

    Our 1st major issue!!............
    On the way to TL the bus was over 30min wait while we waited we talked to the guy who sorts the buses (Colin was his name) he gave us a fast pass as the wait was so long now we didnt really mind the wait what happened next was the real issue.
    The bus arrived and the driver opened the door now every other driver has come up and asked if anybody with the ECV is going on that bus! This did not happen so Ian myself and the boys boarded on the way on we told the driver we have and ECV he didnt hear us so we said it again and went and sat down a few secs later he closes the door & starts to drive off!!:scared1: we all scream out that we have an ECV he does not stop so ian shouts again, he stops the bus opens the door and Colin the bus man is shouting to him that he has forgotten the lady with the ECV, The driver then shuts the bus 7 drives off again!:mad:
    Again we scream out what are you doing we have the ECV and he turns around and shouts at us that the lady is not going to Typoon lagoon:confused3.......We call back that the lady is with us so she is going to TL he shouts back again and says that Colin waved him on:lmao: at this point all 3 boys are crying as they think nanny is left alone.
    We tell the driver he has to go back and i kid you not he had a go at us saying that we should have told him about the ECV he then goes around the whole of SSR and stops at EVERY stop again! By this time the boys are a mess :( Colin at this point called through and put in a complaint when we finally reached mum it had taken over an hour and we had not left SSR! We was told by Colin that we had to report the driver ourselves as well as himself doing it as he had told the driver that he needed to stop and load the ECV!
    so not the best start and now the boys wont leave my mums side while boarding the bus.
    Typoon lagoon was packed 60mins for the family raft ride.
    we left at 4 to go back freshen up for T.REX

    All of us loved T.REX yes its loud but the boys thought it was excellent and are pleased we have another ADR for there!
    we did have a mix up with our plan we wanted to pay OOP for the kids meals and i didnt want to have a meal as i didnt feel to well so i was going to share with mum,well the server put the kids meals through as adults on the DDP and put an extra credit in for me who didnt order anything?
    He wasnt too pleased when we told him to fix it,Maybe they shouldnt take the credits off at the start of the meal!

    Epcot day 3
    We went to Arkushus for breakfast and it was lovely I would not say its worth $280 for 6 people though "thank god for the DDP" food was great,we did most of the rides and the boys was gutted to learn TT was not open as its a favourite of theirs.
    We headed back at 3 because it was so hot and the boys & ian wanted pool time (I slept as im finding it a littlehard to go from bed rest to Disney in a matter of wks)lol

    Ian & I went to Citrocus tonight and the food was AMAZING we both had the beef it was perfectly cooked.
    we had a table of 4 children next to us and was glad when they left as they was running around and screaming plus the parents did not care less.I dont mind kids at a restaurent but this was so bad that the waiter came & said how sorry he was luckily they left as we was half way through our main.

    So everything so far apart from a few little things has been fab
    The boys keep saying how they can not believe they are here and keep saying we are the best parents in the world :rotfl:

    I will try and get Ian to help me up-load pics in the morning as im not very Tech haha.

    Tomorrow is Hollywood studios eating at Sci-fi for the 1st time :)
  4. Wills Mom

    Wills Mom DIS Veteran

    Jul 22, 2012
    Sounds wonderful thus far with a few exceptions! I'd have been raging at that bus driver!! The poor boys sound like they got really worked up bless them!! Enjoy the rest of your time and I look forward to your next update :goodvibes
  5. m1ckeymouse

    m1ckeymouse Mouseketeer

    Jul 22, 2008
    Hi Cindy!

    Sounds like you're having a fab time. Were you actually trying to leave nanny behind after Alton Towers!?!? :rotfl2: Seriously though, shame you had to go through that though and hope its not affected your time in the sun!

    Have a fab rest of the trip, can't wait to see some photos!

  6. Mrs Doubtfire

    Mrs Doubtfire DIS Veteran

    Feb 27, 2006
    What a pain with the ECV, I wonder why he just ignored you? :sad1:

    Sounds like you have has some lovely meals so far - enjoy the rest of your trip :)
  7. Cyrano

    Cyrano Moderator Moderator

    Oct 23, 2004
    Sounds like you are having a great time.

    Shame about the bus driver incident.

    CAROLINE4 Mouseketeer

    Apr 3, 2011
    Loving your trip report so far cindy! Sorry about the bus driver hope all your other days are magical! Xxx
  9. tinkerpea

    tinkerpea DIS Veteran

    Aug 12, 2010
    Hi all
    Thanks for reading my report :flower3:

    Yes it was areal shame about the driver :(

    Hollywood studios
    Well today we went to HS and have had a wonderful day, Firstly This morning my mum told us that she has been finding this holiday harder then others( she is 80 & just before this trip was diagnosed with 2 leaky heart valves and Kidney disease :sad1:) and that she has decided to only join us on a few park days! She said that its making her a little nervous with all the people that just walk right infront of the ECV and she is afraid she could hurt somebody.

