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*** INFO : Shipping to Your Resort ***

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by CanadianGuy, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. su_A_ve

    su_A_ve New Member

    Incorrect - If you use a TSA approved lock, it will NOT be cut-off. They have master keys to open them. And you will have a note inside stating it was inspected. If you would have a lock cut off, you could file a claim.

    To mail a suitcase, you can lock it and mail it. There's no reason you need to put it in a box. You will slap the mailing sticker on it however. But, depending on the weight, it might not be worth it.
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  3. wishicouldgomoreofte

    wishicouldgomoreofte Mouseketeer

    Well not to argue with you su A ve, but I have had a special TSA approved lock cut off. I know they have keys and are supposed to use them, but they didn't in my case. I did not file a claim, but will not buy one again either.
    They have also cut a lock off my daughters suitcase that wasn't even locked, just open. And yes, I have the inspection certificates inside. I think they don't even look at the lock, just cut it because they can and it is there.
  4. Leshaface

    Leshaface New Member


    So I ordered some water and diapers last week to be shipped to AKV and they were separated into two shipments (expected that).

    Anyways, just checked on the water, and it said it was delivered yesterday...in KISSIMMEE!? This is the address that I sent it to:

    3701 Osceola Pkwy
    Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

    Should I call AKV and confirm that my water is there? My diapers haven't been delivered yet, but as of now, they are in Orlando.

    What would you do?
  5. Canadian Disney Mom

    Canadian Disney Mom Formerly Tollerwalker - original join date July 20

    We are arriving 12/25. I wanted to order some stuff at Disneystore.com and have it delivered to the resort (AKV). I ordered it 12/05 thinking it would take a few weeks to get there b/c of the holidays etc, but I just found out its scheduled to deliver on Tuesday 12/11.

    So, my question is, will AKV hold my package until check in? Should I call the hotel? This is the shipping address I have on the parcel (along with my name of course):

    HOLD FOR 12/25/2012 CHECK-IN
    ORLANDO, FL32830-8410

    Thanks in advance :santa:
  6. LucyBC80

    LucyBC80 New Member

    How safe is sending purchases to the hotel? I'm buying a somewhat expensive item and my plan is to have it shipped to POFQ and have it waiting for me when I arrive.

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  7. Canadian Disney Mom

    Canadian Disney Mom Formerly Tollerwalker - original join date July 20

    Just a follow-up: I called AKV this AM and they said they can hold it no problem!!
  8. missdebi

    missdebi New Member

    Thanks for all the great info!!! I ordered through Wal Mart and my packages show that Fed Ex delivered them so when we arrive on WEDNESDAY :yay: where at POP will I go to get them?
  9. tink&stitchmom

    tink&stitchmom New Member

    At the front desk when you check in
  10. Daisy Girl

    Daisy Girl New Member

    Sorry if this is on here somewhere already...

    If we are staying at Bay Lake Tower, should I be sending the package to The Contemporary? I know BLT has their own check-in now, but I don't know if they store packages and have their own bell services.

    I'd appreciate any help. Thanks!!
  11. candielips

    candielips New Member

    When I stayed at BLT last year, I had it sent to BLT but still had to go to the business centre in the Contemporary.
  12. Daisy Girl

    Daisy Girl New Member

    Thank you. I appreciate the reply. I'll do the same and I'm sure they'll let me know where it is when I arrive.
  13. princessand2princes

    princessand2princes New Member

    For those who have ordered from Walmart and shipped to the resort- if I place a big order, ie water, diapers, lots of snacks (15-20 items total), will they all ship together? Separately? Is this a problem? Sounds Ike it could be disastrous if 20 individual boxes showed up at the resort for me before I've arrived....
  14. tripletsmama

    tripletsmama New Member

    Ours came in about 4 boxes. When I called bell services to have it delivered and then when they actually brought them, no one mentioned that this was a problem. I gave them a tip and they were on their way.
  15. Leshaface

    Leshaface New Member

    Just wanted to give my experience with shipping.

    We stayed at AKV and I ordered 2 cases of water and one large case of diapers and had it shipped to Kidani Village. Did not include my reservation number or my arrival date on it, but did include both DH's and my name on the packages.

    I ordered it about 1 week before our arrival and they both shipped out rather quickly.

    When I went to my emails to check on my delivery, one said it had been delivered but that it was delivered to Kissimmee, and the other had been delivered to Orlando, even though the address is Lake Buena Vista :confused3 So I called Kidani Village immediately to see if any packages had arrived for me. Both boxes had arrived and a note had already been made on my reservation so that when I checked in, the note that I had packages would pop up.

    When we did arrive at Kidani to check in, I mentioned my packages and they had them both sent up to our room, about 10 minutes later!

    Our experience with shipping was so nice, that we'll be doing it for more items in the future!

    By the way, here is the way I filled in the shipping info:

    Dan/Alicia ********** <-----last name
    Disney’s Animal Kingdom-Kidani
    3701 Osceola Pkwy
    Lake Buena Vista
    (555)555-5555 <-----my cell number

    Hope this helps someone!
  16. 5mouseketeersforus

    5mouseketeersforus New Member

    Has anyone had their advance order for PhotoPass+ shipped to their resort rather than to home?? Was hoping to do this but not sure if it is possible??
  17. alissab

    alissab New Member

    Okay- so about how long should I give a package to arrive at the Poly and I have been looking, but I didn't see what address I need to send it to. I will look into UPS too, but we have a post office right across the street so that will be so much easier for me.

    Also, how do we know what to weigh the package at for return shipping? I'm sure there will be souvineers and such in there by then. Just wondered how you prepay that label when the weight could differ.

    Thanks so much! I am just super excited about this trip :)
  18. dansdad

    dansdad New Member

    Depends on which method you choose to pay for from UPS, FedEx or DHL. Overnight, next day, 2-day, etc.

    It's listed in the very first post of this thread.:thumbsup2

    The concierge at the Poly will be able to help.
  19. Tisha_PA

    Tisha_PA New Member

    Last year we shipped water from Staples and they just couriered it over the next day to POR. If I do the same this year but have it sent to the BC, will it be taken to the BC or will I get charged the $10 convention center fee? I wasn't sure how it would work since they do it with a courier.
  20. alissab

    alissab New Member

    Wow- I feel silly- I had only looked at page 10 and beyond in this thread- thank you for letting me know about that first post- LOL!
  21. Maavernon

    Maavernon New Member

    We are considering shipping our luggage home from the Bay Lake Tower and I just wanted to see if anyone else has done it recently- how much does avg large suitcase cost UPS and do you ship direct from BLT/Contemporary? Are they charging a fee to ship out ? I know some of that info is on 1st page but that's from a few years ago.

    I was going to ask if there's a UPS location nearby but we won't have a car so that won't matter!

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