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January 4th, 2013- 8 night Western out of Galveston

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Meets' started by BibbidyBobbidyBoo, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. DisneyFan907

    DisneyFan907 Earning My Ears

    Oh really? Well then we will definitely be doing the FE! How do I sign up?:goodvibes
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  3. riofriotex

    riofriotex Earning My Ears

    I would trust your itinerary from Disney over the info I got! I think it makes sense that a formal night would be an at-sea day; I think most cruise lines try NOT to have them on port days. But, I guess that means it could be either Day 2 or Day 4 (Day 11 is also at sea, but I know that cruise lines also don't have formal night the evening before disembarkation!). I think I will try to call them tomorrow and find out for sure on the formal night.

    Out of curiosity, when did you get your itinerary? Was it a certain number of days after making your final payment? Wondering when we'll get ours - final payment was made 10 days ago.
  4. klepton

    klepton Member

    We are all (including DW and I) planning on dressing up for pirate night... assuming we can find some cheap costumes in after Halloween clearance.
  5. klepton

    klepton Member

    Just tonight I was on the DCL site and looking at my reservation. The Pirate Party showed up as a shipboard activity on the 5th day. So I guess that's the night.
  6. riofriotex

    riofriotex Earning My Ears

    ***Per Disney Cruise Agent George: Formal Night #2 Saturday, Pirate Night #5 Tuesday, and Semi Formal #7 Thursday. All other night Cruise Casual (no short pants).

    CAJUNS IN CANADA Earning My Ears

    The online check-in offers the option to print. A customized pdf is generated with any tours, etc booked.
  8. riofriotex

    riofriotex Earning My Ears

    Gotcha. I did online check-in before I booked anything - tours, Palo, etc. I'll have to go back in when I'm done booking stuff and print it all out. (Disney noob!)

    CAJUNS IN CANADA Earning My Ears

    Kind of hoping our older son will have some company onboard. He is turning 15 just before we sail and not sure how many similar-aged will be onboard. Vibe kept him busy last time, but there were quite a few his age, including one of the stars of Disney's A.N.T. Farm.
  10. rams408

    rams408 Earning My Ears

    :)My son will be there. He's 15, just shy of 16
  11. Cnolte

    Cnolte Earning My Ears

    Anyone have older kids that might want to chat before the cruise I know mine are 8, 10, and 12. It would be un for them to get excited with other kids they ill be reveling with. If so ln ill start a meet board for them!
  12. chimpwars

    chimpwars Earning My Ears

    I have a 7 yo girl, is your 8yo a girl?
  13. lonestardisney

    lonestardisney Earning My Ears

    My 9 year old son, Alex, and 6 year old daughter, Charlotte, are beyond excited to set sail!
  14. klepton

    klepton Member

    Our DD is 7, and likes to make new friends. We'll need to make sure to figure out how to introduce all the kids of same ages early on in the cruise. On other cruise lines it's always been easier, as there have only been a few kids our daughter's age. This one will probably have a great deal more...
  15. chimpwars

    chimpwars Earning My Ears

    Yes, that would be great!!

    CAJUNS IN CANADA Earning My Ears

    :banana:That is good news. Christopher will likely spend lots of time in Vibe or at the pool. Looking forward to a great time!
  17. jitsb

    jitsb Member

    *rushes in and skids to a halt* Phew! Made it!! :banana:

    Hey everybody, last minute signer-uppers here! We just booked this cruise about two weeks ago, but it will be our 4th DCL cruise, all on board the Magic. So happy to be heading home! :love:

    We had to book this so late because we weren't sure my husband would be able to get leave so this is sort of a surprise vacation for us! We've always booked more than a year in advance...I just realized I am completely unprepared for this trip...I gotta pack!! :scared1:

    On this trip will be DH 36, me 35, DS 9 and DS-almost-7 (he would be so mad if I wrote 6!! :rotfl: ) We'll be arriving in Galveston from NOVA the night before embarkation and would love to participate in any sort of cruise meet or kiddo get together. My boys LOVE hanging out in the Lab! I've got some Pirate accessories I'm bringing along, but honestly, my kids are so tough on their things, they usually don't make it from trip to trip. And they were Mario and Yoshi for Halloween, so... :confused3

    I'm going to see about joining the FE (last year was our first time and it was so fun!!) and send a request for the FB group... I'm always on FB! :thumbsup2

    Looking forward to meeting you all!
  18. sproseilo

    sproseilo Earning My Ears

    This will be our first cruise for our 4 year old and 8 year old. We're pretty excited for this once in a lifetime experience for the kids.
  19. kgundyfire

    kgundyfire Earning My Ears

    Our family dresses up for pirate night.
  20. Cnolte

    Cnolte Earning My Ears

    I started a kids meeting board so if your kids are online I know mine would love to meet yours! It is under cruise forum meets - I think that is what it was called - I am new to this whole messge board stuff :) My kids share a screen name it is 3mickeyfans....
  21. kaminski

    kaminski Earning My Ears

    3rd Disney Cruise for us, 2nd time on Magic. It'll be me (23 weeks pregnant by then, and yes we know we just barely made the cutoff!), DH and DD (age 4-and-a-half by then). We'll be the ones in line for almost every character appearance at DD's request. We do formal, semi-formal, and pirate night attire -- though it'll be interesting trying to find all the right clothes that pregnant! I can't get myself together enough to do FE, but I have asked to join the FB group. Can't wait can't wait can't wait!!! :yay:

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