Is Disney becoming too greedy?

Discussion in 'Disney for Families' started by Tinkerpeas hubby, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. Tinkerpeas hubby

    Tinkerpeas hubby Mouseketeer

    Sep 26, 2011
    I know this is going to be more relevant for the Britts. As with the shape of the economy, we certainly have less petty cash!

    Disney have recently made changes with regards to it's packages/deals or for a better word, lack of deals.

    I know it's out of their control, however the prices of flights have increased, it appears Disney doesn't seem to be doing much to reduce the financial cost, in fact increasing their own prices!

    Firstly free dining has literally been taken off the table :(

    Magic hours are being removed from the evenings in Magic Kingdom and a possibility that the other parks may follow suit?

    The fast pass scheme has been replaced with a different scheme, which to be honest, what was wrong with the fast pass system? It worked, why fix it with a Pre booking scheme? Profit gain?

    So these elements combined has led to me to draw to the conclusion, that there are several individuals at the HQ in California who are to be frank becoming greedy and tarnishing Walt Disney's dream and ideology.
    It was never his aim to be poor, of course he wanted financial gain but not to exploit his idea at every turn.

    Remember the question, is Disney becoming too greedy? Could they do more?

    Your thoughts?
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  3. missj1975

    missj1975 DIS Veteran

    Jun 8, 2006
    my thoughts, no Disney isn't being too Greedy.

    The cost of everything goes up, not just for individuals but for business's too. The cost of fuel is up...that effects Disney too.
    The cost of food has went up...that effects Disney too.
    Local taxes, state taxes, payroll taxes have increased...that definitely effects Disney .

    Disney is a business first and foremost whose goal is to make a profit by providing entertainment. Who doesn't like to make a profit?
  4. Marionnette

    Marionnette <font color=deeppink>Wishing On A Star<br><font co

    Sep 26, 2009
    Disney has always been greedy. Maximizing profits is what capitalism is all about. Disney does it quite well. Every major corporation has number crunchers who determine what they must charge in order to stay in the black and then they forecast how much they can charge to make the most money. A certain number of guests will find that the amount is more than they are willing to spend and the bean counters take this into consideration. It sounds like you may be one of those guests.
  5. Tinkerpeas hubby

    Tinkerpeas hubby Mouseketeer

    Sep 26, 2011
    Bean counter? Perhaps you should visit Yorkshire where the men count every penny :)
    Thanks for the personal attack and lack of constructive comments!

    I've been to Disney four times with my family over the past eight years, which equates to once every two years.
    I've got a decent income however I don't like paying excessive prices if possible. Please don't use my thread as a means to show case your disposable income! Cough cough and moving on..,
  6. Marionnette

    Marionnette <font color=deeppink>Wishing On A Star<br><font co

    Sep 26, 2009
    It was not intended to be a personal attack on you or anyone else who has determined that a Disney vacation is no longer worth the cost. It is simply an observation that Disney execs have weighed the cost of pricing some guests out of the experience vs. the profit that can be made by raising prices. Everyone has their tipping point and it sounds as if you may have reached yours where Disney is concerned.

    And FWIW, I never said anything about what my income is. You've read a lot into what I wrote.
  7. Tinkerpeas hubby

    Tinkerpeas hubby Mouseketeer

    Sep 26, 2011
    I completely agree turning a profit is the goal, although published profits are on the rise, perhaps not in the market of films :)

    My thoughts are, does Disney need to take away the incentives to stay on the resort, such as the dining plan, magic hours?
    I love staying on property if when I next go irrespective of free dining plan etc I would stay on Disney property again for the magic.
  8. msmama

    msmama DIS Veteran

    Jan 21, 2009
    First, when if I say you, I mean the royal you/we, nothing about you specifically OP.

    Hear me out, but I think part of the problem Disney has nowadays is the internet. People know too much and people like to complain. A lot.

    Did you know disney has had dining plans for years? My BFF's family used it when she used to go as a child, so we're talking 25-30 years. Then, to publicize it, Disney made it free for awhile, and now when it is NOT free, people complain.

    I'm willing to bet that when Disney rolled out fast passes for the first time, many people were up in arms about that, but it all worked out - now that they're changing, same thing.

    The fact is, Disney wants people to visit, but they want people to stay at their hotels and eat their food. I'm sure they know their tipping points in all cases, like Marionnette said. I'm sure they have a very good average of what kind of travellers spend what.

    Is Disney greedy? Sure, it's a business - it's their job to be greedy!!
  9. Reddog1134

    Reddog1134 DIS Veteran

    Jun 2, 2009
    To the OP, "bean counter" is a nickname for corporate accountants. It had nothing to do with you.

    Disney has to increase prices to cover their own costs and make a profit.

