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Inching My Way Closer to the Castle Final thoughts/future trips 4/2p90 The End 4/4p92

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by MEK, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. Ducky4Disney

    Ducky4Disney -->Place Tag HERE!

    :welcome: Christine! Glad to have you here! You haven't missed much and the best is yet to come! :thumbsup2

    Where the heck is Mary Ellen? :confused3 I may have to post the next update, or atleast give you guys some pics!

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  3. MEK

    MEK Active Member

    Replies coming....and I promise an update today. I spent hours editing soccer pictures yesterday, went BACK to the appliance store for my kitchen remodel thingy, took pictures at my sons' soccer game, worked concessions, went to BJs and restocked concessions, then worked concessions at the Wilmington University soccer game that was held at our school.

    Gotta go look at my church music for this morning. Be back later!!!!!!!

    A FWIW - Jen you are more than welcome to do the next update!!!!!!!;)
  4. mickeysmyboy

    mickeysmyboy <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/" targ

    Not to mention all the planning we've all been doing over the past few days for May! You've been a busy lady! When do you sleep?!
  5. MEK

    MEK Active Member

    That is so sad. I can't imagine what it must be like to be a survivor.

    I love the video, too. Even the return video because it makes it OK to already be planning your next visit! :rotfl:

    :thumbsup2 Right On, Sista!

    I update pretty frequently, but not every night! :laughing:

    Who doesn't love the earport store????? It's son convenient to get that last minute souvie you must have.

    Thanks Brooke!

    I think everyone remembers where they were and what they were doing. It would be hard to forget a freeze frame like that. I can't imagine watching it happen. I can't imagine losing someone. I can't imagine coming out alive.

    I look forward to this as well.

    :woohoo: to ME mojo!

    That is one big annual dues payment. Just enough to buy me some more points! :laughing:

    :welcome: Christine! You have an excuse - you were traveling last week. And its now less than 3 weeks until you go! Ellen Podnsel is there now and she texts me a new picture everyday. I already want to go back.

    Sorry Jen. I really had good intentions of posting last night but the mega hours I spent at the soccer field blew my best intentions right out of the water. I WILL get an update up tonight. It may not be great, but it will be something.

    While many things exhaust me and I can procrastinate with the best of them, I LOVE planning new trips. I will NEVER procrastinate on that!
  6. Ducky4Disney

    Ducky4Disney -->Place Tag HERE!

    Well, in that case... I'll give a small update, because I can't remember much. But I have pics to share!

    POFQ was the frist DME stop :woohoo: We've both stayed here before and liked the small size and nice theme of this resort. I like the fact that I can get beignets for breakfast :goodvibes

    Having our luggage right there instead of waiting for DME to get it to us was great, IMHO. We wheeled our way in to check-in and asked for "the good room" :laughing: Our CM was very nice and got us checked in and ready to go in no time. I was able to purchase my park ticket but MEK needed to go to Guest Services in order upgrade her one day pass. No problem, DTD was our plan for the evening and she would check with them while I got my Disney Visa Rewards transferred onto a Rewards Gift Card.

    [​IMG] Welcome to POFQ! Laissez les bon temps rouler!

    [​IMG] Gotta love the street names :joker:



    Before venturing out to DTD we went to our room... which was in building, um... 3? I think? Help me out Mary Ellen! I managed to not to take any pics of the room :headache:

    This is why I wait for you to update first; mine are boring. "We arrived and went to our room" - :faint:
  7. Native NYer

    Native NYer New Member

    Joining in!
    I could NEVER fly on 9/11. It would make me very nervous. I being in the classroom with my first graders when panic broke out. I have never seen anything like it before. My apartment at the time had a view of lower Manhattan, including the Twin Towers. It was terrible. My cousin's brother (from his mom's first marriage) worked for Cantor at the time and was not able to get out in time. It was a very difficult time. NYC was a complete mess.

    I love your POFQ photos. Beautiful! What camera did you use?
  8. 2xcited2sleep

    2xcited2sleep New Member

    Jen- you must share the photography bug with Mary Ellen. Great photos!
  9. wigdoutdismom

    wigdoutdismom New Member

    I promise that I will try to keep up this time....
    Mary Ellen that Mickey bag is very cute!
    What did you have in that cooler on the flight?
  10. manntra

    manntra New Member

    Great pictures Jen :goodvibes Love the black and white :thumbsup2
    Did you get the "good room?" :laughing:

  11. MEK

    MEK Active Member

    Jen and I were the last ones of the ME bus, so we were the last one with luggage. That's OK. We patient people. Right Jen?

