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June 28, 2009 ~ 4 night on the Wonder!

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Meets' started by Blueyed Girl, Jan 23, 2009.


Choose a place for the meet & greet

  1. Goofy Pool 3pm first day.

  2. Promenade Lounge 3pm first day.

  3. I like one of these locations but prefer to discuss a different time.

  4. I can't make any meet & greets.

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Mean Queen

    Mean Queen <font color=blue><marquee> If only life were like

    I guess you got in on the great Florida resident rate too? We only booked this a little bit ago.

    If you have a birthday, tell you travel agent or the DCL agent what night you want to celebrate. I think you can also tell your head waiter on the ship. They bring a little cake (same type for every celebration) to the table. You can also order (as in pay for) decorations for your room.
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  3. Blueyed Girl

    Blueyed Girl HAKUNA MATATA!

    Hi and welcome! My DS is also 5. Will yours be doing any kids clubs? We are still not sure if we will put him in there or not. We will definitely go play during "open house" to see what it's all about, though! :thumbsup2
  4. cdelphia

    cdelphia Member

    We will also be on the cruise. This is my second cruise, but first with Disney. DH's first cruise and DD10 first cruise.

    Too bad we missed the Fish Extender list. I just found out what it was. Maybe I'll just do it myself for DD10.

    Love the magnets. I just have to go buy some of the magnet paper.

    I can't wait to go!

    How is the Oceaneer's Lab for 10 year old?
  5. amc3007

    amc3007 Active Member

    Well I just got done placing my disney store online order... I hope it comes in time! I just had to get one more costume... I am sure I didn't "need" it but oh well! Hope everyone is getting ready! See you soon! I know the life boat drill is at 3 or 330... I can not remember.... I don't think we will be able to make the meet up... My little ones will be napping.... See you soon!
  6. angtomczak

    angtomczak Active Member

    It looks like the drill isn't until 4, so it looks like we'll be OK! Now, I'm just wondering how much time I'll have between the drill and (early) dinner to get ready.....!

    10 more days ya'll! :dance3:
  7. angtomczak

    angtomczak Active Member

  8. Blueyed Girl

    Blueyed Girl HAKUNA MATATA!

    Ok, so with reading all of this. How does everyone feel about Meeting at 3pm in the Promenade Lounge???
  9. Blueyed Girl

    Blueyed Girl HAKUNA MATATA!

    Hi and Welcome!! Maybe you should come to our meet & greet......once we figure out where that is.
  10. Blueyed Girl

    Blueyed Girl HAKUNA MATATA!

    I have added a poll for the meet & greet issue. PLEASE go vote!! :thumbsup2
  11. angtomczak

    angtomczak Active Member

    UPS just delivered my FE gifts!!!! :woohoo:
  12. Blueyed Girl

    Blueyed Girl HAKUNA MATATA!


    I got shipping confirmation today about my actual FE! Can't wait to see it.
  13. Mean Queen

    Mean Queen <font color=blue><marquee> If only life were like

    I talked to some of my group and they want to try the meet and greet. I voted Promenade lounge. Last time, when we did Studio Sea, someone got permission for us to be inside. They even had Disney set up water and lemonade for us! But that group was much bigger than this time. The Promenade would work great for our size.
  14. jillebean

    jillebean Member

    Yes, we plan on using the clubs on and off. The ds and dd can't wait. I'll check into the birthday options when we get on board. When is the open house in the kids club? We voted for the goofy pool because of the kids, but will try to go wherever is best for all. :cheer2:
  15. JackNMel

    JackNMel Active Member

    :love::love::love::love:Hey guys,
    Melody here... friend of Mean Queen Shay, finally trying to post again after my first and second times failed. Hope this one works! I am looking forward to my first Disney cruise and meeting up with all of you. It is late, and hubby is trying to sleep next to me, so I will make this short. I just know that four nights will not be enough for me, they will have to drag me off the boat!! I have been working on my pirate costume all day, I am trying to put something together with ebay purchases and stuff I already have. I am getting so excited!! Still working on FE gifts, I am trying to be crafty, hope everyone likes them! Talk to you later,

  16. JackNMel

    JackNMel Active Member

    Yeah, it worked!! I am so happy!:cheer2:Goodnight!!:cheer2:
  17. Blueyed Girl

    Blueyed Girl HAKUNA MATATA!

    Hi there and :welcome: Glad to "meet" you. :thumbsup2 I know what you mean about 4 nights probably not being long enough. As for the costume i'm sort of piecing one together myself. I have a pirate costume that is an all-in-one and has a skirt. The skirt is shorter than what I'd want to wear so I cut it off and will wear black capri pants with the top instead. The top is a white pirate shirt with vest over it but it's all sewed together.

    :rotfl2: See you in less than 2 weeks!!
  18. Blueyed Girl

    Blueyed Girl HAKUNA MATATA!

    I keep reading that the Promenade lounge is a better meeting place so it got my vote too. 1 week 3 days!!! :banana:

    I think the open house is on the first day/evening. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. This is my first cruise. I'm just going off of things I've been reading around the DIS.

    I thought the goofy pool was a good idea at first but keep reading otherwise. So I'm voting for the promenade lounge. I don't think our meet will take up a lot of time. It' just nice to put faces to names.
  19. Mean Queen

    Mean Queen <font color=blue><marquee> If only life were like

    We'll probably be near the Promenade anyway. That's where the guys can buy the beer package. Our 1st cruise was a 3 night. Too short. The 2nd was 4 nights. Better, but still too short. The 3rd was a week. Great, but now I'm thinking the 2 week Repo cruise may be best.

    Hi Mel!
  20. JackNMel

    JackNMel Active Member

    Hey there everyone,
    I am starting to have mini-panics about forgetting something important when packing!! So, a question for everyone, what is something that you pack that you cannot do without? I don't mean clothes or deoderant (although very essential), but something unique that you have found to be very useful on a trip, or a cruise if it applies. I have read that some people bring the over the door shoe holders for keeping their toiletries and things organized, I think that is a brilliant idea! So give me all your great ideas so I will feel more prepared-:dance3: Thank you!!

    Hi Shay!
  21. Mean Queen

    Mean Queen <font color=blue><marquee> If only life were like

    We forgot it last time, but it's something I don't want to forget again. A laundry bag to hold our dirty clothes. This way we don't have to worry about remembering which suitcase is the dirty clothes suitcase. If it's in the bag, it's dirty. Also, I know I told you before, bring an extension cord or three plug if you have lots to plug in. The electric outlets are limited in the room.

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