    They have said that promotions such as Free Dining would decrease as the economy improved. They only use those promotions to fill rooms and won't use those promotions if the rooms are filling on their own.

    As far as has been announced, the old Fastpass system will still be in place while the FP+ system is launched. The new system is also supposed to be free so they're not making more money from it directly.
  10. nhmommy

    nhmommy Mouseketeer

    Aug 23, 2011

    Bean counters are what my friends and family call the accountants at a corporation so I would have taken the previous posters comment about bean counters to mean the Disney bean counters try to decide how much a certain number of guests are unwilling to spend you would be the "certain number of guests"
  11. mcraige

    mcraige DIS Veteran

    Oct 18, 2008
    The only thing that I remember from Managerial Finance in grad school is that the #1 goal of a publicly traded company is to maximize stockholder value. That often means increasing prices until revenue starts to decline. I don't like it, but that's often all stockholders worry about.
  12. bigmamimia

    bigmamimia Mouseketeer

    Dec 11, 2008
    Disney is only charging what people are paying. Unfortunately it is too high a cost for some people. Many of us have found ways to have a vacation in spite of that fact and within our budgets. I know that if I didn't have a family member that works for Disney then it would be nearly impossible to go. She is able to get us immense discounts not available to anyone else. Why should Disney lower their prices because airline tickets are expensive? Why shouldn't airlines have to lower their costs so that people can afford to go to Disney?
  13. Marionnette

    Marionnette <font color=deeppink>Wishing On A Star<br><font co

    Sep 26, 2009
    This just goes to illustrate my point further. The execs at Disney also know that there is a group of guest who will stay onsite, pay the price increases and tolerate the changes whether the guests deems those changes to be positive or negative. Those loyal guests are also taken into consideration when they make their decisions. In fact, Disney is relying on those guests to outnumber the disgruntled former guests by a big enough number to eclipse any loss of revenue they experience by losing the unhappy guests.
  14. StitchesGr8Fan

    StitchesGr8Fan DIS Veteran

    Jul 17, 2009
    Disney knows the threshold of price increase to consumer loss that allows them to make more money.

    Example: 10,000 families spend $2000 to go to Disney. Disney makes $20 million

    The next year they increase prices by $500. So only 9000 families decide to spend $2500 and go. Disney makes $22.5 million with 1000 less families.

    In fact, or order to lose money, 2001 families would have to decide not to go because they don't want to pay $2500. Disney doesn't think they will have that level of attrition over $500.

    It stinks that you are one of the small percentage if families that can't afford to go. But Disney is a business, not a charity or government agency. They are there to make money. Going to Disney isn't an unalienable right, just like driving a BMW isn't. Yes, Walt wanted Disney to be accessible to all, but that idyllic way of thinking almost put the company under a time or two. Walt also wanted the parks to be forever growing and changing, and that takes money.
  15. karibritt01

    karibritt01 The primary problem with America is stupidity. May

    Dec 15, 2006
    I know that Disney is quickly pricing itself out of my comfort range. We took our first family trip in 2005 and stayed at CSR for 6 nights w/ PH and paid DDP for 4, and paid around $2000. Now the trip for 3 with base tickets and no dining is $2100. Added to that the reduced EMH and slim chance of free dining, we are looking to stay off-site for the first time ever. And since we're not going to be on-site, I think we will spend a couple days at Universal, which we've never done before. So Disney's price increases and reduced perks will definitely make a big impact on where my vacation dollars are spent.


    Dec 14, 2004
    I agree with the OP. I think they are becoming greedy.

    We have gone every year (most years twice)..since our kids were infants. We bought DVC at the Beach Club and we purchase annual passes most years.

    It has most definitely changed to maximize profits over those 10 years.

    I know they will always try to make a profit (I'm not naive) but there is a difference between making a profit and maximizing.

    I've seen the focus shift from making things special for children (and adults). Little extras..Just because. to how can we sell this and attract even more people.

    The Halloween party has become overrun with people...when it started it was a very special thing for our family. See the Villains, great parade, trick or treating...and get on rides with little to no lines...Now people have fist fights over their spot at a thanks.

    The the dining plan... We do a TS every night.. We didn't buy into it because I don't eat an appetizer, entree and dessert... Too much food... It was more economical to pay out of pocket... Disney has since raise prices on all their dishes so even ordering a garden salad will cost you $20.

    There is no such thing as a low crowd day any longer...irregardless of what time of year you go.. build more and more hotels but only expansion of the parks was a few rides in fantasyland?

    and dont even get me going with the amount of people they let register for the run disney events..the princess half marathon was down right dangerous...

    Ok..end of rant./..

    I'm still a dvc member and next year we are trying our first disney cruise...I'm still giving them my money.. but I'm still very aware of these changes and consider them a negative... and will effect my future purchases..

