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July 9, 2013 4 Night Med on the Magic

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Meets' started by Love to Cruise DCL, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. If we will join you :stir: we will probably stay on board when the ship is in Palma. We all have been there before and would rather like to inhale the Disney spirit. Valldemossa, Deià and Sóller are all great. Nice little villages and wonderful views. You will love the landscape. The surrounding Tramuntana mountains are the best part of Mallorca. To bad you can not combine it with the train ride from Sóller either to Palma or Puerto de Sóller. This is really good too.

    I had a look at Eze (never heard about it before). It looks nice. We thought about going to Nice by train. What about Villefranche itself? It is worth a visit?
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  3. ShellB8585

    ShellB8585 Member

    have just found this on cruise critic. http://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/ports/newport_print.cfm?ID=84
    My cousin did the med last year so will also ask her and let you know
  4. ShellB8585

    ShellB8585 Member

    My Cousin has said Villefranche is really lovely to potter around but it is also very easy to catch the train to Nice or Monaco.
  5. Thank you for the hints and information. Maybe a rental car and a drive to Grasse (should not take longer than one hour) would be nice. Would love to see Grasse, but I am not sure if July is the best month to visit Grasse. Will do some research over the weekend.:coffee:
  6. Mousewife

    Mousewife Earning My Ears

    Hi Everyone, thought I'd stop by and see if there were a few more of us on board! We did a 7 day Med cruise last time the Magic was over and found that there were mainly Spanish families on board, so I'm sure we won't have the ship to ourselves, although that would give us a good chance of an upgrade:)

    With regards to shore excursions, we got off at Villefranche and took the bus to Monaco. The trains had been cancelled that day due to a problem on the line. the buses were full to standing room, but it was August, so a busier time and with no train running! Anyway, it was only €1 each way and they ran frequently. We did the little red land train tour and the oceanography museum. Enjoyed both. The port of Villefranche was very pretty and had a little beach, so this time I think we will just explore the little shops and stay in port.
    Palma is a city we know well, so we took a trip into old Palma to see the Cathedral and the rambles. There were lots of excursions available, but it is very easy to arrange your own. As I am travelling with just my daughter this time, we are going to take advantage of all the ship has to offer:stitch2:
  7. Kiva

    Kiva Earning My Ears

    Hello everybody,

    Yesterday I booked our cruise :). I travel with my 13y Son and 11y daughter. We were on the Magic in 2007, for the 12 day Mediteranean. The ship will be a little bit bussier, sorry about that :goodvibes

    See/sea you
  8. Love to Cruise DCL

    Love to Cruise DCL DVC Member

    Welcome to the group!!!:wave2:
  9. Lili2003

    Lili2003 Earning My Ears

    Hello everyone!!! We are on that cruise too...It will be me, my husband and DD(15)..... :cool1:
  10. ShellB8585

    ShellB8585 Member

    Welcome folks good to see some more people are joining us :-)
  11. dclhull

    dclhull Earning My Ears

    We're cruising with you all too! Me, DH, DS (7yo) and DDs (2yo and 5yo). See ya real soon! :)
  12. ShellB8585

    ShellB8585 Member

    Welcome dclhull :-) we should all arrange a meet on the cruise if any of you are for it? X
  13. Love to Cruise DCL

    Love to Cruise DCL DVC Member

    Welcome to the group!!:thumbsup2
  14. Hooray :cheer2: - we did it! They offered VGT today with a fantastic rate and what should I say, we booked as fast as we could. And now we are with you. We are really excited. I smiled all day long :dance3:. And I will not stop until tomorrow or next week. See you soon :wave2:.
  15. ShellB8585

    ShellB8585 Member

    Yey can't wait:cool1:
  16. Just edited my signature. We will be three girls in our forties in two staterooms. I had a look through the stuff from my last cruise and found quite a few door magnets. Will you decorate your doors? Will it be safe with probably some clueless people from Spain on board :confused3? What about the magnet exchange Steph talked about?
    Has anyone ever had some stuff signed by characters. I bought two pillow cases weeks ago just in case. Read here that you can drop stuff at the guest service and get it back signed. Sounds good to me. :thumbsup2
  17. ShellB8585

    ShellB8585 Member

    We haven't decorated our door yet but this is only #2 probably won't this time.

    I am going to take a 12x12 canvas to drop at guest services, with some treats, for signatures. DH and I want to start a family in the near future and I thought this would be a cute idea to hang in the nursery :-)
  18. ShellB8585

    ShellB8585 Member

    Am I right in assuming there isn't a formal night as such on this cruise? :confused3
  19. dclhull

    dclhull Earning My Ears

    We've had pillowcases signed in the past and on our last cruise the characters signed picture mattes. This year I'm taking t-shirts for signatures! So fun!!
  20. Hi,
    I hope you all are well and still enthusiastic about the journey. We have finally booked our hotel in Barcelona. We will stay at the Hispanos 7 Suizas near the Sagrada Familia. We will have two bedrooms with two bathrooms. Hopefully the best and cheapest way to get 3 girls ready for some exciting days in Barcelona. Have you already decided how you will get to the port? I read some dreadful stories about overloaded blue buses.
  21. Made a - very short - list

    Love to Cruise DCL
    Pixie Naseweis

    We are on board, aren't we?

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