    Its made us all a little upset as she has been thinking about my dad alot and how he felt during his last few trips after he had 7 heart attacks & couldnt do much as he struggled,but she really enjoys getting on her ECV and exploring the resort so we decided to change up our touring style for tomorrow.
    From tomorrow on we will stay around the pool during the day unless its morning magic hours the boys will then nap early lunch "OK try and nap":rotfl2:then we will take them out late afternoon to do the parks when its cooler,The boys actually are loving the pools at SSR & so are more then happy with this idea :thumbsup2
    Mum can see the fireworks etc as we have booked California Grill and Ohana which we will pop down to the beach after to see Hallow wishes :)
    So I will report on how that goes for us!

    Anyways back to today :)
    We got to HS just before lunch time at SCI-FI this was another 1st for us and everybody thought it was just fantastic!! The atmosphere is so cool it really is very unique.
    I had the new york strip with garlic mash and med style veg,the Twins had a burger with hotdog in which they split and they had more then enough,DH had the Turkey sandwich & Brandon the build your own burger everyone really enjoyed there meals,My steak was a little fatty but apart from that all was great,Dh had the oreo milkshake WOW that was good!! he was allowed this on the plan as his drink PLUS a dessert.
    Boys shared a cheese cake Dh had peanut butter choc cake & I had the hot fundge sunday.These was too much for us all but we did our best:rotfl:

    The Twins rode RNR for the 1st time as they just made the height Ethan our youngest twin is actually shorter then Anthony his twin brother & so was very lucky to just scrape through as he is a good inch shorter then his twin which can let him down at times (he eats no fruit or veg and so we explained that his brother is bigger due to that hopefully he may start to try now):lmao:
    While queing the ride broke down as we was just about to board! So we all got FP for later. When we came back the boys who was at the front (due to a couple pushing in front of the boys at the part where you nearly reach the loading bay) loved it so much they told the lady where you got off and she sent us straight through the gate that brings you back to the loading bay!!! :cool1: we then got loaded right to the front again as the lady said the boys was so lovely & fun to talk to earlier in the day that we was her FAV family & she wanted the boys to be able to ride up front again pixiedust:

    Dh was really excited to ride the new Star tours so much so he wore his Lego Star wars top today:rotfl:
    We all enjoyed the ride so much that we rode it 3 times in a row!! twice we had the same story line exactly and that last time it was completly different,I can not praise the new ride enough its so much fun.
    Thw twins then wanted to spend their money on a make your own light sabre & Brandon bought a Darth Goofy.They then wanted to surprise daddy with a starwars teddy so we bought the duck that looks like the red & black guy "DH will never forgive me for forgetting his name "

    After doing TOT/RNR/STAR TOURS/ we called it a day and went back to the pool to see mum who said she had a nice day exploring the resort and then going and doing crafts.
    Ian & I then popped to DTD after watching half of Hocus pocus by the pool while the boys played,Ian has seen his Star wars lego that he would like....He gets a new model every time we come so its now become tradition! This new set is $199 before tax :scared1: thats like a few HANDBAGS....so we are picking that up tomorrow.We then had dinner at Wolf gang puck express.We shared the BBQ chicken pizza & creme brulee it was just as good as everybody says and we will def go back as its a great use of a QS credit!

    When we arrived back at the room they had changed the locks to the new infa red Mickey ones! (I have taken a pic and tomorrow will up-load all the pics ) so all we needed to do was hold our old key card up to the lock and it opens.
    Tomorrow is our new style touring.
    Mum & I are going to spend afew hours going to Target etc while the boys play atthe pool,The boys are excited to ride in the dark at what ever park has the latest hours and we have dinner at Narcooses so mum will see fireworks :)
  10. tinkerpea