    One thing I missed right away were the cool greeters at the door. I liked those guys. I've only stayed at POFQ one other night in Dec 08, but there were two greeters there - with beads and mardi gra attire. Are they permanently gone? I guess if you have to cut somewhere, getting rid of the greeters would be cost effective. But, shucks, Walmart still has their greeters.

    Alas, we made our way to check-in. I did not do on line check-in. Just wasn't that interested. There were two cast members and 2 guests, so the concierge CM called us over. Needless to day, check-in was a breeze. Jen made friends with the CM and she even got her 5 day park ticket while there. Very convenient. She also asked for a "good" room. Is there a "bad" room at POFQ???? Probably very few.

    With my mega luggage and such it was a little hard to take pictures, but I got a few of the mural behind the check-in desk.



    The gift shop......


    We learned our room was in building 3, which meant absolutely nothing to us except building 3 was near check-in.

    Our room was on the first floor and it faced a pretty fountain.


    Getting closer......


    Ka- bam......Rm 3116


    I'm not gonna lie. We weren't super interested in taking pictures of the room at the time of arrival. We just wanted to put our stuff in the room, unload the sherpa cooler, and get our vacation started. Our room was nice, although the cover to the refrig was really banged up and the door opened backward. What's up with that???????

    We didn't unpack, since we would be up and out the next morning. We didn't even change our street clothes. Jen grabbed her lanier and I grabbed my dollar store party beads (which I don't have a picture of) and we headed to counter service to get some drinks. Did I mention it was really hot down there? Something like 90 degrees.

    But guess what they had at the drink station -------POMEGRANATE LEMONADE! YUM! I really liked that stuff and I made sure I drank as much as humanely possible before we departed to BLT.





    Thirst satiated, I turned to walk towards the bus stop. Jen said, "where are you going?", to which I replied, "the bus". Oh, wait, DOH!!!!! WE CAN TAKE THE BOAT! Wow, I actually scared myself a little bit when I forgot that important piece of information.

    OK - boat - Here we come.

    I found out immediately that both Jen and I are crazy picture takers. We stop anywhere, anytime, and click......Just so we can add another digital image to our over burdened memory cards. Why? Because we can! I think the fact that we both had the same photography style helped us be compatible for this trip.



    So off we went past the hot tub......



    We said hello to this critter.....


    This is Jen's photography with my camera. She can sure take a picture.....



    We practically ran past the pool bar. No time to stop now, we have a boat to catch......


    The pool was pretty busy......



    A few more......


  12. MEK

    MEK Active Member

    We walked a convoluted way, but we still managed to find the boat dock and look what was waiting for us......


    We all love palm trees....


    It didn't take long to load and depart for DTD. I had to take a picture of building #1 because Denny and I stayed there in 08. We had the most perfect room.....lovely king sized bed with a view of the river. So peaceful and picturesque. That's our room....right near the #1 sign.


    Before long we were passing under this.......


    and approaching the tree houses........


    Once we got on the boat I finally allowed myself to experience that shiver of excitement that you get from knowing you are finally, really there and your vacation has begun in ernest. Let the fun begin (or the good times roll like Jen said).

    POFQ is really only a stone's throw from the tree houses. They don't look like all the much from the outside, but we heard more than once how gorgeous they are on the inside. When I saw them it made me happy that I am a SSR owner because I know I will always have that 11 month booking advantage and one of these days I would like to take my brother and his family.




    It really was a beautiful day to be out on the water and this flag reminded again that it was 9/11.



    It wasn't long until we reached SSR and its lovely pastel shaded buildings.






    Seems we have a tailgater!


    DTD on the horizon.....


    In just a few short minutes we would be disembarking.

    Up Next.......Where IS that Rita Stand Anyway?
  13. Ducky4Disney

    Ducky4Disney -->Place Tag HERE!

    Ok folks, I swear I was with Mary Ellen the entire time and I'm looking at her photos thinking "when did she take that??" When did you take all those pics?

    We did get along just fine when it came to picture taking. It never failed, one of us (or both of us) would stop to take pics and slowly wander off, chasing the next pic. Eventually, one of us would look up and realize we were nowhere near where we started and had no idea where the other one had gone :magnify: I just followed the red backpack!

