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"It's better when it's just the two of us" - aka - Our first family trip! HI!!! 1/4!

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by SOUTHERNtinkerBELLE, Feb 15, 2012.


    SOUTHERNtinkerBELLE New Member

    Hello! And welcome to my fourth trip report! I am so happy you have decided to join in! If you’re new to my reports and would like to check out some of our other adventures, I hope you will take a peek at our previous trips (TR links in signature!). You can also find the PTR for this trip, with all my crazy planning!

    As you can probably tell from the title, we just returned from our first family vacation where we made the not so shocking discovery that we really prefer Disney when it's just the two of us. And just who is this “us” I speak ok? That would be me, Courtney and my husband Miguel.

    Miguel and I were married last June and have been together for close to five years. During those five years, we have taken many, many trips to Disney. This was our sixth! All of Miguel’s trips have been with me, but I took many trips before as a child with my family – the other stars of this cast!

    From left to right there is Miguel and I, then there's Mike (my dad's business partner/my second dad), my father Jeff, my grandmother Barbara and my grandfather Jerry.

    My family started taking me to Disney when I was 2 years old. My father had just moved to Tampa (about an hour from Disney) and it became very easy to vacation in the world. We went back at least once a year (sometimes twice) until I was around 12 or so.

    I went on a Disney hiatus :laughing: in my teenage years, and then about a year after dating Miguel, I brought up Disney as a possible location for our first vacation together. We returned there after our engagement, for our honeymoon and a few times in between! Disney has definitely become “our place”, so we knew that sharing it with others would be a bit different – and it definitely was! Conforming to four other people’s schedules and personalities was at time’s challenging. As the planner of the trip, I of course wanted everyone to have an amazing time, and when they seemed to be having less than that, I took it personally. I’m also used to Miguel, who comes from very humble beginnings and is very easily impressed. My family on the other hand, is a little more used to the “finer things” and is a bit more critical.

    Still though, we had a wonderful trip! We were blessed with wonderful weather and low crowds and we ate TONS of yummy food! This trip report, just as our trip, should be quite an adventure. I promise to keep things honest, and tell you exactly what I thought of traveling with a group! I hope you will join me!

    Up Next: Time to go to Disney!
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    SOUTHERNtinkerBELLE New Member

  4. Nermel9

    Nermel9 New Member

    I'm here, gonna go back to read in a second, was just hoping to be first! :rotfl:

    (Editing, went back and read the intro)-Aww, I'm sorry your family wasn't impressed with Disney like you were hoping! You did such a great job planning the trip, it must have been disappointing when people weren't so pleased with things! Can't wait to read about your trip, though, it still sounds like you guys had a lot of fun!

    SOUTHERNtinkerBELLE New Member

    Yay!!! So glad you're here! :woohoo:
  6. Dream426

    Dream426 Love Disney!!

    YAY!!! Joining in. :)
  7. danimaroo

    danimaroo New Member

    I'm here as well! Can't wait to hear about your experience at BC, too!
  8. Joyciemc

    Joyciemc New Member

    Wouldn't miss it for anything!
  9. IheartDDuck

    IheartDDuck New Member

    Joining. Can't wait to hear all about it.
  10. cbcrockett

    cbcrockett New Member

    I'm here! :banana:
  11. pjennings

    pjennings New Member

    We are thinking about going with another family in May 2013. We have never vacationed with another family or with a group before so it will be interesting to see how it goes. We also have daughters the same age so that will make it even more of a challenge. I keep thinking we will hang out together if we want to during the day and maybe meet up for our ADR's at night and no hard feelings if dont want to hang out together.
    I am interested in hearing how your group vacation went. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Mrs T 2009

    Mrs T 2009 New Member

    YAY!!!!! I'm here :wave2: and so excited to hear all about this new "adventure"!!!!! :goodvibes
  13. iixheartxyouxox

    iixheartxyouxox New Member

    I recently read your honeymoon TR and your PTR and was excited to see you had returned the day I finished reading! Yay for not having to wait to read the TR! lol I can't wait to see how it turned out! I was in a similar situation 2 summers ago and it was definitely frustrating with so many people! popcorn::
  14. MHTeacher

    MHTeacher New Member

    I'm here! :) Can't wait to read all about it!
  15. BMC423

    BMC423 New Member

    I'm here!!! Great Intro! You all look so happy :). Can't wait to hear more.
  16. TinkerbellinNY6

    TinkerbellinNY6 New Member

    I am here and following along!:goodvibes I can't wait to hear your honest opinion as I have traveled with just 2 people and a larger group! And I can't wait to see how your plans from your PTR turned out.
  17. ronnmel

    ronnmel New Member

    Of course I wouldn't miss this TR for the world! Can't wait to read all about it. :)
  18. micandminforever

    micandminforever New Member

    Joining in on the family adventure. I know what you mean about just two is more fun, and not worring about is everyone enjoying themselves.

    I love trips with just my dh and I. The trips with family are nice, but not as magicial.
  19. JolllyHoliday

    JolllyHoliday New Member

    Looking forward to reading your report. I followed your honeymoon report and really enjoyed it.
  20. jessiegirl84

    jessiegirl84 New Member

    I love your reports and can't wait to follow along with this one!
  21. LutheranChick82

    LutheranChick82 I love Disney!

    Yay you've started your TR :woohoo: I can't wait to read all about it!

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