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June, July, August PLANNING thread

Discussion in 'Countdowns and Live Reports' started by EEyorelover22, Apr 12, 2009.

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  1. RHMH

    RHMH When I retire, I want to get a real job and work f

    MKY - Wow!!! D.D. - Can we go??? Have to wait till July 13th. Reservations made and Dining Reservation can be made this Monday. Woooo Hooooo
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  3. mkymouse4ever

    mkymouse4ever DIS Veteran

    Hiya everyone, :hyper:

    It really is not that "many trips" We are actually going for less days this year. Really excited for april. We have been in april before > but, touringuides are predicting a slower season. Than our usual time in March when it is usually nuts.

    RHMH, good luck with your ADR's. Since the wdw "upgrade" it was very hard to do it online. I hope it is working better for you now. I gave up and called. :scratchin

    Yes, Tomar sometimes it even takes 2 balloons. ;)

    Wow, it was in the 50's fri and sat here. Today cold, with freezing rain. My car is shinning now with its ice coating. ::yes::

    Hope you all had a great weekend. We are watching the "fashion" at the golden globe awards.

    Have a great week, mky :cutie:
  4. EEyorelover22

    EEyorelover22 I want to live in the Castle

    Easter is early this year so the spring breaks are in March I would think.

    I've never been at a slow time. I guess I can look forward to that in retirement!

    COLD here too. Not liking it either.
  5. RHMH

    RHMH When I retire, I want to get a real job and work f

    Hello Everyone - This is what I have so far - 174 more days :cool1:

    Agenda and ADR's So far
    Saturday 07/13/2013
    Arrive MCO 9:48AM
    Check in to Resort
    Receive Groceries from Wego Shop
    Disney Bus - Play Day At Downtown Disney
    T-Rex - Dinner Reservation # xxxxxxxxx919 - 4:00 PM

    Sunday 07/14/2013
    Magic Kingdom Magic Hours 10:00 PM- 1:00 AM
    Be Our Guest - Dinner Reservation # xxxxxxxxx933 4:45 PM

    Monday 07/15/2013
    Hollywood Studios Magic Hours 9:00 PM- 12:00 AM
    Sci-fi Dining - Lunch Reservation # xxxxxxxxx031 - 12:55 PM

    Tuesday 07/16/2013 Celebrate My 55th Birthday :cool1:
    Epcot Magic Hours 9:00 PM 12:00 AM
    Eat and Snack at World Showcase - Lunch
    Rose & Crown Pub - Dinner Reserverstion # xxxxxxxxx097 - 5:45 PM

    Wednesday 07/17/2013
    Animal Kingdom Magic Hours 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
    Chef Mickey Contemporary - Dinner Reservation # xxxxxxxxx031 - 7:35 PM

    Thursday 07/18/2013
    Blizzard Beach Water Park
    Ohana's Polynesian - Dinner Reservation # xxxxxxxxx364 - 6:50 PM

    Friday 07/19/2013
    Magic Kingdom Magic Hours 10:00 PM- 1:00 AM
    Tony's - Lunch Reservation # xxxxxxxxx743 - 12:50 PM

    Saturday 07/20/2013
    Hollywood Studios until flight at 7:20 PM
  6. mkymouse4ever

    mkymouse4ever DIS Veteran

    Hiya everyone, :cheer2:

    RHMH, That sounds really nice. Especially fans of t-rex & sci fi. They are both "fun". :thumbsup2 Sounds exciting.

    Had a VERY exciting :worship: "disney" email today. You guys probably all got it to. Was from the passholder world. About extra pixie dust all year. Well none during my april trip. But, that is ok cause we where feeling really left out, in june/july thinking we are going home on 7/3 and missing the special 4th's fireworks. But, :banana: it is going to run ALL WEEK! WooHoo! :wizard: So we will actually see them twice on the 1st and 2nd. :cheer2: :thumbsup2 We have never been on the 4th so we are especially excited.

    Well winter has definately hit here today. Snowed 1 inch in 1 hr, this am & its 8 degrees out > all day. :scared1:

    Hope everyone is having a great week.

