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Just Back : Attack of the Flies!!!

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies' started by ChrisnKim913, May 12, 2013.

  1. rachallyy

    rachallyy New Member

    Here now at AOA, was at DTD yesterday and MK today, no swarms just the few annoying flies here and there, no love bugs at all
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  3. eeyoresnr

    eeyoresnr New Member

    love bugs should be about gone til Sept... I live in NW Florida and saw a Junebug last night...a little early for them
  4. Kaotica

    Kaotica New Member

    Just came back from WDW (5/18-5/23) and the flies were everywhere. More noticeable at MK. There were also flies inside Flying Fish!
  5. bentopher

    bentopher New Member

    Really??? I was there may 15-22 and never noticed the flies everyone was talking about. And we spent 4 days at MK too.
  6. eeyoresnr

    eeyoresnr New Member

    very strange how some folks are seeing so many and others are not:confused3
  7. NACFl

    NACFl New Member

    I'm not discounting anyone's story, but we have lots of insects in Florida that fly, and right now it's love bug season. Disney usually does a great job with pest control and cleanliness, but you might encounter horse flies once in a while at Ft Wilderness, and mosquitoes are common in the summer with our rain even though Disney sprays regularly to control them. I have been in the parks almost every weekend for the past two months and haven't seen flies. I recommend wearing Off! Or another repellent if you're out at night during the summer here.
  8. kc2kl115

    kc2kl115 New Member

    I am here now and while I have seen a couple of flies its nothing crazy
  9. n2mm

    n2mm aka WALTSGIRL

    Yes, I agree. We just returned last weekend and we've never seen such a huge fly problem. They were everywhere, inside and outside. All you do is swat the entire time. I think it was related to all the rain we had had earlier (end of April/early May)

    But as always I did get bitten by the yellow fly early in my trip and had to go to first aid for the swelling. I got bite while at the AK lodge on my first night. This has happened on past trips. Then we went back to the AK lodge the next week to meet up with family at the pool bar and I got bite again. Seems the yellow fly just loves me and my DD.
  10. BeerMe

    BeerMe New Member

    These may be unstable flies
  11. wilkeliza

    wilkeliza New Member

    What does a fly bite look like? My DBF and I stayed at AKL a little over a week ago and he had a raised spot with what looked like bruising around it. He said it didn't hurt or itch and we had no clue where it came from. Never got any bigger and is slowly going away.
  12. thedonduck

    thedonduck New Member

    We are locals as well who go weekly (usually on Tues or Wednesday). I can attest to people saying these are FLIES, not love bugs. These were honest-to-goodness FLIES (small house fly). They were really bad by Casey's as well as by Buzz. Our stroller was literally swarmed with them. It was disgusting to try and shoo away hundreds of flies from our stroller. Even the CMs were saying stuff to us and apologizing for them.

    To be honest, it is kind of rude to "not discount" someone stories, but certainly imply that people are wrong in what they are seeing and dealing with. Just because you weren't there/or didn't see them, doesn't mean that everyone who had to deal with them were incorrect.
  13. disneydee6

    disneydee6 New Member

    We are here and have been since 5/20 and have not had any sight of the problem flies. So weird how different everyone's experience is with them. But have had no issues with flies around.
  14. NACFl

    NACFl New Member

    My intent was not to be rude, but to inform. Bug repellent and sun screen are outdoor necessities that some people who are from out of state may not understand this time of year. We have lots if kinds of bugs. I was on a tram with people who were freaking out and calling love bugs flies
    and worried they were going to be bitten by them. If there is a fly issue in various areas of the parks, I am sure Disney is doing what they can to combat the issue. Please don't perceive a slight where none was intended.
  15. triff411

    triff411 New Member

    We got eaten alive by flies after dark in the magic kingdom. They were the most painful bites ever!
  16. Dsnygrl1205

    Dsnygrl1205 New Member

    We were there from the 12th to the 16th and noticed the fly problem too. There were a few Love Bugs around but mostly what looked like smaller house flies.

    Someone in line with us at Enchanted Tales with Belle commented that it was hatching season for flies and that by the end of the week it wouldn't be as bad.

    I don't know if he was correct but it seems like the problem didn't last too long if nobody is seeing them now... :thumbsup2
  17. n2mm

    n2mm aka WALTSGIRL

    Yes, that is how my DD looks. She has an allergic reaction and it becomes swollen and has a large red bruised look about it. After 2 weeks hers is finally going away. Mine swell, then it starts to drain, and does this for days. I've encountered it on many trips and generally head to first aid when the swelling begins and they give me an ice pack, plus a gel for the itching.

    As for the fly problem mentioned, they certainly were the regular "house fly" variety. They were not love bugs. We were in WDW from April 30-May 18 and yes the love bugs were there too. They are not a problem except the front of our car after driving to and from Vero Beach. I still think it's related to the large amount of rain we had late april and the first week of may. It rained for the first 5 days we arrived and never let up. I'm glad to hear that it's gotten better. I hate flys landing near my food and we encountered that inside and outside dining.
  18. ryalluvdiz

    ryalluvdiz New Member

    Going in 2 weeks... Hope they are gone! Just bought some repellent wipes that say they are for biting flies! Hope i don't need them because i swell up from mosquito bites and i have a feeling fly bites will be worse!!
  19. Erinmc3

    Erinmc3 New Member

    Just returned yesterday and honestly saw very, very few flies. Saw the lovebugs but that was earlier in the week.
  20. tinkerbell1984

    tinkerbell1984 New Member

    We were at the parks 5/19 - 5/24 and saw a few flies... Just a few...If it weren't for this thread I probably would have thought nothing of it. We even ate at P.Bills and didn't have an issue.
  21. Jacie

    Jacie Disney Obsessed!

    We were at the parks from 5/16-5/20 and didn't see any extravagant amount of flies, just a few here and there. Must have just been an influx from the few rainy days that they had a couple of weeks ago. I was paranoid after reading this thread, but DH and I joked all weekend that we were still looking for the flies.

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