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Is it a bad sign for the vacation when you faint on the plane? COMPLETED!

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by MRYPPNS, Nov 7, 2008.


    MRYPPNS Practically Prefect in Every Way

    Welcome to my Trip Report for our Walt Disney World vacation!

    Let me quickly run thru the details….if you missed my Pre-Trip Report: PTR for the Planning Obsessed
    Click here if you want to read it (use the links on the first page)

    When: October 26 to November 4 2008 (10 days/9 nights)
    Where: Caribbean Beach Resort (king bed room)
    How we traveled: Flying to/from Orlando, renting a car in Orlando
    Who: Meet the Cast……


    Out of all the pictures that I took on this vacation there is not one good one of just me and DH. This picture is from our Hawaiian Honeymoon in 2006.

    Me: MRYPPNS/Heidi (36) SAHM & book keeper, lover of most things Disney.

    DH: John (32) Engineer, lover of a few things Disney


    DS: Liam (17 months) Toddler, lover of Playhouse Disney

    And my surprise announcement is that we had another family member that decided to join us on this vacation without much notice. Now if you see any of my postings on other threads about traveling with family, I always say that I will only travel with people that I can boss around. Well this is the one and only family member that can boss me around…..I don’t have much choice about it, at least for a now.


    DBaby: No name yet (currently 14 weeks along), seems to be a lover of Disney food!

    Yes I'm pregnant with our second child, they will be 2 years apart....an infant and a 2 yr old toddler....for the love of Mickey what were we thinking??

    I get really bad morning, noon and night sickness, along with motion sickness and pregnancy generally makes me really tired so I didn’t know how this would play out with a 10 day vacation to Disney. I’m a huge planner….obsessed you might say. Then I had to cut some touring plans….gone was Tower of Terror, Expedition Everest and the Grey Goose Slushie in France. This would be the second trip in a row that I was pregnant and couldn’t ride Everest! I have never ridden it because it was still under construction when we went in 2005. The bright side is that I will probably be able to ride it before Michelle Duggar! I can’t even write about all the cocktails that I missed out on…..and this is one vacation where I could have used a few!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The days leading up to our vacation were kind of stressful for me. We were flying out on Sunday morning. So I thought I would have all of Friday to pack and such, then Saturday I could stop by my little part-time job to do payroll and then have my pedi.

    Well on Friday I ended up having an ultrasound that was re-scheduled from 2 weeks prior. It was a routine ultrasound because of my advanced age (35!). It cut my day right in half. Not only did I have the ultrasound, I had to have blood drawn. I have tiny veins. Thankfully I got a good vampire tech and we chatted about Orlando while she drained enough blood for 6 test tubes!!! (This is the carp that none of your girlfriends tell you about having a baby).

    On Saturday the plan was to drive the half hour to my little job, work for about 2 hours and then make it to my pedi appointment by 10:45am. As I was getting ready to go DH was watching the local news and they were reporting that parts of the road where my job is located was closed due to an accident. Talk about stress. I only had so much time to get everything done and this wasn’t a road that is easily detoured around. In the end I had to drive 15 minutes past where I needed to be and prayed that the road was open on the other side. It was! Things were looking up. I got what I need to done and reversed the long drive to my pedi appointment. I had a Lemon-aide pedi…..so nice! Ladies treat yourself to a special pedi at a nice spa soon. It was so relaxing I was ready to leave on vacation right then and there! In hind sight it might have been better if we did leave Saturday afternoon.

    Here’s Liam relaxing before our big travel day.


    Up Next: Day One Travels
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    MRYPPNS Practically Prefect in Every Way

    Links to the TR posts.

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  4. trixiequilts

    trixiequilts Mouseketeer

    Congratulations! :yay: I'm going back to read what you wrote now...I just got so excited I had to say something right away! :thumbsup2
  5. mrsksomeday

    mrsksomeday My Prince uses a power wheelchair!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :banana: :banana: :banana:
  6. Princesskeyblade

    Princesskeyblade Mouseketeer

    OMG Congratulations!!!!!!!!

    :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:

    May you have a great, happy and healthy pregnancy!!!!
  7. Sarilas

    Sarilas Ruled by the mouse.

    I KNEW IT! I'm so glad the baby juju worked! I can't stop using exclamation points!


    (And Liam looks absolutely PRECIOUS... I can't wait to watch your pregnancy progress!)
  8. If U Had Wings

    If U Had Wings Mouseketeer


    :jumping1: :jumping1:

    That's fantastic! I'm so happy for you. 2 years is a nice amount of time between the kids. Close enough that they can entertain each other.

    And the pictures of Liam are positively adorable! :banana:
  9. Mickeefan

    Mickeefan Mouseketeer

    I'm subscirbing! :surfweb:

    I love your countdown posters.
  10. vfair

    vfair Earning My Ears

    Congratulations! Enjoying so far. More please.
  11. Lady Lallie

    Lady Lallie DIS Veteran

    I knew it! And you tried to throw us off, HA! ;) Congrats! I am so happy for you.

    Liam is so freaking adorable! :lovestruc
  12. angela3676

    angela3676 Working it out . . .

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!:banana: popcorn:: Subscribing!popcorn:: Waiting! popcorn:: I am so impatient! popcorn:: corn anyone? :banana: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!:banana:
  13. saraheeyore

    saraheeyore Mouseketeer

    congrats i sooo wanna read this one
    we are going in 4 days with a 2 year old and i am soooo excited. so is she and i don't even think she knows why

    MRYPPNS Practically Prefect in Every Way

    You're too funny!

    Thank you. If we would have met up I would have told you in person and made you tease everyone that you knew a secret.

    Thank you. So far everything is fine.

    The juju was subpose to be delayed until October! Oh well...another May baby for us.

    If not Auntie Crissy can come over and entertain them while I take a nap!

    Welcome! That was a 100 day countdown calendar.

    Welcome! It was a 10 day vacation so there is plenty more to come :)

    I tried but it didn't work! Liam had some non-adorable moments on this trip :scared:

    Welcome. I hope to be able to do updated at a regular pace.

    Welcome. Have fun and good luck! We can exchange stories when you get back.
  15. addictedtothemouse

    addictedtothemouse Mouseketeer

    Congratulations!!! Now I have to read your PTR.
  16. Charleston Princess

    Charleston Princess DIS Veteran

    Congratulations!!! I saw your announcement over on Facebook!!! That is so awesome, and I know you are just thrilled! Don't worry, Chelsea and Connor are exactly two years, two months, and two days apart -- it was all good! :goodvibes
  17. heaven2dc

    heaven2dc Mouseketeer

    How exciting - baby #2 gets to tag along on your trip! Congratulations to both of you!!

    I hope you get to enjoy the trip without too much morning-afternoon-evening sickness :sick: Am looking forward to 10 days of fun!!
  18. chicagoshannon

    chicagoshannon Mouseketeer

    Congratulations. Can't wait to read more!
  19. TarzansKat

    TarzansKat <font color=deeppink>I may be TarzansKat, but I lo

    I'm here, and going back to read! :goodvibes
  20. TarzansKat

    TarzansKat <font color=deeppink>I may be TarzansKat, but I lo

    OH, HEIDI!!!!!!!!


    I am so beyond excited for the three...well, I should say, four of you. This is wonderful news! :goodvibes

    MRYPPNS Practically Prefect in Every Way

    Thanks and Welcome!

    I think it's easier when it's a boy and a girl when they are close in age......we're hoping for a girl this time!

    Welcome! Baby #1 got his first trip too when I was pregnant with him but that was a planned Babymoon trip.

    Welcome and Thanks!

    Thanks TK!

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