    Happy Planning, mky :cutie:
  7. EEyorelover22

    EEyorelover22 I want to live in the Castle

    Sounds like great trips coming up:cool1::cool1:

    mky: those fireworks are AWESOME!!! I would do some research on where to be for them, but for those and for NYE we were up by the flagpole otherwise I don't think you can see the 360 effect. NYE at DHS they were 360 too:thumbsup2going off the roof tops at DHS...very cool and outside the gate.

    TOMAR@SSR Mouseketeer

    Hi Everyone !:goodvibes
    Well...we are in a Deep freeze here in NJ this week, O M G:scared1:...Its like the Frozen Tundra around here:cold: ....too cold for my blood !!:cold::cold:

    RHMH- Your vacay sounds wonderful ....hope that you and DD have the BESTEST time EVER !!:goodvibes

    MKY- We were at Disney Once for the 4th...and the Fireworks at DHS were soooooo amazing , I will never forget it !!...First of all ,it was such a Pleasant suprise to see a fireworks show over Hollywood Blvd. which never happens, and the way they did the 4th , was sooooo spectacular, Believe it or not, we were at the MK on the 3rd, but honestly, if yu ask me, the show at the Studios was the one I will forever remember !!!:smickey::tinker::smickey::tinker:

    EE22-Hang in there , and lets try to ...."Think Spring" !!!:flower1::flower1:

    Happy Planning everyone !!!!:grouphug:
  9. mkymouse4ever

    mkymouse4ever DIS Veteran

    :rotfl: I know, the fireworks will be amazing. But, now I am facing the dilemma of: do I change our garden wing room at CR to the MKV tower???
    I was trying to save the tower for oct, but maybe if something came out AP rate? or whatever and wasn't too outrageous > we could get the view for the fireworks.

    OMG, trying to figure if I pick up overtime at work > is it worth it???
    I had originally planned the garden wing for april as a tryout to see if I would be content. We have stayed there in the garden before > but you really get spoiled up in the tower. I keep telling myself > "you won't have to worry about elevators" So far that's not much of a selling point. :hyper:

    Well, hope this is my biggest dilemma of 2013. :thumbsup2 :rotfl:

    mky :cutie:

    TOMAR@SSR Mouseketeer

    MKY- I hope so too....:goodvibes...I think either way , your staying at the Resort you guys love , so its all good !!!:cloud9:
    I have a question for you....Have you guys ever eatten Dinner at the "Wave" ?...Mr. Tomar and I were going to give it a try this summer, since, I looked at the menu and they serve "Whole Grain Pasta, which he can eat....with Shrimp !! YUM...So what do ya think ??!! popcorn::
  11. mkymouse4ever

    mkymouse4ever DIS Veteran

    We have never eaten dinner at the wave. The menu is not that appealing to us. :confused3 We have had breakfast there, they really push the buffet > but we usually order what we want.
    It reminds me of a nice hotels resturant. Nothing special???? It is ok.
    Now, the bar issssssssssssss special. Really "hip" kinda feeling to it. We had a drink there it was sooooooooooo strong bug and I almost fell off our bar stools. :lmao:
    We miss the contempary's steak house. That was a must do every trip.

    --as a side note at the wave breakfast last trip > we saw 3 tables robbing the "breakfast buffet" to stock there pantries. OMG They where filling up napsacks, and purses with donuts, rolls, fruit, you name it.
    --Then the table next to us mom and 3 kids > 2 got the buffet and all 4 ate it. :scratchin

    It seriously needed to be watched. But, was rather entertaining.

    mky ::yes::

    TOMAR@SSR Mouseketeer

    LOL...Thank You so much MKY-:cutie:L...can`t drink adult beverages, so I`ll take your word for the strong drinks ....Im sure you guys were feeling NO pain what so ever after that one !!:rotfl2:...WOW about the freebees taken by that family...Im surprised no one noticed..!!:magnify:...How was the service for breakfast when you order ala carte..?
    We miss the Concourse Steakhouse as well....that was a must do for us too...soooo we will try Dinner at the Wave :idea:, and let you know how it goes this summer....We try to do one restaurant we`ve never been to each trip....this summer its the "Wave"...;)
  13. mkymouse4ever

    mkymouse4ever DIS Veteran

    Wave, has spotty service for breakfast. Sometimes it has been great & sometimes they push you to get the buffet, to the point you figure they don't want to do there job. the buffet for breakfast was push $19.00 and we certainly can't eat that much $$ for breakfast. :thumbsup2 So I think it only works when you are really really hungery.
    --- we did talk to our waiter and pointed out the "thieves" and activity and they said, they know they where all doing it > but unless the manager addresses it > they do not. :confused3 Guess it might affect there tip. Although they didn't seem like they where doing well on that front in there either.
    --The wave is a self contained room behind the CR's front desk area = so no windows or views anywhere. Its the area that used to be the quick service seating area and arcade.

