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Its sad but Disneyland has priced me back to the World

Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by wdwfan22, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. wdwfan22

    wdwfan22 Totally Obsessed Disney Nut!

    Well, after falling in love again with my childhood park, Disneyland back in 2009, and not really desiring to go bacfk to Disney World (At least not before I went back to DL as many times as I could), I am heading back to the World because its sooo much cheaper.

    I have seen a lot of people talking that they would like to try DW, but need to stick with DL cuz its cheaper, and it just isn't so.

    I have been checking walking distance hotels lately for Sept, Oct or Feb and the prices are crazy. No retro rates hardly at HoJos. Not even any rooms for the week I was looking for. $165/nt for the Ramada Maingate? Are you kidding me? And on property hotels, wow, it seems like they have gone up, but maybe it's because I no longer have an AP for any discounts. But after much pricing, my husband and I can do 9 nts on property in a value resort in DW for about what it would cost us for 5 in DL, maybe a little less.

    DW has a free dining offer for the fall, which only saves us about $400 from what it would cost in February, but every bit helps. and airfare right now is cheaper from Denver to Orlando, than to Orange County, or even LA. Crazy!

    So my husband, who prefers DW pretty much just because of the dining selection, is happy. And I guess in the end, I'm thrilled to be going to any Disney park. I just really can't wait to see CarsLand and get back to my magical place.
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  3. skiingfast

    skiingfast <font color=teal>Has had no bacon<br><font color=b

    What if you drive? Have you checked all airlines and not just the majors?

    Have you broadened your hotel search? Walking 15 minutes at DLR is quicker than a buss ride at WDW.
  4. Girimama33

    Girimama33 "I've disgraced the forces of evil."

    There were Hojo retro rates available for most of October earlier in the year. You have to really plan ahead in order to take advantage of those great rates, or you can book at their regular fee and hope they open more dates closer to your trip. If they do, you can change your reservation to the retro rate.
  5. wdwfan22

    wdwfan22 Totally Obsessed Disney Nut!

    I did check all the airlines. We usually fly SW so we dont' have bag charges, but they are more to CA than to FL for some reason right now.

    We also were trying to avoid driving this trip. We have taken 3 long road trips in the past 9 mos and really want to fly this time instead of driving for 14 hours

    And you are right, I'm sure I could do lots several things to cheapen the DL budget, but I'm really trying to compare apples to apples. Like we could eat out less, but husband really like to eat at sit down restaurants once a day, so just pricing similiar eating styles from one resort to another.

    And I'm sure I could also save more by looking farther out at motels, and I know the time would be comparable riding the ART or the DW buses, but there just is something to me that doesn't feel right when I have to stay far away from DL as opposed to a long bus ride at DW. I guess it's not having to leave the Disney magic.

    So anyway, it feels like I'm pretty much comparing apples to apples, but I'm sure some of them are in my mind only. haha! :rolleyes1
  6. skiingfast

    skiingfast <font color=teal>Has had no bacon<br><font color=b

    This probably wasn't fair. Not apples to apples. Because you are comparing free dining and a value resort, that means no TS. That mean getting breakfast from Taste Pilots Grill or the Tomorroland Terrace, not Carnations Cafe or even Denny's. Free dining at a value resort is quick service x2 and a snack.

    At DL you can also find cheaper prices midweek, though in late Sept and Oct this gets messier because Halloween parties can up the rates. February as long as not the week of President's Day is about as cheap as you can get at DLR and WDW.

