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Jan 3 Promo Party!!!

Discussion in 'Disney Discount Codes and Rates' started by twoplustwins, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. twoplustwins

    twoplustwins New Member

    Who will join me in booking their spring or summer trip on January 3? I'm just so excited to book and plan, I can't wait!! :lmao:

    Our dates: June 1-7
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  3. Shaden

    Shaden New Member

    hahaha can't wait either, but if the schedule is accurate I am going to have to change my resort. There is no discount at the French Quarter. The rates are actually above rack rate, if you add the discounted tickets, its about break even :(

    Really wanted the french quarter too ...
  4. ThreeTinks

    ThreeTinks New Member

    I'm in for the party! We booked back in October because we are going with or without a discount, but will be thrilled to get anything off our price! May 25-June 1 are our package dates, but my kids and I are tacking on an extra day at the front and end (well that part is a surprise for them :) )
  5. twoplustwins

    twoplustwins New Member

    That stinks! What would your second choice be?
  6. Shaden

    Shaden New Member

    Not sure, first choice is French Quarter,

    Second Choice .... ??? Maybe PO Riverside, just not alligator Bayou ...

    Maybe back to Coronado (we were there last time, our first time and it was amazing, but didn't know if it would feel weird going back)

    Maybe Carribean Beach ? We generally like the moderates, the Lux are too expensive and the Values I think are a little dated in some cases, and too full of kiddies in others, its just my wife and I.
  7. Disneylvr

    Disneylvr <font color=darkorchid>Mommy of Madelyn, Ebay Addi

    Well FQ would of been our first choice too but POR is our second. Also considering CBR or maybe even AKL or OKW but need to do the math first. Most likely we'll be at POR.
  8. PlutoJenn

    PlutoJenn New Member

    We're in! Less than two weeks to wait!!!

    FQ was our first choice last time, but (shocking) we couldn't get the promo deal there. So, we picked CBR and loved it. Also, the room only discounts haven't been high there - they're so popular, they don't need to discount their rooms. 'sigh'

    This time, I presumed we would get a better deal elsewhere, so we're booked at CSR and are hoping for a better discount at AKL to maybe move up. :)
  9. Shaden

    Shaden New Member

    We LOVED our Stay at Coronado last year, was such a phenominal resort, gave you the most of like a souther resort feel, while still being able to hop on a bus and be at a disney park in less than 30 mins.
  10. PlutoJenn

    PlutoJenn New Member

    Thanks for your review.
  11. nooneshome

    nooneshome but us dis shutins-send help or APs

    Everything depends on Santa!!! It looks like our Mardi Gras trip may have to be an end of school trip. C'mon Santa, I've been a nice boy all year.
  12. Reddy

    Reddy Scrapbooker

    I"m going to call them on Jan 3 but not sure about it
    I"m staying All Star Movies & the prices there go up on what is posted on the other thread - it can't be a discount if you end up paying more
    feel like I"m missing something
  13. Shaden

    Shaden New Member

    Reddy, this is something I posted on the discount thread .... you will still get a discount, not sure how much will AS Movies ... but ...

    Even though the prices go up, you may still get a pretty decent discount ....

    Running with Danny25's Schedule of Discounts coming January 3rd, Follow the math.

    May 5 - 10 Stay at Pop !!!
    Stnd Room, Pool view

    Room and tick Cost. ...... 1427
    Add Quick Serv Dining.... 1803
    Total Cost of QS DP ...... 376

    According to discount guide

    Room Cost ................... 615
    Ticket Cost .................. 582
    Total ..........................1197
    Add QS Dining full price...1573

    Total Savings ................230
    Total Cost of QS DP........ 376

    Pretty intersting, not quite Free dining, but about 66% as good ?
  14. reelmom

    reelmom <font color=blue>If I don't get tagged, I am gonna

    I will join the party even though I am not sure if we are going. I am one of the ones who is always scheming, i mean planning a trip when there is really no trip in sight. We are already planned for a family Universal/Seaworld trip in June. If the rates are good, my boys and I might get a Disney trip in the week before everybody arrives.
  15. dreamcruiser

    dreamcruiser New Member

    I'm sorry...clue me in...what's happening on Jan. 3??:confused3
  16. PlutoJenn

    PlutoJenn New Member

  17. dec2009mama

    dec2009mama New Member


    Im in - we are going with or without discounts and i booked back in November!

    Does anyone know what time we can call reservations on Jan 3 to book the deal?
    I am on PST time
  18. Mommyof3inVA

    Mommyof3inVA New Member

    We are SO excited to find out the upcoming "deals"! We have booked a room at Art of Animation but it looks like that resort won't be included in the discounts so now I am trying to decide which resort would be best for our family of 5. We have 3 kids under age 5 (1 is in a packnplay). Any suggestions? We are on a budget.
  19. Reddy

    Reddy Scrapbooker

    All Star Movies was higher than Pop - thought that was crazy :confused3
    I priced it out on Dannys chart it is higher even with the discounted tickets so there has to be something I"m missing
  20. danicaca

    danicaca New Member

    I am in! We already booked, POR, RGR for May 28th-June 7th, really hoping this discount saves us some $$$$! We are really hoping to save about $1000. If I did my math right, we will save about $700 -- pretty close! Exited to see what the deal ends up being! Gives me something to be excited about after Christmas and New Years!:cool1:
  21. persnickity

    persnickity New Member

    I believe AoA suites are included if that is an option for you (though it's more than two LM rooms at rack rate, the discount should bring it down to about the same price as two). But if you are wanting to do a single value room, Pop is nice! And a short walk to go see the decor at AoA.

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