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July 2013 CANCELLED ADR Thread - Read 1st Post

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reservations' started by Pumbaa_, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Pumbaa_

    Pumbaa_ <font color=purple>Hakuna Matata!<br><font color=r Moderator

    New policy for threads - Trade/Transfer/Wanted posts are no longer allowed. Since Disney no longer allows transferring of reservations to new names, we will no longer support trading of ADRs.

    If you and another poster choose to call Disney at the same time to attempt to reclaim a cancellation that is fine and outside of the boards.

    Only Cancellation Notice Posts will be allowed going forward. Wanted posts will be deleted without comment.

    Thank you for understanding the reason for this change.
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  3. lisatav

    lisatav Active Member

    Going to be cancelling:

    Reservation for 4 Guests on Friday Jul 5, 2013
    Akershus Royal Banquet Hall
    6:55 PM - Dinner
    Already cancelled
  4. lisatav

    lisatav Active Member

    Ohana Dinner
    Date: Monday, July 01, 2013
    Time: 6:40 PM
    Guests: 4 Adults
  5. julieanddanny

    julieanddanny Active Member

    Will be cancelling Mama Melrose 5pm 7/10/13 for 5 people.
    I thought it was a Fantasmic Package but not seeing that on the ressie now so maybe it wasn't.

    Eta: yes, it is a Fantasmic package! Will cancel tonight.
  6. staceycrouton

    staceycrouton Active Member

    Just cancelled:
    7/14 'Ohana party of 5 at 9:05am
    7/14 Via Napoli party of 5 at 12:45pm
    7/14 'Ohana party of 5 at 6:50pm
  7. shan23877

    shan23877 I make lists about my lists

    Cancelling the following reservations-all are for a party of 3:

    The Plaza 12:00 pm July 13

    The Yachtsman 6:50 pm July 14

    Citricos 6:25 July 16

    Coral Reef 1:00 July 18

    1900 Park Fare 8:00 am July 18

    Hope someone can use them!
  8. SwirlyGirly

    SwirlyGirly Active Member


    Yachtsman Steakhouse
    7:10 Saturday Jul 13, 2013
    5 guests

    Cape May Cafe
    7:10 Friday July 19, 2013
    3 guests

    Le Cellier Steakhouse
    7:55 Saturday Jul 20, 2013
    3 guests

    Il Mulino
    6:30 Sunday Jul 21, 2013
    3 guests
  9. skiptomypooh

    skiptomypooh Disney Daughter, Disney Mom, Disney Fan forever!

    Canceling 7/11, 9:30a, four of us
    At Chef Mickey's
  10. PrincessArlena'sDad

    PrincessArlena'sDad Active Member

    Had to change vacation from a two week July 4th trip to a one week late Aug trip (I hate my wife's boss!) So, we have to give up these REALLY great ADRs and then got ones in Aug that aren't nearly as good. :(

    Hopefully my loss is someone else's gain. And, hopefully I'll get some cancelled ADR karma for our Aug trip ;)

    All for 6 guests
    July 1: Akakshus princess (8:00) and Le Cellier (6:00)
    July 2: Crystal Palace (8:05) and BOG (6:00) :sad:
    July 3: CRT (12:00) and Tony's (6:00)
    July 4: Biergarten (1:30) and Rose and Crown (7:15)
    July 5: O'Hana (6:30) (PS this was our wedding anniversary dinner reservation, so if you get it, please toast us for our anniversary!)
    July 6: H&V (8:00) and Mama Melrose Fantasmic package (5:55)
    July 8: Garden Grill (5:55)
    July 9: Tusker House (8:00)
    July 10: Crystal Palace (8:10) and BOG (6:05) :sad:
    July 12: 50s Prime Time (1:00)

    Plan to cancel tonight at 10:00 tonight but can't promise it won't be a bit later.
  11. PrincessArlena'sDad

    PrincessArlena'sDad Active Member

    For anyone who is waiting for these... sorry but I haven't been able to get to computer yet and unable to use MDE on this kindle. Will post here when I can get to it... with a heads up warning.
  12. TJA

    TJA Active Member

    I just cancelled

    Chef Mickeys - July 3 - 7:10 a.m.
  13. PrincessArlena'sDad

    PrincessArlena'sDad Active Member

    Sorry for the delay... didn't have a chance to get this done... until now.

    Canceling in the next few mintutes
  14. Jetku

    Jetku Active Member

    About to cancel the following:
    July 2 - 5:15 PM - 7 people - 'Ohana
  15. rachel09985

    rachel09985 Active Member

    so the fact that this july cancellation thread is on day 1 means july is going to be dead, right??:rotfl2::rotfl2::rotfl::rotfl:
  16. JeannieKY

    JeannieKY Tink fan

    Canceling Chef Mickey's dinner for 2 at 6pm on July the 4th. I plan to do this at 9pm tonight for anyone who wants this one.
  17. DisneyFam09

    DisneyFam09 Active Member

    Canceled O'hana party of 10 on 7/16 at 5pm
  18. nfggirl5454

    nfggirl5454 Active Member

    About to cancel the Crystal Palace, Wednesday, July 3 at 10am for 3 guests.
  19. Mickey & Minnie Mom

    Mickey & Minnie Mom Active Member

    Have a Mama Melrose on July 4th for party of 5 at 6:30 pm will need to cancel.

    If interested, let me know and may be able to coordinate a cancel time.
  20. skullsplitter

    skullsplitter Active Member

    Just cancelled BAckyard BBQ for July 13 at 6:30 party of four
  21. rachel09985

    rachel09985 Active Member

    Just canceled for 2

    Chef Mickeys on July 5th at 7:35am
    Le Cellier on July 8th at 6:20pm

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