    Air rates can be tricky because both LA and Orlando tend to be very competitive to fly into. It's often cheaper to fly between the two rather to either one from elsewhere.
  7. Mary Jo

    Mary Jo <font color=peach>Techarita<br><font color=royalbl

    Have fun on your trip to WDW, and hope you can find better prices for your vacation when you come back to DLR. :)
  8. Stitch35

    Stitch35 New Member

    Airline prices are generally cheaper the closer you get. 3 months out is the earliest you should think about tickets, usually 6 weeks or less you get the best price, unless it's a holiday. Don't forget about long beach too. Where/when are you finding the crazy hotel prices? Usually you can call or follow them on Facebook for better prices. Also try not to book anything on a weekend. Wednesdays are usually the cheapest day to book airline tickets. I hope you have a great time at WDW!
  9. Huff

    Huff New Member

    We've been staying at POP with free dining upgraded from CS to TS and its far cheaper than going to Disneyland and eating comparable meals. Total price of room, tickets, dining and transportation to/from airport (free at DW) has been a far better deal for us. We usually stay 6-9 days.

    That said, DW package prices have gone way up over the past few years. Value free dining is only CS where it used to be TS. And TS used to include appetizer and tip which are both no longer included. Not nearly the value it was but still costs us less to go to DW than DLR for a week long visit.
  10. pixiewings71

    pixiewings71 <marquee><font color=deeppink>Sweet!!! Totally!!!!

    That may be the case for you but it's the exact opposite for me. I've been trying to book us a trip to WDW for years, we have a timeshare so we don't even have to pay for a hotel but the flights price us right out of the water. For a family of 4 to fly to Orlando, simply not cost effective at all.......
  11. AquaDame

    AquaDame Are we there yet?

    For us, the two aren't apples to apples... there are some things we can only do at WDW and some we can only do at DL. Since we are on the west coast airfare is way too prohibitive a difference... $900 to get to WDW this year vs. $360 - that is just for two - to get to Disneyland. It is also a difference of 7-8 hours travel time with a layover vs. a short 2 hour hop down the coast in a plane, and we tend to spend a LOT more on food since there are so many table service options. The hotel can be cheaper if you stay value at an off time, but almost nothing else is, and even then traveling around the parks is a pain since it is so large.

    We have stayed at the Carousel Inn three times now and will continue to do so - this last trip I think it was $134/night and it is right next to the Tropicana, then BWI so only two hotels down to the crosswalk - much closer than Hojo. It IS just a motel, but so all the values at WDW IMO, and there were less scratches and smudges on the walls there than at even POFQ (and we stayed there within a month of the renovation to our building). The moderates still feel motelish to me...
  12. Huff

    Huff New Member

    People who live on the east coast in driving distance or short flight to Orlando would certainly have the same problem when visiting DLR. We live in Phoenix. A 6 hour drive to DLR. But often I have been able to find airfare to Orlando for less than $300. When DW has free dining and hotels are at value season rates DW has been a good value.

    Does Southwest ever have decent fares out of San Francisco, San Jose or Oakland to Orlando? We fly SW mostly but you have to watch fares almost daily and buy when they drop as they only do so for a few days 2 to 3 months out.
  13. 3Minnies1Mickey

    3Minnies1Mickey <font color=magenta>Just wanted to add, this is no

    We found a GREAT rate with Delta ($281 RT) from Oakland to Orlando in October for DH and I.

    Pixiewings....try flying 6 people!! We decided when we do make the trip to WDW, we go for 2 weeks and also stay in our timeshare (we actually traded into DVC and stayed onsite). Though in no way cheaper than a trip to Disneyland where we can drive....it IS cheaper than getting Disneyland APs for us all and doing 2+ trips.
  14. JadeDarkstar

    JadeDarkstar Dis Veteran Pirate dragon mom

    just tossing this out there try quality inn 69 a night just 10 more then hojos. hope you have fun wdw or dl both are disney woot woot
  15. wdwfan22

    wdwfan22 Totally Obsessed Disney Nut!

    Thanks Mary Jo. I am going to think of this as a bonus Disney trip and start trying to keep an eye on hotel prices for maybe next late summer to DL.

    Thanks for the tips. I was a travel agent for years, (still am in my heart, I just don't get paid for it anymore) and am pretty good at getting good airfares, but sometimes not the best at the new ways to find cheap hotels, such as liking them on facebook. I do like Ramada and HoJo's on my FB page, but probably need to do that kind of stuff more. Thanks, I'm sure I will have a great time, I mean, it's Disney!!