    tinkerpea DIS Veteran

    Aug 12, 2010
    I know! I have no idea but we was really lucky as like i said the guy who sorts the buses was there & we had been talking to himfor about 20mins before the bus turned up & so he saw what happened and reported it straight away, What got us is after we all was shouting that he forgot the ECV and the person on it that he stopped the bus opened the door colin "the bus guy" came up to the door and told him he forgot the ECV he then shut the door and drove off again!!
    we then of course started shouting again as we was sat at the bk and he turned ans shouted SHE IS NOT WAITING FOR THE DTD BUS!!! :confused3 so Ian ran down & called back yes she is she is with us.He then says that Colin waved him on! which is NOT what happened & so proceded to shout at DH telling him he did not hear us tell him about the ECV? by this time when the boys was crying Ian was pretty mad and said he didnt care if he thought that Colin had waved him on that he had 5 people shouting that he had forgotten a member of their family and he should have
    2.Gotten up to see what everyone was shouting about!
    neither time that we was shouting out did he get out of his seat!! He just shouted rudely at us.
    which is why Colin asked us to report him ontop of him reporting him too! It did shock us that we was the only ones on the bus and yet instead of going straight back for my mum he stopped at every stop all over again to pick up people!.Not caring that the boys was so upset.
    He never apologised to either my mum or ourselves,Infact he got up and had a go at Colin saying that he waved him on and said the lady was NOT going to DTD or Typhoon lagoon which my mum even said that Colin ran after the bus radioing him saying he had left somebody.

    Luckily the rest of the trip has been very wonderful x
  11. Mrs Doubtfire

    Mrs Doubtfire DIS Veteran

    Feb 27, 2006
    Well I'm glad you had a lovely day and the new touring plan seems great :thumbsup2 I'm sure your mum will have a great time and it sounds like she is quite independent - watch she doesn't go off to DTD for a few cocktails!!
  12. disneyholic family

    disneyholic family <font color=teal>Wayne always catches me<br><font

    Jan 31, 2002
    great trip report!!!

    we love citricos too!! outstanding food and service!!
    shame about the wild kids next to you...i just don't understand parents...
    do they think that when they're on vacation, they're also on vacation from proper parenting????

    glad you enjoyed sci fi! we also enjoy it there! the best veggie burgers on property :)

    well i'm all packed and ready to go! maybe i'll see you on the other side of the ocean!!! :thumbsup2
  13. crabbie1

    crabbie1 DIS Veteran

    Oct 21, 2006
    What a complete tool. The driver that is. Not a good display of the disney reputation. As for the clampit family and their kids well I can empathise with you there. I had the same issue at H&V in HS. The kids were throwing food and some hit my mom and they never said a word to them But I did:rotfl2: the waitress also kindly asked if they wouldnt mind leaving as there had been several complaints. We had a free return meal as we paid Oop as mom had gravy splatters all down her top:rotfl:Can laugh about it now but so annoying at the time.
    Good job they left you to have dome peace.
    Great TR Cindy
  14. tinkerpea

    tinkerpea DIS Veteran

    Aug 12, 2010
    Hi all really sorry for the lack of trip report!

    We have had a rather manic week,& the internet is AWFUL at SSR looking forward to going to Springhill suites so I can have faster access..

    So… Mum and I went to Walmart after she had been so upset about not being able to do too much at Disney and struggling with the ECV “I think being left behind and the kids all being so upset had a lot to do with it”
    We bought quite a bit and DH was rather pleased that himself and the boys went to DQ & swimming! He says we can make a day out of a 2 hour trip(he would of course be correct) I got the boys some great Halloween PJs they love new PJs and so was pretty pleased with them.

    When I got back to the room the floor next to my bed was really wet! I picked up a plastic bag that had a new teddy in it and it was filled with water!? I called Maintenance who took an hour to come up,I had noticed a wet floor the day before but thought it was Ian just getting out the shower! Maintenance came and said it was us that had over flowed the bath..
    That would be great except we had not even used the bath lol!
    They told us to put towels down and they would have somebody come up and suck out the water and dry it. I went for a nap & when DH & the boys got home the carpet was so bad it was seeping water everywhere and pooling from under the carpet, we called the man up again who said that we needed to move because the leak was coming from behind the wall! By now it had ruined 2 tops of mine and coloured the bottom of my suitcase! Due to when we was out I had new shorts under 2 tops and the dye came out of them! Plus onto the case.

    We was told that if we packed up our stuff they would sort a room and have it ready for that night ,We had Narcoosees booked for 7.30 and so they offered to get us there as we was no-where nr being ready due to having men in & out of the room for the last few hours!


    Wow what can I say everything about this meal was AMAZING the food the view and atmosphere! I had the lobster & steak along with DH mum had just the lobster & the boys all had steak! Brandon shared with me and we have found he really loves seafood!

    When we got back it was around 12 we sent mum back with the boys while we sorted our new room,we was given a room that was in the middle of no-where!! Dirty with leaves in the door way it was old and the view was of over grown trees,Not what we was expecting aftyer the room we had already had so as it was now 1 we went back to the old room until the next day!