    :worship: Mary Ellen for bringing the mugs! I apologize to those of you who would be :furious: that we'd bring mugs from a different trip; now get over it and move on. :flower3:

    When did I have my toddler moment? I believe that was at POFQ after we filled our mugs up. There were a couple more toddler moments later in the trip. What's a toddler moment you ask? I was holding my mug in the crook of my arm when I bent over to pick something up. Guess what happens when you do that? Yes, you spill whatever is in the mug! I see my toddler do this all the time and he can never figure out how it happened :rotfl:

    [​IMG] Yes, there's a :boat: to DTD from POFQ.

    [​IMG] I can't wait to stay in one of these!

    Mary Ellen and I had a lot of great conversations on this trip and it's nice to know that my life is not as abnormal as I think it is. While on the boat to DTD my DH calls me and wants to know where the DVD remote is; really? I'm supposed to know that while on vacation :confused:? Mary Ellen got the call from one of her boys asking where his soccer uniform was, so it's not just me! :banana:

    [​IMG] We never made it over to old PI.

    What is that place? A restaurant? I might have to check it out. And what PI place used to be there?

    We hit DTD looking for a drink! Last time MEK was here, she was medicated and unable to drink. Last time I was here I was 8 months PG and unable to drink. We had to make up for lost time! :drinking1:drinking1:drinking1:drinking1


  14. Charleston Princess

    Charleston Princess New Member

    POFQ is my favorite of the moderates, and all the gorgeous pictures make me want to book another trip there ASAP!

    Woo hoo for a margarita! Now you really are on vacation!!! :banana:
  15. Ducky4Disney

    Ducky4Disney -->Place Tag HERE!

    Hi! :wave: Glad you joined in!

    I was using my Canon SX110 IS for this trip. My DSLR is waaaayy too heavy for me to shlep around on a solo trip. And by "solo" I mean without my personal sherpa, DH Ethan. He is usualy the camera sherpa.

    Thanks! I have a photography book that I think Mary Ellen will really learn a lot of tricks from. I'd be happy to have a photo field trip with her too! Maybe we should go back to WDW for that MEK; say, Christmas time? :lmao:

    Thanks again! Photoshop is my friend :) I think we got a good room; and I don't think there's a bad one there.

  16. MEK

    MEK Active Member

    :welcome: Jennifer. Thanks for joining in to our TR. I see that Jen already responded to your camera question. I actually have a Cannon rebel SRI which is a DSLR but I don't really know how to use it. I fake it.

    I can't imagine what it would be like to live in Manhattan during 911. That must have been particularly traumatizing for you having lived in such close proximity. And to be in a classroom full of young children. Consider yourself a hero on that day because whatever you needed to do took a lot of inner strength. :hug:

    She needs to give lessons! :worship:

    :welcome: Anita!!!!! I left chapter links on the first page so hopefully that will make it easier for you to drop in from time to time!!!!!

    Glad you like my Mickey Bag. Wasn't very functional for the parks but I am using it here at home.

    In the cooler was lots of water, coffee, and beer! :thumbsup2

    Make sure Mr. IWontRentaCar knows that I did not rent a car this trip! :laughing:

    That black and white picture was pretty cool. I'm going to have to try a couple of those.

    Ah Grasshopper you are just learning now about my stealth camera moves! ;)


    Seriously Jen, your pictures are fab. I love them all and thanks for the great updates!

    I have decided that POR/FQ is my favorite mod. I really love all the mods, but after this trip the POR complex has inched into the lead.

    :thumbsup2 thumbs up for Rita!
  17. dawnbu40

    dawnbu40 New Member

    :yay: for arriving at the resort and beginning your vacation!

    The boat ride to DTD is my favorite thing about the PO resorts :goodvibes
  18. praisehisname

    praisehisname New Member

    I don't know why, but this made me laugh! :lmao:

    Perfect visual! :rotfl2: I was hoping a "toddler moment" wasn't a sort of meltdown!

    Yes, it's a restaurant. I remember the Podcast crew talking about it.
  19. Lady Lallie

    Lady Lallie New Member

    I just love those Disney boats!!

    I think Jen & I had a room very close to where yours was in Building 3. I'm going to have to go look at my pictures to find out.

    Great pictures ladies! I'm jealous of your skills.
  20. manntra

    manntra New Member

    What a pretty boat ride! :goodvibes I have seen pictures of the inside of the treehouse and it was gorgeous!! Would be fun to stay there with a bunch of people :thumbsup2 Hmmm there isn't a pool though right...you have to go over to SSR :confused3
    Great pictures and I looooove the last one where you finally found Rita!! ;)

  21. mickeystoontown

    mickeystoontown New Member

    Glad that you've made it to your resort and that you were given the "good room".:laughing: The boat ride from the resort to DTD looks beautiful.

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