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July 2013 Discounts

Discussion in 'Disney Discount Codes and Rates' started by Z28KatCar, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. diskids2

    diskids2 <font color=CC66CC>Not above grovelling for a tag

    I can't remember the exact time frames, but I will tell you that in July, 2011 we vacationed during the second week of July and in July, 2012 we vacationed for the second and third weeks of July.

    I remember getting the pins around April each year.
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  3. sethschroeder

    sethschroeder New Member

    Hello all, new to DISBOARDS but been lurking about a month. Just checking to see if anyone has come across discounts yet?

    Right now I am thinking of just booking through AAA as I can get a 15-20% discount on the room July 7-15.
  4. xoktenox

    xoktenox New Member

    We're staying at All Star Sports for 3 nights before we start a stay at the BWV on our DVC points. Looking for some type of discount to either upgrade to a moderate or at least something minimal on our AS Sports reservation! We'll be there July 25-28 and then BWV July 28-August 3.
  5. RHMH

    RHMH When I retire, I want to get a real job and work f

    Welcome Fellow Diser :yay:
  6. Sunlover317

    Sunlover317 New Member

    I'm new here and new to Disney resorts. We've always stayed off-site. I really want to stay at AoA July 13-20 but haven't booked yet. Does anyone know if AAA offers a discount for a little mermaid room?

    Also, how do you get AAA pricing? Can you search that rates online or do I need to contact them? I completed a quote request from Small World Vacations and AAA on Sunday evening but haven't received quotes from either yet. I would like to get something booked.

    One more question.... how do you get a pin number? We have cruised on Disney before but never stayed in a resort. We do have a Disney Visa.
  7. sethschroeder

    sethschroeder New Member

    Couple ways to get the pricing-

    Call AAA
    Pick up a disney book from AAA
    Call/Chat with Disney directly and ask about AAA (room only) discount

    Fastest would be to just chat with Disney about it, you can go to disney --> support --> upper right corner I think is the chat button
  8. Sunlover317

    Sunlover317 New Member

    Thanks. I talked to a Disney agent who told me there are no AAA discounts for Little mermaid rooms, just suites. She also told me she doesn't think there will be any discounts on those rooms this summer :(
  9. obrienminnie

    obrienminnie New Member

    has anyone gotten a pin code for july yet? it seems in years past I have (when we didnt go) and now that I want/need one, we havent heard anything! Just wondering if anyone has heard anything about some pin codes...and the waiting continues :coffee:
  10. RHMH

    RHMH When I retire, I want to get a real job and work f

    Just called to make changes to our reservations. Asked and the answer was - no, I don't see one attached to your name...:crazy2: BUT !!! Keep calling...
  11. lhk617

    lhk617 New Member

    I'm waiting too! Hope to hear something soon!
  12. Disney's Fab 4

    Disney's Fab 4 Luv'n The House Of Mouse!

    :) subscribing and hoping!!! :)
  13. star1765

    star1765 New Member

    Do you have to belong to AAA to get the discount?? Haven't been to Disney in years!! Would love to get down there this summer!
  14. sethschroeder

    sethschroeder New Member

    Not to be to sarcastic but:

    Do you have to be associated to the military to get the millitary discount?
    What about Disney Visa holder to get that discount?

    Sorry but yes you would need to be a AAA member to get the discount. Now they might forget to check your card and you could get away with it.

    That being said better discounts are coming shortly, I wont even being using my AAA discount.
  15. lupp2217

    lupp2217 Loving Disney

  16. Ferrentinos

    Ferrentinos New Member

    Waiting and hoping ... April 2nd is finally almost here!!!!
  17. Beachwed04

    Beachwed04 New Member

    I may have missed the answer to this in the string of posts...but what is the date they are saying for a release of mid-end July discounts? We have our trip booked already but a discount would be very nice ;)

  18. CuteAsMinnie

    CuteAsMinnie New Member

    Release of April 2
    Disney Visa cardholders discount was released TODAY :thumbsup2
  19. fadingjamie

    fadingjamie Up next... our first trip to Disneyland!

    Oh my GOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDD!! *runs for phone*
  20. Bigeagle

    Bigeagle New Member

    I saw a message about the Disney VISA offer yesterday and contacted my AAA agent before they even knew (I could tell by their reaction) Made my reservation update today and saved an additional $240.

    Yes, I am doing the happy dance! I really wasn't sure an offer would come for late July/early Aug, and had resigned to going forward regardless. Did I mention I am doing the happy dance?
  21. Jackiemarie21

    Jackiemarie21 New Member

    I got my Disney Visa discount this morning! We saved $721! YAY! I would have not even known about the discount so early if it wasn't for this board, so thanks guys! I am even more excited about our trip now! :banana:

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