    We are off and on with trying "new" places. I have kinda wanted to try the SSR's steakhouse, but we went once > place was very empty and they said "it was an hour wait" ????? we left and haven't been back. :confused3
    What do you think of it?

    mky princess:
  14. EEyorelover22

    EEyorelover22 I want to live in the Castle

    Those fireworks are pretty darn awesome mky. What a problem to have:lmao:
  15. mkymouse4ever

    mkymouse4ever DIS Veteran

    :stir: Well knew it was a matter of time but: I upgraded June. :lmao: We are now mkv / tower. :hyper: I even tried to upgrade in Oct. but no AAA's left. :rolleyes2 Now, I did decline the conceirge floor #12 mkv room with AAA discount. :bitelip: So am holding on that.

    I admitted I am a walt disney world - aholic. No control over my compulsion. And bug is NO help either. ;)

    I am starting to think we will be attending a 12 step program for this compulsion. :duck:

    mky princess:
  16. EEyorelover22

    EEyorelover22 I want to live in the Castle

    I've only ever made it to step one...
    Yes, I am a Disney addict.
    epic failure after that..........::yes::
  17. EEyorelover22

    EEyorelover22 I want to live in the Castle

    Should add mky....I think that the view for those fireworks will be AMAZING:thumbsup2and the crowds from your room will be even more AMAZING to watch FROM A DISTANCE!!!:thumbsup2:thumbsup2:thumbsup2:
  18. tripplanner2

    tripplanner2 Mouseketeer

    MKY: Gotta say that I am pretty jealous! Would love to have your problems!

    Still have no clue what we are doing this summer but kids are pushing for Disney while I am trying really hard to do something different so they can have a new experience. I will admit that I will give up soon if they don't get on board.

    Congrats on the upgrade MKY. Enjoy it!

    TOMAR@SSR Mouseketeer

    Sorry Ive been MIA this weekend ...DS and his DGF were over for the weekend and we celebrated DS`s birthday....:goodvibes :cake::bday: It was also the little Prince`s Birthday on the 26th....he`s 3 years old already !! :bday::cake::bday:

    MKY- Congrats on your upgrade....Its gonna be wonderful watching wishes from your balcony !!!! :woohoo::woohoo:
    Im starting to rethink the wave now, Ive tryed to look at other reviews and most others are saying the same thing you have mentioned here...very spotty at best, so Im on the hunt for a new restaurant for one night that we have open ...lol :goodvibes
    About the The Turf Club at SSR- we only ate there one night so I cannot give you an honest review on it...the night we were there the food was OK...not great ,not bad either, but it was late so not sure if that was the reason, but, the service was s l o w.... :rolleyes2

    Hope everyone has a great week !!!:grouphug:
  20. candizfan

    candizfan Mouseketeer

    Hi everyone! :wave2:

    Not sure you remember me. I use to be your Canadian friend and chat all the time on the board with you? :rotfl:

    Sorry I have been away so long. It seems like forever since I have been on here. I received a notification today and felt terrible for not checking in.

    I have been working too much and fighting terrible headaches all winter. I am not sure what is causing them and even my migraine medicine is not working. so I am not really into coming home and surfing on the computer.

    I have hardly planned anything for our March trip to Universal. Once I booked the flights and the rooms I pretty much ignored it. No that we are 39 days away I need to get busy or the kids are going thing the world has stopped turning because I have no plans.

    Hopefully everyone is doing well and I did see that the boys are gaining weight. That is great news. I will have to make an effort to touch base more often.

    I will post again soon. :goodvibes
  21. RHMH

    RHMH When I retire, I want to get a real job and work f

    Glad to see you on the Dis Board again. Sorry about the headaches, hope they will stop so you and your family can focus on your up coming vacation.

    Happy day to you and your family :)
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