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Immigration in Amsterdam

Discussion in 'Adventures By Disney' started by connie1042, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. connie1042

    connie1042 New Member

    Going to Edinburgh, Scotland in 10 days. I am leaving from Minneapolis, to Amsterdam, then on to Scotland. Do I go through immigration in Amsterdam or Edinburgh? Then on the way home, I go through immigration in Minneapolis, right?:confused3
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  3. DisneyDanielle85

    DisneyDanielle85 New Member

    From my understanding you'll go through immigration in Amsterdam. First point of contact in another country is where you go through immigration, however because Amsterdam is not part of the United Kingdom you may have to do it in both places. On the way home you'll for sure have to go in the USA, but again since the UK and Amsterdam are two seperate entities you may end up having to go through both.......

    Wow I just realized my answer is super vague. I'd guess I'd just prepare for both!
  4. BubMunkeyBles

    BubMunkeyBles New Member


    The only time you don't have to re-go through customs when flying within Europe is when within the Schengen. The UK is not part of the Schengen (most the rest of Europe is though).

    If you fly back and go Edinburg-Amsterdam-Minneapolis you would go through customs and immigration in both Amsterdam and Minneapolis.
  5. carpenta

    carpenta New Member

    Give yourself extra time when you go through Amsterdam...the times I went through there were long lines....I try to avoid now.....:furious:
  6. connie1042

    connie1042 New Member

    Now I am more confused then ever. I looked it up, and it looks like I do not go through immigration until I get in Edinburgh. They are not part of the Schengen. Now if I were going to a country that was part of that, then I would. I was hoping someone on here had gone from US-Amsterdam-Scotland. I guess we will just have to wait and see. I will let you all know how it was when I get back. Thanks.
  7. crashbb

    crashbb New Member

    You are correct - you will not go through customs/immigration in Amsterdam, as long as you stay airside (i.e. don't follow the signs to baggage claim as if you were ending your flight in Amsterdam). Since you stay air side and are not flying to a Schengen country, you will not go through passport control (the gates for the Schengen flights are all in the same area and you'd go through passport control on your way to the gate for your second flight, if you were going to a Schengen country).

    This video may help - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WaPIB9WMIDs&feature=youtu.be
  8. Bonnie151

    Bonnie151 New Member

    I have done the US-Amsterdam-Edinburgh route many many times (the latest trip in April).

    In Amsterdam you do not go through immigration per say, but the gate will set up mini immigration-like stations just before boarding where you have to show your passport and answer a few questions. It's not the general mass immigration so you don't need to worry about your flight connection. After you go through this, you are then stuck in what is effectively a holding pen - it has toilets but nothing else- until the flight boards (usually only 15-20 minutes or so).

    You will then go through immigration in Edinburgh, but it's a very small airport so the queues don't tend to get that long.
  9. crashbb

    crashbb New Member

    That's security - not immigration. You'd do the same even if you had arrived at the airport in a taxi that morning.
  10. Bonnie151

    Bonnie151 New Member

    OK, I'll be more specific to clarify that it is not like going through security in the US. You do go through a security step which is similar to the US prior to this (before you get to your gate, when you switch terminals, or more accurately, satellites/branches/tentacles), but there is an additional step AT the gate before the Edinburgh flight where you hand over your passport to an immigration official who may or may not look it up on their computer and who will ask you questions which include some combination along the lines of the purpose of your trip, country of residence, citizenship (if you are like me and hold two passports) etc. Everyone goes through the same queue - it's not divided by EU passport holders vs non-EU. I've been through this dozens of times over the past decade +. You'll have the same process on the way back.

    ETA: Actually, last time, security wasn't at the tentacle change. Last time, my flight was down a set of steps which shared about half a dozen gates and security was at the start of this with mini-immigration at the actual gate before the holding pen.
  11. connie1042

    connie1042 New Member

    Okay, If feel a little better now. Thanks for the You-Tube Video. I am flying Delta for both flights. Does anyone know if the gates are far apart?
  12. crashbb

    crashbb New Member

    Are you sure it is Delta for the AMS-EDI flight and not a code-share on a KLM plane?
  13. kathie859

    kathie859 New Member

    We just flew Delta in August and went thru AMS to EDI. The gates were not close but everything is well marked in English. You go thru 2 security checks between flights in AMS. It took about 40 minutes to make it to the gate to go to EDI. Our luggage was checked thru to EDI so we didn't have to claim it in AMS.