    AK day day 6

    We went to Tusker house today as mum decided she would sort the room for us so I will go through our AK day then switch back to the room issues!
    Tusker house as usual was brilliant this is one of the boys favourite places to eat they really enjoy the interaction from the characters here and It didn’t disappoint, Goofy was very funny and played allot with the boys. This is where Photo pass plus really becomes a great thing to have. We got a big picture with Donald of the whole family plus 1 of the boys which we would have ended up buying anyways as I can not resist a picture of the boys!
    After spending around 4 hours in the park & getting all boys on Everest for the 1st time we decided to head back and see what was going on with the room!

    We expected everything to be sorted but when arriving back to the old room we found out that mum had been in the room waiting for a call to give us our new room number! She had been told that they was going to call by 10…It was now 3!! She had been told not to leave the room as the keys would be deactivated and she would not be able to get back in.So Ian called up and after another hour we finally got a new room in the Paddock section! The boys are more then happy with the area we are in as we look right over the pool the view is FAB! After we was all settled again we managed to make our ADR for Cape May which we all enjoyed very much!

    Cape May.
    After a rather long journey we was all very happy to finally be at Cape May, Mum & I are huge sea food fans and so was very pleased to be eating here, The seafood chowder was so good I could have only eaten that all night lol, I also managed quite a few desserts  .
    Our next day was ment to be at Epcot but the boys decided they wanted to stay by the pool as the pool activities was so much fun, so we ended up staying by the pool all day and then only making it to Epcot to eat dinner at Coral reef around 9! In fact we was the last ADR and stayed right until everybody else had gone .Our server was amazing and interacted with the boys all night telling them where “hidden mickeys” was and then sending them on a hunt to find them.Plus we was right next to the tank which was brilliant, all of our food was pretty decent here as I know it can be hit and miss.

    We have really lucked out weather wise its been hot everyday right up into the night so I had no need to worry about the rain! (now ive said that it will poor down )lol.
    Right well its 2,30 here so I best get some sleep hopefully now that the internet seems to be sorted I will be able to keep up with the report!! Also I have set up a photo bucket account! ”FINALLY” so if I get time ill pop up some pics tomorrow.
  15. tinkerpea

    tinkerpea DIS Veteran

    Aug 12, 2010
    Well after moving to the AOA andhaving NO internet what so ever Im really pleased to finally be able to get back on here!!

    I will fill in the rest of our days later as I have alot to write about but for now I just wanted to do a quick one and say that........

    AOA was AMAZING we stayed in the LMR and the place was full, We tried to upgrade at check in to a suite close to thge main hall as my mums ECV have broken and wont charge so we was worried about her being to far away from everything after the reports of the LM section being miles away:lmao:

    They offered us a wheelchair free of charge for the rest of the stay and told us they would have done a free upgrade if they had any rooms but the whole month is fully booked!

    Well we did not need to worry it was like a 4/5 min walk we hardly noticed it, You walk through the Lion king section to get to LM and its so beautiful that before you realise your already at the LM,

    We had pool view it was beautiful!,The boys was so happy as they thought it was going to be too girly and it wasnt girly at all really,The LM pool is heated to BATH temp!!! It was like walking into a bath no joke! The boys even said it was too hot :rotfl2:
    The other pools are just normal temp and so even though the Nemo pool was really nice we preferred the LM one.

    We enjoyed a relaxing day by the pool and did no parks at all then DH & I went for dinner at Planet Hollywood (which we really enjoyed) and done some last min shopping at DTD.
    I have bought to Disney bags and some really pretty scarfs :) Dh got a £200 Star wars lego set as he gets one every time we go! plus a few other bits.

    Boys went to Ride Maker and we bought them each a new shell and stickers as they already have a car each at home they just wanted to be able to change it around!Plus they each built a DINO teddy they wanted to do it all trip and we told them that if they saved the money for the outfit they wanted for their Dino we would by the Dino,They all saved $35 for an outfit each.

    We had an issue with our MNSSHP tickets with them putting the wrong date on them:sad2: so we then had to get to Magic Kingdom as we was told by the AOA manager thats the only place they can change them! We was told that we could just turn up on the day we wanted and change them at the gate but I wasnt prepared to risk that with it being so close to halloween.

    So after that was sorted we got a Taxi to Springhill Suites seaworld the taxi was only $24 and that was for 6people with 7 cases and 10 shopping bags :lmao:

    We was given a handicapped room which normally id be really unhappy with but the room is HUGE and since we have the boys and they have to sleep on the sofa bed its great to have the space.:thumbsup2
    We did have to get the sofa bed cleaned when we arrived as when i pulled it out it was full of crumbs and stains :mad:

    This afternoon it has been chucking it down so we decided to take the boys to cinema to see Hotel Transylvania "it was brilliant" now we are all in bed ready for Universal praying the rain clears up but at least we have had 17 very hot days pixiedust:

    Im gutted to have left Disney but im looking forward to Universal & shopping it just seems to be speeding by now!

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