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January 2013 Discounts

Discussion in 'Disney Discount Codes and Rates' started by Grumpy Grandma, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Andreia

    Andreia You're never too old to become younger!

    Hi! Thank you!
    Do you think it's ok to split, stay first nights at HI and then change to WdW resort on Jan 2?
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  3. That's what I'm doing! We arrive at AOA LM 12/31 and then we will switch to POFQ on Jan 2. - with the P/S/D offer (hopefully!!) :)

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  4. ana_carol

    ana_carol Member

    Im going crazy trying to figure it out the difference in staying in a value and upgrading the dining plan or staying in a moderate with the p/s/d.
    Im sure it will make a big diff for us, since we are staying 14 days, 3 adults and 1 kid, we will have 5 day base tickets.
    Anyone have any idea?
  5. Mommy2cody

    Mommy2cody Member

    Me too. We are booked at POP but I really want to stay at POFQ or POR. We are only staying 8 nights though! Not sure what to do!
  6. bluejean84

    bluejean84 Member

    Would you mind giving me a estimate for POR January 26-feb3. 2adults. A 9 year old a5 year old. 5 day base tickets. Disney dining plan.
  7. Ckmommy72

    Ckmommy72 Member

    Would you mind giving me an idea of the price for the following?? Thanks so much!!!

    2 adults
    2 children (11&7)
    Beach club villas in a studio
    Jan 21-28
    6 day hoppers
    Reg dining plan

    I'm making myself nuts over here trying to figure it out and the numbers are starting to all run together!!

    Tia for your help! :)
  8. I had the same question - and as always I got an answer here on the DISboards :D Yay!..
    I was told that if you stay in a value you get QSDP. If you want to upgrade to the regular dining plan you still need to pay the kid's price for the QSDP and then the price difference between the regular dining plan and the QSDP. Which comes out at $14,32 plus the upgrade which I think is $18 = $32,32 per person per day in order to go from QSDP to reg DP.
    For me it was about $100-200 more to stay at POFQ with reg DP than at POP with QSDP - when I try to price it out ;) (5nights, 6 days, 4 adults)

    That's what I've been told :D but I still don't know if anyone can confirm that this is the way to do it!? :p

    (And now it's a little hard to price it out, since the bookings at disneyworld.com is down! But if you know the rack-rate for the hotel then you can say:
    Hotel room
    + (x * kid's ticket prices)
    + (x * kid's dining plan prices)

    = a price which scould come close to what you will get from Disney on wednesday!

    (+ x * nights * $18 upgrade) -- only if you check a value and want to upgrade to reg DP)

    Hmm.... It's late here in Denmark - just past midnight! But I hope I've written it all right :p

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  9. bamatmac

    bamatmac Member

    I could not figure out the math exactly, but I'll post what our info case someone else has some luck with it. The details:

    2 adults/2 kids for 1/2-1/8 (6 day non-park hopper tickets), 6 nights at POP, with upgrade to regular dining: $2243.60. The same quote at POR (with regular dining) was $2578.76.

    I was able to figure the POR quote as follows:

    Tickets: $1039.92 ($43.33 * 4 people * 6 days)
    Room: $1127.00
    Dining: $411.84 ($17.16 * 4 people * 6 nights)
    Total: $2578.76

    I was not able to figure out how they calculated the stay at POP (with upgrade to regular dining):

    Tickets: $1039.92 ($43.33 * 4 people * 6 days)
    Room: $ 673.00
    Dining: $ 530.68 (???)
    Total: $2243.60

    I tried several scenarios to calculate the dining upgrade cost, but could never get it quite right. If I took the child cost for quick service (for all 4) and then the difference in child for 2 and difference in adult for 2, I came up with $593.88 (about $60 more), so I decided to just not complain! :)

    In the end, I couldn't justify over $50/day to upgrade to POR. We've never stayed at either resort, so without any first-hand knowledge of the differences, we went with the cheaper option. I'm sure the kids will have so much fun, we won't care! :)
  10. counselormomof3

    counselormomof3 Earning My Ears

    This is my family's first trip to Disney. We are planning on going January 2-6 of 2013 for 3 children and 2 adults. I was looking at doing quick service dining. I haven't booked yet, just been doing research. But, I am more confused after reading some of these boards.....I can tell you are all experienced Disney goers.....Can you answer some questions for me....
    What does DO mean on the boards?
    What type of specials are you anticipating for January?
    Anyone know why is the Disney site down?

    I will take any advice you can give me.....I'm a newbie and a little overwhelmed :confused3
  11. counselormomof3

    counselormomof3 Earning My Ears

    What were the stay/play/dine offer dates? I want to be prepared when they come out on Wednesday.
  12. Andreia

    Andreia You're never too old to become younger!

    Hey! Nice! We will be on 9th deck! About WdW discounts, they will be available for all of us Oct 10th (fingers crossed)!
  13. eeyoreland

    eeyoreland Active Member

    We stayed at POFQ many, many, many years ago and had a good experience. Since then we've done deluxe, but are going back to POFQ in January as we're traveling with others who would like to save some money. I continue to hear great things about POFQ.
  14. eeyoreland

    eeyoreland Active Member

    I'll try to help. No idea what DO means (dining only???). Or did you mean RO, which is room only. There is a room only discount out for January as well as a play/stay/dine package. Those were only available to Disney VISA card holders until yesterday/today. I think I read that the site would then be down until the 10th when these deals are open to the public. Hope that helps a bit.
  15. loveshak22

    loveshak22 Active Member

    I'm not sure what DO means either? RO is room only and refers to an offer that only gives a discount on the room cost and nothing else.

    Last week Disney Visa holders were offered either a RO disount on certain resorts or something called the play/stay/dine offer or p/s/d. The p/s/d to the best everyone can figure out is you pay regular rate for your hotel room but you pay kids prices for tickets and dining plan. The exact offer is posted in the first message on this thread: http://disboards.com/showthread.php?t=3002641.

    The Disney site is down for maintenance either until or through the 9th. It is expected that the offer given to the Disney Visa holders will be the same ones available to the general public (GP) on the 10th.

    Hope that helps!!
  16. loveshak22

    loveshak22 Active Member

    Sounds like you got the math down pretty close. I'm off by about $120 dollars when I try to calculate the numbers...maybe I'm doing tax wrong?

    I find it a little annoying that they don't itemize your package for you when they send you your reservation details. I wonder if they do that on purpose :confused3
  17. loveshak22

    loveshak22 Active Member

    Bluejean and CKmommy - I'll send you private messages tonight...

    As a disclaimer - I can't guarantee my numbers! I was over about $120 from the quotes I got from the CMs so just an FYI!
  18. Ckmommy72

    Ckmommy72 Member

    Thank u so much, and I get it about your numbers not being written in stone! It'll just be so helpful to have some idea when I finally get through on Wed!! Thanks again!
  19. When u go to disney's site it shows the spd deal but when u click on it is says system is updating... Maybe booking online today??? Anyone remember how long the update was for?
  20. loganpaulsmom

    loganpaulsmom Active Member

    It was supposed to be until today.. :)

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  21. Where do you see the s/p/d offer??? :D really hope that we get the chance to book online today! Wee :p

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