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June 15 - June 22 2013 Eastern Fantasy

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Meets' started by TIGGER/POOH4, Oct 18, 2011.


    TIGGER/POOH4 Active Member

    Booked today :cool1::cool1:

    This will be our 4th Eastern but our first Eastern on the Fantasy. We are just on the Oct 8-15th 2011 Magic Eastern. We had a great group of DISser's on that cruise so we will have high standards to live up to. So who with us? My crew is myself Dan, DW Renee, DD Kim and DS James booked in a Cat 5C.

    Post your info here. And we'll list everybody here in the first post

    1) Tigger/Pooh4 Dan, Renee, Kim and James 5c
    2) Msteddom Melissa
    3) SDGoofy
    4) RJLechner 5c and 9b
    5) thepops
    6) MousyMe
    7) mybeachbabies
    8) Texas Disney Fan
    9) 4newtocruise
    10) Duckyfans
    11) daboof
    12) FLDisneyMom
    13) bobbi565
    14) Kyirish25
    15) KSDisneyDad
    16) betsy918
    17) MJDisFamCruisers
    18) love2travel319
    19) Lindsey2065
    20) Tinkerbell60
    21) wideeyedwonder
    22) RebeccaLovesDisney
    23) doughgirl40
    24) cades mom
    25) weaves18
    26) Scottly83
    27) 4everGoofy
    28) Beesmom
    29) npuhala
    30) tncplace
    31) Janis
    32) Maltese5
    33) VaBeachCruzCrew
    34) GBBTomorrow
    35) beach bums
    36) staley98
    37) LittleBooPeep
    38) tluther5406
    39) luvavacation
    40) mneemouse
    41) jrcmpbl
    42) ambersharley
    43) Neriberi
    44) Tessa0422
    45) Kalel29
    46) sterlint
    47) Flinng5
    48) Firemom25
    49) tinkerbell60
    50) Karrie12
    51) AlyssaKayelin

    FB Page Link


    FE Exchange

    What is a fish extender exchange?

    If you're not familiar with what a fish extender exchange is, check out these links:



    To join up please send an PM to TIGGER/POOH4
    Please list the following:

    1. Your DISboard name.
    2. Stateroom Number
    3. Names, ages and gender of everyone in your stateroom that will be participating in the FE Exchange.

    Once I receive your PM, I will send out a list of participants. PLEASE check the list to make sure I have your information correct. Some people make personalized things with names on them and I'd hate to spell someone's name wrong and not know it. Or I'd really feel awful if I have your stateroom number wrong and you don't get any FE gifts at all! So, please double check my list when I send it. THANKS!!

    current list of players here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet...GtmOE8tZ0d2NnNtSkN3eGlxb0pyalE&hl=en_US#gid=0

    2) 4newtocruise
    3) bobbi565
    4) Kyirish25
    5) KSDisneyDad
    6) disnetbeachprincess
    7) DisneyMom76
    8) Lindsey2065
    9) cades mom
    10) 4everGoofy
    11) npuhala
    12) wideeyedwonder
    13) finns
    14) tncplace
    15) VaBeachCruzCrew
    16) GBBTomorrow
    17) beach bums
    18) staley98
    19) Luvavacation
    20) mneemouse
    21) jrcmpbl
    22) elliottt2323
    23) ambersharley
    24) MJDisFamCruisers
    25) LittleBooPeep
    26) tluther5406
    27) MousyMe
    28) Neriberi
    29) Tessa0422
    30) Kalel29
    31) Betsy918

    Current FE guidelines Budgets: That is YOUR OWN personal decision. Minimum and maximum amounts to spend WILL NOT be assigned. Only you know how much you can afford/want to spend on it so that is up to you completely.

    Gifts: Do not feel bad if you give only 1 gift per cabin/family. DW and I did this last time, that's what our budget was. If you want to and have the budget to give adult gifts and kid gifts that's fine too. Our last FE consisted of some people who gave to everybody and others, like us, who just gave for the entire cabin or family if there was more than 1 cabin. As long as it is heartfelt and fun, that's all we're looking for here.

    Homemade/crafts: Again, your personal choice. If you enjoy doing this type of stuff and have the time/budget(often cheaper btw) then have a blast and do whatever you feel like. If you are not the craftsy type, please go right ahead and just buy your gifts. Any and all types are appreciated.

    Theme: No over riding particular them you must adhere to. If you have for your gifts, as many people like to do(Cruise meet theme, or Pirate night for example) then that's great. If you just want to be random and give fun stuff, the more the merrier.
    You must give a gift if you are signing up!! I've seen a couple of mentions that some people are not giving stuff, just hoarding. I really would hate to see that happen here. This is about the GIVING.
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  3. kimsue68

    kimsue68 Member

    changed date
  4. msteddom

    msteddom <font color=blue>We always wait in line in Califor

    I booked today too! So far it's just me :) My name is Melissa and I teach high school history in Los Angeles. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone!