    I'm just editing to add, there is more to business than just maximizing profits. That is a short term goal. There is the customer experience..that produces loyalty, reputation.
  17. Southern Bell

    Southern Bell DIS Veteran

    Mar 22, 2011
    I think when Disneyland was built it was a dream. pixiedust: Walts dream of a place where families could go in California and have a nice affordable day with their children. I can remember as a child seeing black and white pictures of Disneyland and wishing to go! But I am not so nieve to think that it was not also a business adventure for a way for Walt to make some money for himself and his family.
    When Walt Disney was built I think that dream of an affordable day for families flew out the window! LOL! It became an affordable week! LOL! I first visited Walt Disney in early 1970's when it was first built and you could see everything in 3 days. Especially how you had to pick and choose what you saw , either A B Cor D on the old tickets. Thats one change I'm happy about! Then we visited Disneyland in 1983. You could see it in a day. Just the size made it more affordable. Now you can't see everything at Walt Disney World in 2 weeks there is so much to do! It all starts to add up to a very expensive vacation week soon! So I think its up to us as individuals to pick and choose what we want to do and downsize to what our pocket books can afford. For everyone it will be different.
    I think Disney is going to price things to make money just like any other business. Its a huge place and I can't even imagine how much money or what it takes to keep Disney going! But sometimes I think, Gee can't they give us a break! LOL! But...they are not going to offer discounts except when they need to lear people into coming. I don't think the free dining, extra magic hours or anything we like is offered for our benefit, but for theres. If it makes a proffit they'll do it and if not they will stop. Its just that simple. So yes they are as greedy as the next business is!
    Walt Disney is an amusement park and its not really a place that exist for our benefit! LOL! Even if we loose ourselves in it for a week with our own greed for enjoyment, with all the make believe, food, drink or what ever, we also loose our hard earned money and pay dearly for that week! LOL!
    My parents took all of us to Fort Wilderness in the early 1970's when Walt Disney first opened. That was it and they never went back. They never wanted to! That was enough for them! LOL!
    Since 1980's my husband and I have taken our family to Walt Disney 7 times and we went 1 time by ourseves. We have been to Disneyland 1 time. We have a trip planned for 2013. I read on here where some people go every year.
    So it just depends how much it is worth to you! I guess as long as alot of people like us(some more than others) will pay for what Disney charges they will continue to build, and add, and redo, lear us, and try to satisfy us from time to time in their need to turn a profit! Its a great plan! LOL! Give the people what they want and they will come! LOL! pixiedust: When they won't we'll throw in a discount off the hotel, give free dining, or extra magic hours! LOL! pixiedust: Free dining gets me! LOL! pixiedust:
  18. lost*in*cyberspace

    lost*in*cyberspace DIS Veteran

    Dec 30, 2005
    As already posted, Disney is a business. The purpose of a business is to make money. I'm sure Disney's shareholders wouldn't be too happy if the company was losing money.

    There are many other fantastic places to visit all over the world! No need to support a company you think is greedy.

    You might want to read a good biography of Walt Disney. The man was no saint.
  19. mm1971

    mm1971 DIS Veteran

    Aug 30, 2011
    Disney is reacting to the old economic concept of supply and demand. When the economy was in the tank, they were offering discounts and FD to entice those less willing to spend the money on a big vacation to pull the trigger. Now that the park attendance is rising and rooms are full, it is not necessary any more. I do agree that the continual price increases are pricing families out of the market, but there are a lot of other foreign countries where the lower value of the dollar is making Disney less expensive.

    With the increase in costs that all businesses are incurring right now, raising prices in necessary to keep the same profit margins as before. So to answer your question about being greedy. No, I don't think it is an issue of greed. It is an issue of "How do we keep profits at a certain level to keep investors happy?". Unfortunately as long as enough people pay the prices, Disney will continue to raise them. For my family, we save up and plan our Disney vacations carefully and still believe we get our monies worth when we go. If we ever feel cheated or that Disney did not meet our expectations, we'll find a new destination to spend our family time.
  20. GoldieLocks5

    GoldieLocks5 Mouseketeer

    Sep 27, 2011
    I expect any company to try to MAXIMIZE profits- that is their job... that is what stockholders want to see! They know what they are doing- they will only increase things as much as they can and still make more money and not lose people.

    I'm fine with any changes they make - i will adjust my budget accordingly - save more, wait longer to return if I need more time to save, etc. I won't complain that they are doing what they need to do to maximize profits - good for them. That's what running a company is all about.
  21. Texas Crude

    Texas Crude Mouseketeer

    Feb 16, 2013
    As a current shareholder, anything less would be a breach of the company's duty to me.

    As a customer, I sometimes wish they would double the price so I could go during Christmas without fighting the crowds!

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