Janice's Crew Celebrate at The World

Discussion in 'UK Trip Reports Board' started by Janice, Feb 28, 2002.

  1. Janice

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    Aug 18, 1999
    Janice’s Crew Celebrate at The World

    These are the memories of what was a very special holiday for us all as we were celebrating our Silver Wedding Anniversary, Christmas, The New Millennium and my birthday all at once with our children and their partners.

    Me – (46) and planner of this holiday of a lifetime. I have logged onto these boards, every day since February 8th, when we decided to make this trip. I did not think that we would get booked up as it was going to be the busiest time of year, no the Century, and had we left it too late? Well, things went our way, as I had no trouble at all in securing our flights, car hire, villa etc. WE ARE MEANT TO GO!!

    Chris – (45) my dear husband who put up with all the ‘Did you know that at WDW blah, blah, blah’ or ‘Hey, in Florida, deedum, deedum, deedum’ and the essential ‘Well, on the DIS boards today, so and so wrote …… …… …… ‘ every night since February 8th!

    James – (22) our son who has never been to Florida before and after me is the most excitable person I know. He is a sports fanatic, Star Wars maniac, and is generally the life and soul of any party. Great fun to be with.

    Emma – (21) and James' Girlfriend. Emmylou, as we lovingly call her is a gentle, easy going girl whom will go anywhere, as long as we promise to let her see the Dolphins and Polar Bears. She also has never been to Florida before and has emailed me everyday with funny pictures and messages. We can’t help but love her.

    Katie – (19) our daughter, who has been to Florida with us when she was 14, but cannot remember anything at all about it. Give her 3 Shakespeare plays to learn and she has no trouble remembering the lines though! She has worked especially hard to get to Drama College and was given an extra special award by her college just before Christmas – so this is another celebration for us all.

    Ian – (23) and Katie’s Fiancé. Ian has been to Florida (Tampa) with his parents when he was a lot younger and Disneyland (Ca.) also when he was younger. He and Katie have been together for 5 years and he is almost a permanent fixture at our house! We love him to bits and he and James are like a double act when they are together – heaven help us!

    To give you a brief outline of how this all came about:

    On chatting in general one day about Christmas and the Millennium, we decided between us all that if we could be anywhere in the world for the Millennium, it would be Florida and as it was our Silver Wedding it seemed a good enough excuse to push the boat out and try and book up for 1999/2000. A week later, we were booked. Our fly-drive was booked with Unijet, through an independent travel company that we got at a local Store (Makro) and gave us a good discount. The flights were with Air 2000 and the vehicle was booked with Alamo, which we upgraded to an 8 seat people carrier and altogether this cost £865 each, which included Gold Vehicle Insurance. I found our Villa on the Internet and this was much more luxurious that I had expected but still expensive at £110 per night! We decided also to have just one purse for housekeeping, all meals & drinks, petrol etc. as this always works out best for us and we all put in £250 each for the 2 weeks. We got a good deal with our Insurance through our bank by opening a new account and the only other expenses were our minibus to the airport and extra to have the swimming pool heated at the villa. All in all this comes to just under £1500 each, which we thought was not bad considering the time of year we were going.

    Right, if you’re up for it – read on, but I warn you, some of my posts will be long. I am known to be a bit of chatterer!!

    Hope you enjoy.
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  3. caroley

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    Jun 11, 2000
    I hadn't seen these reports before, so I'm looking forward to reading them all now.
  4. Pixie Power!

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    Aug 4, 2001
    Where can i find the trip report - youve sucked me right in and now i cant find it....:( HELP:D

  5. Janice

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    Aug 18, 1999
    Thanks for reading Carole - hope you enjoy them :)

    Emma - you still lost :confused: ;)

    Hope you've found them and thanks for reading - I must admit I read them quite often as they all bring back so many great memories :)
  6. Minniespal

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    Jan 14, 2003
    I haven't seen these trip reports before. I'm so looking forward to reading them!

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