    TIGGER/POOH4 Active Member

    :welcome: aboard. Hopefully you have chosen to join us in the fun in the Eastern Caribbean. :cool1: I love your name (Kim) as it is the same as my DD. :)

    TIGGER/POOH4 Active Member

    :welcome: aboard Melissa. Glad you have decided to join us in the Eastern Caribbean. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask since I have just returned from this intinerary on Saturday. I asked if I could stay on the Magic but the CM's politely said no. :rotfl2:
  7. kimsue68

    kimsue68 Member

  8. msteddom

    msteddom <font color=blue>We always wait in line in Califor

    I did the Eastern Caribbean about 10 years ago on Carnival. I loved the islands, but the ship...well...not Disney. As for DCL, I've done a 4 night double dip on the Wonder and I just did a five night double dip on the Dream this past August. I'm really excited to experience the Fantasy!!!!


    TIGGER/POOH4 Active Member

    I have not been on the Dream yet so you'll have to help us out with all the Dream class ships have to offer. A double dip at CC sounds great. Were just there last week. We will miss the Magic but we are very excited for the Fantasy.

    The Magic at CC :cloud9:


    The Fantasy as of 101311 :banana::banana: She should be floated out soon. :cool1::cool1:

  10. kimsue68

    kimsue68 Member

    Soooo, long story short, i had to reschedule our cruise already:sad2: so count us out. have fun.

    TIGGER/POOH4 Active Member

    Sorry to see you go:sad1:. Hopefully you have a great time on the rescheduled date.
  12. msteddom

    msteddom <font color=blue>We always wait in line in Califor

    The first thing you're going to notice about the new ships are the SIZE. They are huge! Where the Wonder (because I've never been on the Magic :) ) is intimate, the Dream is grand.

    They are both amazing, but completely different! I'm sure I'll feel the same way about the Fantasy. This will be my longest cruise with Disney, and I can't wait!!!


    TIGGER/POOH4 Active Member

    Good morning fellow cruisers. Another week has gone by.
    We now have only
    weeks to go to the Fantasy. :cool1::cool1::cool1:

    TIGGER/POOH4 Active Member

    Thanks. We booked 7542 which is a 5c cabin just forward of the mid elevators. Is that a good location on the Fantasy? We usually book near the aft elevators on the Magic but the walk from the front to back seems long so we are trying more in middle of the ship.
    You will really love the longer 7 day cruises. The shorter cruises were rush rush rush for us on the Wonder. You get to relax and enjoy the ship especially starting off with 2 sea days. You will also notice immediately the cruisers are different as well. Most of the cruisers will be DCL veterans therefore will be a lot more relaxed.
  15. poohs4me

    poohs4me Active Member

    We are booked on this cruise as well - however, I am not sure we will be on it in 2013 - I REALLY want to do a transatlantic, so I am anxiously awaiting for the Magic and Wonder itineraries to come out.
  16. msteddom

    msteddom <font color=blue>We always wait in line in Califor

    I think midship is the place to be. I'm in a 9B on deck 2 midship. I had a forward cabin on the Dream and did not like it at all. It was quite a hike from the forward elevator to my cabin. The hallways in the forward part of the ship aren't straight, so every time you turn another corner you think you're almost there...but you're not! So this time around I made sure to select a cabin rather than going the GTY route. I know I will be happy in the stateroom I've chosen on the Fantasy!


    TIGGER/POOH4 Active Member

    Good luck with you getting a TA cruise but if not then welcome aboard. We met a DISser that loves the TA cruises on the Magic last week. Sounds like fun to have 14 days on the Magic. :thumbsup2

    TIGGER/POOH4 Active Member

    Glad to hear you were able to get a good stateroom location. :thumbsup2 Thanks for your advise. We were thinking about the verandahs off the stern but that looked like a long walk to just about anything. Booking day 1 is nice in that we can pick our stateroom. We were able to get a non-connecting stateroom midship. There are very few non-connectors on the Fantasy. The opposite of the Magic. We always seemed to get loud neighbors so one less avenue of noise. :thumbsup2

    Looking forward to going back to St Thomas.

  19. IrishCowboy

    IrishCowboy DIS Veteran<br><a href="http://www.disboards.com/s

    I have added your thread to the cruise meet list :thumbsup2

    Have a great cruise!
  20. SDGoofy

    SDGoofy Overplanning Mouse

    10 members of the family travelling from San Diego. Done the Magic Western in 2008 and the Wonder Alaskan in 2011. Looking forward to the Fantasy and the Eastern cruise.

    TIGGER/POOH4 Active Member

    :welcome: aboard :cool1:Wow 10 family members.:thumbsup2 Sounds like a great time for all.:banana: We just got off the Magic two weeks ago off an Eastern (seems like yesterday they kicked us off :rotfl2:) so if you have any questions regarding the Eastern ports please do not hestitate to ask.

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