    Yes, we also upgraded to the regular dining plan, so we do have a sit down meal a day. I too remember many years ago when the dining plan was much better, hopefully they will not keep increasing it as much as they have been or soon it won't be a deal at all.

    I do think I'm comparing apples to apples, except maybe the hotel distance, but I guess it doesn't seem as bad to me at DW since you don't leave the Disney magic!!

    I'm sorry the airfare is so much for you. Hopefully you can get there someday, both resorts really are wonderful!!

    I too love the ease of just walking across the street and being in a park, and just walking steps and going from park to park. It just can't be beat! But I guess the weeks I was looking at were just to pricey for me. I never mind staying in a motel, I just don't like paying $160/nt to stay in one. Unless it comes with food the whole time like the DW package. haha!

    Yea, location, location, location! I too love SW!

    2 weeks in DW is fun, isn't it. I'm am looking forward to getting back to both water parks. Our water park here in Denver makes you carry your own tubes up big hills to rides and I love not carrying my tube at the DW water parks.
  16. wdwfan22

    wdwfan22 Totally Obsessed Disney Nut!

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will take a look at it when I'm pricing for next year. I, of course, will have fun at whatever park I'm at. You're right, it's Disney!!! :cool1:
  17. Argento

    Argento New Member

    I kinda like that some folks are priced out of Disneyland. DLR is experiencing an upswing in demand so they can charge a premium for access. The premium will, as premiums tend to do, make DLR just a little more exclusive and I am A-OK with that since I don't ever recall wishing there were somehow more people in the parks after one of our trips.
  18. jennilouwho

    jennilouwho New Member

    We have the opposite problem, I would like to take my 3 kids to Disney World at least once, but to fly from Salt Lake to Orlando is insane! It would be about $2500-$3000 just to get there. I can't justify that when we can drive to California for $350.
  19. lisachrystine

    lisachrystine New Member

    We got plane tickets for $165 RT from Denver to Orange County in December. We were planning on driving, but it cost $75 total more for the 5 of us to fly instead of drive - and saved us two days. Since you were a travel agent, it sounds like you know how to get deals, but my point is just not to give up. If you keep your eye on the deals, I bet you can make it work again one day :wizard:
  20. Here4mydisneyfix

    Here4mydisneyfix Andrew Sutton, you genious man, you! She will reme

    For a MUCH cheaper hotel, check out the unnamed Hotwire deals!! We got a slammin deal at the Best Western Plus Meridian 7 nights suite for only $399, taxes and fees included! Yes, it IS 15 minutes away, but multiple ART (anaheim resort transit) routes pickup right outside the door ALL the time. Saved us a ton of money AND it's a lovely hotel with a wonderful breakfast and free parking/no resort fees too!! You could save yourself literally HUNDREDS of dollars this way! There are even cheaper deals for hotels with less stars too, as low as only $47/night, since you don't mind the "motel feel" (we don't typically either, but this is a special honeymoon/birthday trip for us!). I am calculating about $1100 savings for you if you went with the unnamed hotwire $47 motel deal in Disneyland North (actually a close one!) instead of doing Ramada! That huge of a difference in cost could totally make up the extra flight cost and probably even cover food expenses too!! :thumbsup2
  21. wdwfan22

    wdwfan22 Totally Obsessed Disney Nut!

    Yea, I just looked at prices on Southwest from SLC to Orlando, and they are quite a bit higher than from Denver. $400 right now per person round trip, and no baggage fees. I can see how driving would keep you at DL. While DL is my favorite, I do love DW too, so I hope you can find those tickets for cheap someday and try it out. Just not in the middle or late summer. Sooo hot!

    Haha!! Ya, I always want less people to be there too when I am!!

    Thanks, I'm sure I will! There's no way I'm not going to see Carsland in the next year or so. It looks so amazing!!

    Thanks so much for this suggestion. That is an amazing deal for your hotel. I do have to remember that there are cheaper hotels options not in walking distance if it's a matter of being able to afford to go or not.

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