    Good luck!! Just make sure you have plenty of time between flights.

    AMS to EDI is a code share via KLM
  14. connie1042

    connie1042 New Member

    I know that about KLM, but looking at my ticket, it says Delta, flight 9632. I just checked, and I do think it will be KLM, because it says "see delta.com
    I have one hour 50 min. going over between flights. Coming back, I only have 50 min., so that one is going to be close. I am up front on that flight, so that will help. Thank you so much. I have never flown over seas. Been on a few crusies, but that was way back and totally different.
  15. crashbb

    crashbb New Member

    Yup, it is a code share flight.


    Scroll to the box about "flight information" and it shows you how other airlines (in this case Delta) market the flight (you'll see that Delta calls it Delta 9632).
  16. connie1042

    connie1042 New Member

    It is a KLM flight. It say KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.thanks for the info.
  17. TheRustyScupper

    TheRustyScupper Average Banjo Picker. Fairly Good Sailing Master.

    I go through Amsterdam frequently - both business and pleasure:

    1) Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is a transit (aka, pass through) airport for you.
    . . . get off arriving flight
    . . . you move between piers (aka, airside terminals) freely
    . . . walk to international waiting area
    . . . walk to next flight waiting area
    2) You do not go thru any security or customs or immigration
    3) However, before getting aboard next flight, there is a passport check.
    . . . in the waiting area, they announce your flight
    . . . before you go anywhere, you line up for passport check
    . . . there is no formal booth, line, counter - just a lineup
    . . . a pair of agents look at your passport
    . . . they may ask a couple of questions to verify you match the passport
    . . . then, satisfied, you proceed directly to your gate
    4) They are just checking for illegals trying to get into the next country.
    . . . these agents are actually paid by the airline
    . . . it is part of your airfare
    . . . in your case, KLM (going to EDI), Delta (returning to MSP)
    . . . they are there as a requirement of the country you are flying to
    . . . it is another layer to prevent illegal immigration

    NOTE1: As a white, American couple, my wife and I were asked for our
    passports on our way to UK. The agents took them, looked at the hologram
    with a special magnifier glass ring on their finger and colored glasses, and
    asked ONE question ("Americans on vacation?"). We said yes, and they
    passed us immediately. Others, many non-whites, went through MANY
    questions. ("Where you going? How long are you staying? Your birth-date?
    Your place of birth? Where are you coming from? Agents even compared
    the eye color of several people against the passport. Almost interrogation.)

    NOTE2: If you really want to check out the transit rules and why, look up
    the "Schengen Area" or "Schengen Treaty" regarding travel, passport and
    non-passport rules for Europe. Especially where UK and Ireland did not sign
    the treaty.
  18. connie1042

    connie1042 New Member

    Here is my experience. Flight left Minneapolis on time. Nice flight. Got off the plane, and was told to look at the board for my next gate. Flight was full and everyone was going different directions. Found my flight on the board, and headed that way. Way across the airport. When I got to my gate, I went through a SECURITY check. X-Ray machine and all. When it was time to board, we had our passport checked, and got on a bus to our plane. KLM Nice short flight then after getting off, headed to immigration. I was one of the first in line, but last to leave. They asked me all the normal questions,where I was staying, my job, and then I had to show them my GBP's and American money and my Credit cards. I also had to show them an itinerary that showed I was going to go home, and when. I did fine with the 1:50 time slot that I had. I think I will be good going home, but will have to hustle. Thank you all for all the help.
  19. carpenta

    carpenta New Member

    So glad to hear....Have a wonderful time and safe travels......:)
  20. connie1042

    connie1042 New Member

    I just wanted to let you know I made my flight with a 50 min layover in Amsterdam on a Delta flight. But it was really tight. I got off the plane and looked at the board and my next flight was already boarding. I basically ran to the gate. Give yourself more time than 50 min.
  21. sayhello

    sayhello <font color=royalblue>Have Camera, Will Travel<br> Moderator

    Glad you made it! I hate having to run like that, but it beats missing a flight! Thanks for sharing the info!


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